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Tennis Pilot Tips Review

Tennis Pilot Tips is a new independent sports betting tipster service that is operated by James and Nicholas Crossland. As is heavily implied by the name, Tennis Pilot Tips provides tennis based tips to users.

What does the product offer?

Tennis Pilot Tips has quietly emerged without much in the way of fanfare however this doesn’t mean that it is something that you should necessarily steer clear of. In terms of what James and Nicholas Crossland are offering, the landing page for Tennis Pilot Tips refers to “regular, easy to follow, well-researched tennis betting tips”.

What this translates to is a daily tipster service with selections issued via email as well as constantly updating spreadsheet.

The bets that James and Nicholas Crossland send out to Tennis Pilot Tips subscribers are massively varied and these range from things like choosing the winner of a game to guessing the number of sets involved. There are also some in play bets as well as tournament previews that (when there is value) may list a potential winner.

In terms of the numbers, Tennis Pilot Tips follows a varied staking plan with advice ranging from just £1 on some of the really long odds, all the way up to £50. All of this is topped off with a strike rate that at 41% is much stronger than most tipster services.

How does the product work?

James and Nicholas Crossland say that at the core of their entire approach to betting is a real passion combined with quantitative research. What this means is that by looking at things that can be considered tangible, they have been able to build a profile of the top 200 men’s players.

Ultimately, by referring to this, James and Nicholas Crossland say that Tennis Pilot Tips allows them to maintain an “exploiting edge” over the bookies.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing there is just one option open to you if you want to subscriber to Tennis Pilot Tips. James and Nicholas Crossland charge a monthly subscription fee of just £9.99 although they are currently offering your first month for free.

There is also a money back guarantee in place in s much as if Tennis Pilot Tips does not make a profit for the month, you can claim your subscription fee back. Payment is simply handled via a Paypal transaction.

What is the rate of return?

Since proofing for Tennis Pilot Tips started in May this year, the service has gone on to produce a profit £1,665.15 (based off advised stakes). This represents an ROI of 27.67% which is a respectable enough figure for a tennis tipster service.


Tennis Pilot Tips is definitely showing a lot of potential. There are definitely some negatives that need to be raised, such as the losing streaks which have started at 14 losses on the bounce.

This is somewhat compensated by frequent winning streaks which can get up to 6 winners, however it is hard to ignore that you could have lost £131 in just a few days. All things considered though, James and Nicholas Crossland seem to be doing a pretty decent job with Tennis Pilot Tips.

The results are solid, and more importantly consistent, whilst the costs remain reasonable. When you factor in things like James and Nicholas Crossland saying they are developing an app for push notification as well, there is clearly a focus on the future.

With all of this in mind, I feel that Tennis Pilot Tips is probably worth your time.


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