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The £10,000 Challenge is a new to market sports betting tipster service which is being offered by Agora Lifestyles in conjunction with Adam Cheng.

Introduction to The £10,000 Challenge

There is usually a pretty straight forward way in which companies like Agora Lifestyles market their products, and as such, I was rather intrigued when The £10,000 Challenge came along. This is a service that over the course of a season is claiming to guarantee you a certain amount of income, or your money back.

That seems like a no brainer at a glance, and I will admit that Adam Cheng who is providing those tips has demonstrated his ability to make a living from betting, albeit at significantly enhanced stakes. And that is a point that is also critical to The £10,000 Challenge, and is something I will be returning to later.

None the less, whilst I have some concerns, this is a big move product by one of the bigger players in terms of producing betting systems (as well as other online money making products). As such, it would be foolish of me to ignore the potential. Especially if you really can make £10,000 over the coming football season. So, is it the real deal? Let’s see.

£10,000-challenge-review-agoraWhat Does The £10,000 Challenge Offer?

In terms of what you are actually getting from The £10,000 Challenge, I wish that I could tell you that it is something new and interesting. The reality of the situation is that by and large, there isn’t a whole lot that is particularly exceptional about the service. With that said, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

What this means is that ultimately Agora Lifestyles are offering a mostly pretty straight forward football tipster service. Selections are issued somewhat sporadically, as is so often the case when it comes to football betting. To be fair to Adam Cheng, this has little to do with his work ethic, but the approach of The £10,000 Challenge as well as the nature of the game.

Now, one of the things that should be noted is the type of bets that you are placing if you are following The £10,000 Challenge. Adam Cheng has previous experience working for a specialist bookmaker and this can lead to a lot of different markets being covered.

Most of what you see here will be relatively straight forward. Think things like match results, goal markets, and even the occasional small accumulators. But there are also other elements that are involved as well. This means that whilst a complete newbie could probably follow The £10,000 Challenge, some betting experience is probably recommended.

Moving on from the bets, I want to talk a little about the odds that are involved. By and large, football betting doesn’t produce a great amount of value. There are rarely feasible outcomes that have odds greater than 3/1, however Adam Cheng does a good job of staying towards the higher end of this spectrum.

Whether or not the odds are available to subscribers once they have been advised is a very different question. It is also something that I will pick up a little later as it is a key part of how Agora Lifestyles and Adam Cheng say that they will ultimately judge the success of The £10,000 Challenge. What I will say here and now though, is that my research suggests that you may struggle to match those odds.

So far, The £10,000 Challenge has presented itself in a manner that honestly, is pretty much exactly what I would expect from any given tipster service. And the same can be said of the staking plan which is actually quite an interesting thing to look at. Especially given those potential results which make up the name of the service, and Agora Lifestyles leverage as being central to their marketing.

It is recommended in the sales material that you stick to a level staking plan. In order to make the headlining figure, you would have to stake to £200 per bet if you were following along. That is a lot of money to have to stake, and it also highlights one of my biggest problems with The £10,000 Challenge which is that claimed profitability, but I will come to that in detail later.

One of the final things that I want to talk about is the strike rate and the risk that is involved with The £10,000 Challenge. We are told in the sales material that Adam Cheng hasn’t had  losing month between August 2018 and Jun 2019. That looks very impressive, and it is. However, it should be noted that these are his “personal profits and losses for the season”.

A look at the performance of his service, The Professional, shows that actually, there were two losing months there in October and November. As such, I find it questionable how relevant the above claim is.

Honestly, what is disappointing is that if Agora Lifestyles and Adam Cheng had been a little more savvy in their approach, they would be able to talk about the very strong strike rate that The Professional was able to post. This works out at an average of 55.69% over the lifetime of the product. That for me would be a much better representation of the potential of The £10,000 Challenge.

As a little aside, it is worth noting the fact that The £10,000 Challenge also comes with a complementary copy of “The Professional User Guide”. This provides you with information on a special “twist” bet that Adam Cheng says he will recommend on occasion.

I won’t divulge what this is as I don’t believe it is fair to Agora Lifestyles, but I will say that this method of betting can carry significant risk. Potentially much more than you initially choose to invest. As such, this element definitely won’t be for everybody and it isn’t something that you should jump into if you don’t know what you are doing.

How Does The £10,000 Challenge Work?

Adam Cheng and Agora Lifestyles don’t actually have a whole lot to say about what the selection process for The £10,000 Challenge actually entails. This is very disappointing, however I am fortunate enough to have had experience with them before from looking at The Professional.

As such, I can tell you that Adam Cheng comes from a strong bookmakers background including working for Fitzdares, a specialist bookmaker that provides big betting clients with a high end service. In his role here, he has said that he was employed to identify odds for specific and niche betting markets.

Because of the fact that Fitzdares were not responding to market movements, Adam Cheng has stated that their account managers had to get the correct odds when calls came in. This experience is clearly key to his betting style, and I full anticipate that this is all a key element of how The £10,000 Challenge works.  

What is the Initial Investment?

The costs involved with The £10,000 Challenge are by far and away the most concerning thing to me. Adam Cheng and Agora Lifestyles are asking the not inconsiderable cost of £57 per month if you want access to tips. That is a hell of a lot of money and almost twice what I consider to be about average for what a tipster service should be charging (between £30 and £40 per month dependent).

This means that over the course of the season, you will pay out £500 for selections. This isn’t bad if you are bringing home the full £10,000 that is claimed, but… Well, I’ll come to that next.

As a final note, I should highlight that one of the key selling points for Adam Cheng and Agora Lifestyles is the fact that if The £10,000 Challenge doesn’t hit its profit target, then they will offer a full refund to all subscribers. What is noteworthy about this however is (as I picked up earlier) is that this is based on a number of  not inconsiderable caveats I will talk about shortly.

What is the Rate of Return?

It is right there in the title that you are told that you can make £10,000 over the coming football season. I have already mentioned that this is based off £200 stakes however, something that a lot of people aren’t necessarily going to be comfortable betting.

What this really means, and what Adam Cheng and Agora Lifestyles talk about a lot throughout the sales material for The £10,000 Challenge is that you can actually expect a profit of just 50 points. Honestly, that just isn’t great over the football season.

For context, in the same time Adam Cheng made 50.48 points of profit (between September 2018 and July 2019) according to Tipstars, I know of another football tipster service which produced a points profit of 124.7 in the same period, and that included a heavy losing streak.

Conclusion for The £10,000 Challenge

Normally when it comes to something from Agora Lifestyles, you are faced with a wall of unsubstantiated marketing and claims that frankly, don’t seem like they can be realistically backed up. In the case of The £10,000 Challenge though, I am pleasantly surprised to note that what Adam Cheng is offering ultimately has potential to work.

This is in part down to Adam Cheng himself who I genuinely believe makes a decent crust through betting. But this is mostly down to his own personal betting approach. An approach that simply isn’t going to work for everybody. Keep in mind, that £200 per bet is a downgrade on what he currently be staking.

And this brings me to that result of 50 points. I won’t lie. Making a profit is much more difficult than it seems. But as I have already highlighted, I know of tipster services other than The £10,000 Challenge that have made substantially more profit than that, and as such, whilst there is a profit, I just don’t really see it as being comparable to other options on the market.

The real problem here isn’t so much the targeted profit, it is what Adam Cheng and Agora Lifestyles are asking for The £10,000 Challenge. That £57 per month is an incredibly high number, and I find it to be rather frustrating that we are pitched that this is somehow a generous offering because you aren’t being asked to pay £570 up front.

Now, there is that offer of a refund if you don’t hit 50 points of profit, and I can see how that is commendable. But the conditions surrounding it do bother me somewhat. The fact that your profit is based off the results that Adam Cheng and Agora Lifestyles record mean that you can potentially make much less, and still find yourself having to pay out that significant fee.

The thing is, whilst I don’t believe that Agora Lifestyles would necessarily falsify any records or make un-provable claims of making that 50 point target, they will generally be getting better odds than you as Adam Cheng will place his bets before any of his subscribers.

All it takes is for you to lose half a point per month, and you are 5 points down over the course of the season. That is 10% of that overall points profit, and that is based off very minimal numbers that are entirely feasible, purely from you losing out on those initial best odds.

The long and short of The £10,000 Challenge for me is this. It is very expensive. There is evidence to suggest that ultimately, it will not be as profitable as competing services and systems, and finally, a lot of the elements relating to whether or not the service is deemed a success or not aren’t based off your results, but somebody who has a vested interest in seeing it succeed.

Any one of these elements on their own, I could potentially get over. If The £10,000 Challenge were likely to be more profitable, or it was cheaper, then there might be some positives to take away. As it stands, this isn’t a service that I would really recommend. Especially given the fact that there are much more profitable services out there that cost less money.  


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