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Tennis Tips UK Review

Tennis Tips UK is a sports betting website by Robert Pattinson that provides a combination of free and premium tennis selections.

What does the product offer?

Tennis Tips UK offers users selections for tennis games across the world. Because of the nature of tennis, Tennis Tips UK isn’t a daily selection service however when tips are made available they are sent out directly to users via email. Tennis Tips UK has a pretty solid track record with Robert Pattinson showing just one losing month in six and even there the loss was a negligible 1.84 points. Tennis Tips UK has achieved an alleged strike rate of 68.6% in the last 6 months. Tennis Tips UK also contains a number of articles and reviews of sports betting related websites and monthly prize draws.

How does the product work?

Tennis Tips UK appears to draw heavily on the knowledge of Robert Pattinson and his team as is evidenced by the quote “our model for predictions may be quite complex”. There are also references to the psychological factors of tennis which I take to mean that there is a deep understanding of the game in place.

What is the initial investment?

Tennis Tips UK costs £39.99 per month for Tennis VIP membership. There are as previously mentioned free tips available and you can also get a one month free trial by registering for affiliate services and promoting Tennis Tips UK on social media. There is no money back guarantee but the subscription can be cancelled at any time.

What is the rate of return?

Since March Tennis Tips UK has produced an ROI of 75% on the VIP service. This amounted to a point profit of 88.46 points.


Tennis Tips UK looks to be a pretty solid option in terms of tennis tipster services. It doesn’t have amazing results compared to other sports but by tennis standards it is in the ball park. Robert Pattinson and his team seem to understand the game and what sports bettors are looking for and they are definitely accommodating in this regard. Whilst Tennis Tips UK won’t set your world alight, it is almost definitely worth checking out if only for the free tips.



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I have started to using this and not in profit. I don’t know if I ever will be in profit but so far I am not happy with the results.

Another lesson learnt I suppose


VIP Club has given very strong returns in my first quarter (joined in June 2014). Always provided with considered analysis which I like, they never just send a one line prediction. For the time I’ve been with them I’ve had 108 Winners / 44 Losses – been wagering fairly hefty bets per match but profits of over £5200 speak for themselves. I’m not expecting these levels of returns to continue realistically – but if it’s still profit in the future then I’m staying with them.

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From: Simon Roberts