The terms and conditions of the website are as below:

Product Terms and Conditions

All products offered on this website will have individual terms and conditions, or guarantees stipulated on the sales material. All such guarantees will be honoured in agreement with the text displayed on the stated pages.


All refunds will be paid in accordance with the warranty, and guarantees displayed on the individual sales pages, where applicable. Please note, that unless stated on the product page, no refund will be given for download-able products, unless stated otherwise. Customers are deemed as agreeing to this condition before purchase. Where products come with a password to access the content, customers are acknowledging that they will waiver any cooling off period once the password has been used to access the content.


Reviews are done on an as, and when basis, and all details are collated at the time of virtual print. We cannot be made responsible for any errors due to the fact that virtual content can change, and any particular vendor or promoter can also change their content, and this will mean that if our content is out of date, or not factual, then there may be external reasons for this. This should always be taken into account when reading any review we may provide on this website.


As a website, and in accordance with current legislation, we are not responsible for the comments submitted to our website, and all views expressed and submitted are the views expressed by viewers, and participants, and not those of makemoneyforum.co.uk. Please note that freedom of speech is available in such a society, and unless direct libel is committed then we will not get involved in comments made. If you suspect that libelous comments have been made against you, or your company, and can provide evidence of this, and prove a factual alternative, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact us page.

Please note that due to the shear amount of spam received on websites such as this, blogs, that accept comments, that it will not always be possible to show all comments at all times. All comments will be held on moderation to avoid being inundated with spam comments. This action will also, regrettably lead to some comments getting automatically branded as spam, as well as, due to time restraints, not being published.


Please note, that as a group of websites, we work on an affiliate theme basis, and therefore the rules and regulations for affiliates differ from those offering direct products, and promotions. Members are accepting of this fact before using our website, or partaking in any purchases via pages displayed, or linked from this website.

Product Research

Our website takes research and investigation on all products and services offered directly to our members, or customers. The results of such research will not always translate to the results achieved from any purchaser, or participant of a promotion. We do our best to ensure that all products we directly promote offer the very best chance of favourable results to users, although as already mentioned results will obvious differ amongst different users, and participants. This is a natural law of events.