TeleSeal RockitSeal Reviews, Bath Shower Seals Worth The Money?

TeleSeal And Rockit Seal Review

We wanted to do a review about the advertised bath and shower seals. Firstly Teleseal, and Secondly Rockit Seal to see if they really worked as they advertised, or were they just a waste of money like most seals?

Firstly – Read This Review Carefully.

We have just installed Rockit Seal on our bath, and we wanted to let prospective purchasers know of the problems we had.

We have always had an issue sealing our shower, due to the floor flexing slightly, and nothing seamed to stop the leaks, and when we came across Teleseal, we thought it was the ideal solution. And at the same time we thought we may as well use the seal on our bath, too.

Our Experience, and Problems with RockitSeal

As soon as the RockitSeal product arrived, I looked at the two separate pieces (one that sticks to the wall, and the other piece that sticks to the bath), and I could immediately see a problem.

RockitSeal Review Bathroom Shower Seal

Firstly, the two pieces that are supposed to work together are FAR too tightly fitted; meaning that once everything has been installed and set, the chances of both pieces working independently are almost zero – they are just two tightly fitted to each other, and the top piece actually sticks to the bottom piece

, so when your bath, or shower flexes,  the part of the RockitSeal that fits to the wall WILL move, and the seal will break – I have already tested this on the one we have just fitted to our bath, and the pieces just do not work independently – which is a real shame, as the idea is great – but the products is poor, and with faults.

Secondly, we found other issues with RockitSeal, as mentioned below:

1) The corner of your room has to be 100% perfect as in a perfect 90% corner, and very few bathrooms are – meaning the corner will not meet perfectly – and it WILL leak.

2) The sticky substance that attaches the bottom part of RockitSeal to the bath is NOT sticky enough and easily comes away. A major Flaw.The amount of silicone needed is very concerning, because as anybody who has fitted any type of sealant will know,

3) ANY seal is only as good as the silicone used, and a LOT of silicone is needed when fitting RockitSeal. The product video does not show this, but it is very true.

We have fitted RockitSeal, using a lot of silicone as mentioned above, but I am regretting it already. The two pieces just do not work independently, rendering this product useless.

Conclusion – Not Recommended.

Our Experience, and Problems with TeleSeal

We will be fitting Teleseal over the coming days, and will update accordingly.


Update: After not being satisfied with the RockitSeal product, we decided not to fit the TeleSeal.



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I have also installed this teleseal and had a similar experience as the writer. The thing just does not stick and the sticky stuff just comes away. What is the point of that??

Waste of money

Very useful review, I was considering installing this product on my new bath, but after reading of the failings experienced here
I will now be considering alternative options..

I used teleseal10 back in 2002 and was very happy with the results. So long as you thoroughly clean the existing tiles with some thing like alcohol or some other spirit to completely rid of soap on tiles. I never had any problems in the years that it has been fitted and have now re-ordered another kit for our new bathroom March 2019.

I have had the teleseal fitted on my bath for the past 5 years and its as good as the day it was fitted, no leaks and looks brand new. I fitted it after seeing it used by others with similar success stories. Just follow instructions and everything will be fine

Some dodo hadn’t put a support on the wall side of a plastic bath when it was installed,but had tiled down to it and sealed it with silicone the conventional way. Over time the bath had flexed and the seal had broken but i couldn’t get at the wall side of the bath to support it and it was flexing by about 5mm. this was in 2007. I installed Teleseal on a bath and it is still going strong today in 2019 without a single drip. great product.
I can’t comment on the rockitseal as havent used it.

For years, my first floor shower cubicle leaked. The slight movement in the floorboards always broke the silicon seal over time. I used the Teleseal 10 and it never leaked again. I’m not sure about the Rockseal, but I’m buying Teleseal again in my new house.

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