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Target Racing is a horse racing tipster service which is being offered on the BetHub platform. It is claimed that the service has enjoyed some very strong long term profits.

Introduction to Target Racing

I love a tipster service that isn’t afraid to look at the longer term. Let’s be honest. With the right luck on their side, anybody can make a profit in the short term. I’ve seen more than enough tipsters do this, only to have their service fall apart, to know that it is the case. And honestly, it is very disappointing. Especially if you’ve just signed up for a lengthy subscription.

All of this leads me to the claim that BetHub made about Target Racing that really caught my interest. Over the last 3 years, we are told that the service has seen profits of more than 2000 points. Let’s not mince words here. That is bloody prolific if it is true. I can’t think of another tipster service that can stake claim to making more than 600 points per year consistently.

Now, all of this sounds bloody brilliant. So, why aren’t I jumping on the bandwagon and recommending Target Racing immediately? The short answer to this is that BetHub’s proofed results paint a slightly more complex figure. With that in mind, let’s have a good look at everything and see whether or not Target Racing is all that it’s cracked up to be.  

What Does Target Racing Offer?

Honestly, there is quite a lot to cover when it comes to Target Racing and I am loath to skip over this. So, strap yourself in for a bit of a lengthy one. With that said, I do think that it is worth it. There is a lot that BetHub and the tipsters behind the service seem to be getting right. And this starts with the logistics.

I have looked at one product from BetHub before and it was a bit of a mixed affair. Ultimately, the results didn’t quite justify the costs. Now, that service from BetHub (Greyhound Maestro) was a very straight forward thing. Target Racing however is a very different beast. What I will say though is that by and large, this is a decently managed service.

Selections are issued to subscribers on a near daily basis. These are usually sent out on the evening before racing, however this isn’t guaranteed and on occasion, Target Racing subscribers will have to wait till the morning. This is down to the way that the tipsters behind the service find their selections and so isn’t really ever a problem.

BetHub send out the selections directly via email, as well as making them available through their own app (which is available on iOS and Android). This latter option is probably the better one as tips are sent in real time. This isn’t something that is necessarily necessary though. The selections come with all of the information that you need including odds.

They also come with a full rundown of why the selections were made. This isn’t something that you see every day, however I can say that it is always welcome. In the case of Target Racing, they are well detailed and give you good insight into why you are betting on something.

The bets themselves are a relatively varied affair (by horse racing standards). Mostly you will be dealing with either win bets or each way bets, but this isn’t the only market in the equation. There are also the occasional ante bet as well. But, the long and short of this is that Target Racing doesn’t involve the kinds of bets that you will struggle to place.

One of the things that are is definitely worth talking about is the range of odds. Now, this is something that you see with almost all tipster services. It rarely makes sense to back favourites only or ridiculously long shot outsiders, but in the case of Target Racing, it all seems very well managed. For context, the average odds come in at some 5.96.

Generally speaking, you will be looking at horses that have better than evens odds going up to around the 6/1 mark (in line with those average odds). But there are also bets that involve much longer odds, sometimes going as high as 50/1. The important thing to take away though, is that Target Racing isn’t simply relying on larger numbers of big wins to bump up the profits.

Another thing that works in the favour of Target Racing is the volume of bets that are involved. By and large, you will only be betting 2 or 3 bets on the days when selections are available. There may be a touch more than this, but BetHub’s proofing demonstrates that you are never dealing with excessive numbers. This is good from a risk management point of view.

Which ties me in rather nicely to the staking plan. Now, BetHub recommend staking anywhere from 1 point, all the way up to 3 points on a given bet. As such, this can mean that even though the volume of bets is low, you can still end up staking quite a lot on a given week.

With that said, I do want to highlight the fact that these stakes are genuinely tied to the belief in a bet. There is no staking high, just to boos the numbers here. This means that at the very least, so long as you can bet those recommended stakes, the profits are an accurate reflection of the results (a point I want to come back to later).

In terms of a strike rate, the average works out a 35.9% according to BetHub’s proofing. This is a pretty respectable number entirely on its own merits, however, when you factor in that this is proofing based off 18 months of results, I think that it becomes particularly impressive.  However, that doesn’t paint a full picture.

If you look at the strike rate for Target Racing over the course of 2019, it falls quite substantially. As of the beginning of November, the number is actually just 25%. That is quite a drastic difference in my opinion. It also begins to highlight some of the differences in terms of the average results, and a more accurate portrayal. 

How Does Target Racing Work?

Now, as you would probably expect given the fact that selections are described on an individual basis, there isn’t necessarily a hard and fast rule for Target Racing. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that are considered across all bets, and there are two things that stand out in this regard.

The first one is that Target Racing is based a lot on form reading. Talk related to this is something that you will see pretty frequently when you are reviewing the reasons for a given selection on your email.

The other element is contact information. Now to me, this is the more interesting one. There aren’t detailed breakdowns on who these contacts are or why the tipsters behind Target Racing are involved with them, but I find it to be believable. Typically, with this sort of thing, there is a lot of BS surrounding the claims. Rather refreshingly though I just don’t see that here.

Now, there is a final thing that I want to touch upon. BetHub say that the tipsters have been tipping to private members for over 20 years which suggests a wealth of experience. Again, I am somewhat inclined to believe this claim. Unfortunately, it may not be for the best reasons. But I’ll come to that. 

What is the Initial Investment?

BetHub provide two different options if you want to subscribe to Target Racing. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £33 per month plus VAT. There is also a quarterly option which represents somewhat better value at £75 per quarter plus VAT.

It is noteworthy that whichever subscription you opt for, your first 14 days are provided for free on a trial basis. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee in place, however, this isn’t mentioned in the sales material. It is only when you go to the Clickbank payment page that it is shown.

What is the Rate of Return?

I want to start by talking about that claim of making more than 2000 points over the last 3 years first. Because the more recent run of form just doesn’t back that number up. In fact, if you look at BetHub’s proofing, the current trend is a long way from this kind of result. Even in the best case scenario, you are looking at 352.5 points of profit since June 2018 and an ROI of 41.82%.

Now, I suppose that is pretty decent really. You are looking at 20.7 points as a monthly average and that is a respectable figure. However, I do think that it’s important to factor in that of that 352 points, 182 of them were generated in the first month of the proofing for Target Racing.

Over the last 12 months, Target Racing has actually seen a profit of just 54.44 points, and that just isn’t very good. In fact, it brings that average monthly profit down to just 4.62 points. Now, even to level 1 point stakes that would be disappointing, but you do have to factor in that (whilst I believe it to be entirely genuine) the stakes do inflate that number a bit as well. 

Conclusion for Target Racing

I don’t think that there is anything I can be with Target Racing more than entirely honest. And it doesn’t really look that good, if I’m blunt. And that mostly comes down to the profit and loss. Ok, I will admit that 352 points isn’t bad, even over 17 months. But that isn’t necessarily the be all and end all.

The fact of the matter is that it is very difficult to ignore the results based off more recent form. That 4.62 points per month average means that to £10 per point stakes, you barely cover the costs of subscribing to Target Racing. This isn’t the kind of result that you can really get excited about.

I am quite sure that the tipsters behind Target Racing would talk about their longer term record, however it is noteworthy to me that BetHub don’t proof those 2000 points of profit over 3 years. Now I will concede that the results for that first June last year are very much indicative of a tipster who can potentially deliver on these results, but that has been just 1 month in 17.

And this brings me to a few points that I want to raise about Target Racing that are positives. Because they are there. First of all, whilst it isn’t proofed, I am inclined to believe that figure of more than 2000 points. And the 20 years of experience.

In the time I’ve been doing this, only a tipster who is supremely confident in their ability to deliver long term profit won’t balk at the kind of run that Target Racing has had in recent times. And that kind of confidence means that there is always a chance that the form can be turned around.

But, does that mean that I would recommend Target Racing? Unfortunately, the short answer to that is no. Whilst there may well be a history of decent results, and I can’t stress enough that I really don’t doubt that they can be attained again, the current results just aren’t good enough.

You see, with services like Target Racing, it can take a huge amount of time before you see the turn around in results. Now, if you are happy to take just a few quid home per month (after your subs) for as long as it takes to for the profits to turn around, then all the best to you. But my 2 cents are that you can potentially make significantly more money following other tipsters.  


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