Tennis Genie Review

Tennis Genie is a sports betting tipster service that, as the name implies, concerns itself with betting on tennis games. It is operated by a team who claim to have previously worked for a large sports betting exchange.

What does the product offer?

There are a lot of different tipster services on the market that cover a lot of different sports. Of course the main ones are horse racing and football, but where do you go from there if you are looking to build a decent betting portfolio? One area that  a lot of people seem to land on is tennis, and with good reason. There are only two players in a game so in theory, the outcomes are binary (meaning that there are only two outcomes. Player One or Player Two wins). Unfortunately, just having two outcomes does not always make for profitable betting and there are a stream of tennis tipsters that are now shut down to back this point up.

Enter, with very little fanfare, Tennis Genie. “Expert tennis betting tips with a long term investment approach” says the headline for the service. This is about as fair a statement as you can get in my opinion. There aren’t ridiculous claims, the operation appears to be a genuine one and the profits are apparently very substantial (albeit circumstantial although I will get to this later on). With so many failed tennis tipsters, I don’t tend to hold my breath any more as they seem to struggle long term, but Tennis Genie appears to have enough going to warrant some excitement.

So what exactly do you get when you sign up to Tennis Genie? To complicate matters, I have to start by saying this depends on what level you sign up for. There are varying levels of membership, each of which provide a more substantial quantity of bets.

The most basic example is free to sign up for however you can expect just 5-10 tips each month. The VIP membership is slightly more substantial at 15-20 tips per month and finally, you can sign up for the most expensive package which will get you between 45-50 tips per month. These are uploaded to a member’s area on the Tennis Genie site.

The bets that you receive are fantastically detailed and leave no room for error with Tennis Genie. You will bet told what tournament to look at, the match that you are betting on, the odds and advised stake and of course what kind of bet to place. All of this is pretty good however there are a few things to keep in mind.

The first is that you are given a range of odds and no information on where to place them. Historically, proofing for Tennis Genie has shown bets placed at a variety of bookies and betting exchanges. The odds are however realistic however and I don’t believe you will struggle too much getting them. This leads into my next point which relates t the variety of bets. Some markets that Tennis Genie recommends you may have to shop around to find decent odds in.

With the bets themselves covered there are a few different numbers that I want to talk about. The first, and arguably one of the most important things to address for me is the staking plan in place for Tennis Genie.

As mentioned, you will be informed of how much you should be betting on the listing. This can range from 1 point per bet all the way up to 5 points with the higher number not showing up too often. In fact, the average stake is around 2.5 points. What is slightly more significant however is that in order to get close to the results claimed on the main sales page, I have calculated that you would have to bet around £200 per point.

Lastly we have the strike rate. Tennis Genie has won a respectable 35.7% of bets based on their own proofing. This is well within the realm of believability and with average odds of 3.62, there is definitely room for profit to be had. The truth is that most decent tennis services that I have looked at before now (and there have been a few) have always involved an element of finding value. This inevitably leads to a lower strike rate.

How does Tennis Genie work?

I have already touched upon the fact that Tennis Genie is operated by a group of former colleagues form a large sports betting exchange. They claim on the website that this has supposedly allowed them insight into how individuals have managed to consistently achieve profit. In fact, they say, two of the founding members of Tennis Genie have  supposedly been making money through tennis betting since 2010.

The team behind Tennis Genie also make reference to “individuals that have extensive knowledge of specific sports and spend countless hours researching matches and players”.

The most transparent thing however is that they talk about the various factors that they consider when identifying value markets. They say: “this includes play form, surface attainment, court time (fatigue) and prior performance against that opponent. Player data is an essential part of the Tennis Genie analysis however additional elements are also considered”. This kind of thing is quite open and to me, says that the team behind the service understand their markets.

What is the initial investment?

When it comes to Tennis Genie there are, as mentioned already, a number of different packages available. The cheapest is of course the free one however this is massively restricted. The VIP package opens things up a little more and is priced at £14.99 per month. Finally the investor membership (which provides the full complement of tips) is available for £49.99 per month. It is also available for a 30 day trial at a cost of just £1. It is also worth noting that there is a lifetime subscription offered for Tennis Genie which is somewhat hidden away. This does however provide you with the full 45-50 tips per month, for life, at a cost of £149.99.

There is no money back guarantee offered with Tennis Genie in place. Given the costs I don’t consider this to be unreasonable. It is worth noting however that you can cancel your subscription at any time.

What is the rate of return on Tennis Genie?

There are a number of different numbers that are thrown around in terms of the income potential of Tennis Genie. On the main sales page are arguably the most fantastical. These claim a profit of £64,265 and an ROI of 30.25%. Looking at the more up to date results that are included with the proofing, these numbers definitely need to be calculated downward. Here, Tennis Genie has an ROI of 22.02% and a profit of 598.82 points. This has been generated since August 2016 which represents a pretty significant sample size for these results to emerge from.


When you are considering a tipster service and its worth, there is a lot that I believe ultimately has to be a part of the equation. There is how much it costs, whether or not it is profitable and whether or not it is a real and feasible service. Even to this day, it surprises me how difficult it is to find a tipster that ticks all of these boxes. Unfortunately, Tennis Genie is not that service, although I do have to add that it comes rather close.

I have considered several times how to really start breaking down my thoughts on Tennis Genie and it has proven difficult for me. In no small part this is down to the fact that Tennis Genie team seem to have a very solid offering.

It really doesn’t appear to put a foot wrong and the historic results are very much in line with this. On the other hand, I don’t think that any aspect of the service has really wowed me either.

The pricing is reasonably fair for what is on offer. I would even go as far as to say that if you opt for the lifetime option then you are probably getting a bargain. There could be arguments made that £50 per month is pricey in context and this pricing plan is probably my biggest criticism when it comes to Tennis Genie which I feel says a lot.

Wallowing in self pity about how many times I have tried to really start writing this again, I want to address the results. They are… Well, fine. There has been a decent profit made. It is proofed so there is no reason to doubt that they are genuine. The staking plan does nothing to really artificially inflate the profits and the ROI works out at a decent figure as well.

Probably the most interesting thing about Tennis Genie is the sport with which it concerns itself. I have said before now that there are a lot of tennis tipster services which are now long gone. In the case of Tennis Genie however, I see no evidence to suggest that the service is going anywhere. In and of itself this makes it stand out compared to a lot of tennis tipsters I have looked at before now. With all of this in mind, I am going to rather tentatively say that if you are exclusively looking for a tennis tipster service, then Tennis Genie is probably worth your time.

Especially if you are willing to make the commitment on a longer subscription. For those who are simply looking for profit anywhere it is to be found, I believe that there is better value for money to be had.

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From: Simon Roberts