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Tennis Bett Review Jim Bett

Tennis Bett is a sports betting tipster service from the aptly named Jim Bett. Not surprisingly given the name the service is based around tennis selections.

What does the product offer?

Tennis Bett is an email based tennis tipster service that offers near daily selections from tennis games from around the world. Selections come from the ATP and WTA which means that Jim Bett will be advising on men’s and women’s tennis. The bets that you will be covering are mainly backing a winner however there will also be bets backing a player to win a certain number of games and the occasional handicap bet. Tennis Bett generally follows a staking system of 2 points per game although some bets are recommended at 3 points against odds that are typically between 1.3 and 2.0. When Jim Bett sends out his selections he also advises of recommended bookies and the best odds. Tennis Bett is claimed to have a historic and “long term” strike rate of over 70% with my calculations showing a strike rate of about 67.9% for 2015 to date.

How does Tennis Bett work?

There is very little information provided by Jim Bett in terms of how he makes his selections however there is enough to make a reasonable assumption. Tennis Bett is based on betting where bookies have overpriced selections that actually have higher chances of winning than the odds suggest. This strongly implies that Jim Bett uses some sort of form or ratings system of his own device in order to identify where these value bets. This is actually a method that I have seen employed with a number of tennis tipsters, often with varying results.

What is the initial investment?

Tennis Bett is sold on a monthly, quarterly or lifetime subscription. These come in at €24.95, €49.95 and €149.95 respectively (however the lifetime subscription is broken down into two monthly payments of €74.97). Whichever of the payment plans you opt for, Jim Bett provides Tennis Bett subscribers with a 30 day trial for just €4.95 as well as a 60 day money back guarantee. It is worth pointing out at this juncture that this guarantee is only vendor backed.

What is the rate of return?

Results and proofing for Tennis Bett unfortunately only go back to the start of 2015 however in this period Jim Bett is showing a profit of 25.38 points.

Conclusion on Tennis Bett

On the surface of things Tennis Bett looks like a decent offering and in some respects, it is. That having been said, there are some genuine concerns and issues that I have with the service looking to the future. Whilst Jim Bett implies that his selections have been going on for a lot longer than 4 months that Tennis Bett has been active, proofing is only for this period. My final and most pressing concern lies in whether or not Tennis Bett makes financial sense. Since it has been active there have been 89 selections which at £10 per point means that you would have staked £890 for a £253.80 profit.

This is all well and good until you factor in the cost of Tennis Bett. At current exchange rates you would have spent nearly £80 on subscription fees if you are paying monthly. This leaves just around £35 profit per month. For the cost, I feel that there are more profitable services available and as such I would definitely shop around before buying Tennis Bett.



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From: Simon Roberts