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Tevin Rynard Racing Review

Tevin Rynard Racing is a horse racing tipster service from Tipster Street that is provided by Tevin Rynard that puts a focus on identifying value bets on certain race types.

What does the product offer?

Tevin Rynard Racing is an email based tipster service that specialises in finding value bets on smaller field races (although Tevin Rynard does cover all disciplines). Selections are usually sent out 7 days a week between 9 and 11am with staking of 1-2 points (this should be advised). There will be around 40 selections per month and all bets that Tevin Rynard Racing advises are win bets with odds that are rather varied ranging from 1.5 all the way to double figures. Tevin Rynard Racing has achieved an average strike rate of 44.5% in the 6 months that it has been live however this doesn’t paint a full picture.

How does the product work?

There is unfortunately very little information about the selection process for Tevin Rynard Racing which is rather disappointing. One can speculate however that given the rather small niche in which Tevin Rynard operates he likely has a strong understanding of events.

What is the initial investment?

Tevin Rynard Racing is sold on a subscription basis with options available on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. The costs for these come in at £24.95, £49.95 and £239.95 respectively with your first month available half price for £12.95. Unfortunately there is no mention of any money back guarantee but this is to be expected with most tipster services.

What is the rate of return?

Since June 2014 Tevin Rynard Racing has performed very well making a total profit of 312.02 points or an average of 52 points per month. All of this works out at a 70% ROI.


Tevin Rynard Racing shows a lot of promise for a relatively young tipster service on paper. The reality however can be argued to be great different. For October and November, Tevin Rynard Racing has made a little over 15 points of profit with strike rates around the 25% mark. This downturn is unfortunate and could just be a bad run for Tevin Rynard, however the fact that it has come around winter may highlight a wider problem. What this means though is that Tevin Rynard Racing is definitely worth watching and if the tipster finds his feet again, there is a lot of potential and profit to be had. It is just a shame that it isn’t happening right now.



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