The 10K Guarantee Review

The 10K Guarantee is a brand new independent sports betting tipster service operated by Nick Bennet that the creator claims is guaranteed to make a massive profit in a very short space of time.

What does the product offer?

Every so often a new tipster service rears its head, all of which are independently operated and according to the creators a sure thing. I am yet to see one of these services actually get close to delivering what the sales material promises unfortunately. The 10K Guarantee is however a new service and I would love nothing more than to see a tipster service that is able to deliver what is claimed, however I remain sceptical.

In terms of what you are getting, The 10K Guarantee is a tipster service that exclusively deals in football tips based around a variety of different bet types. Selections appear to  be a rather sporadic affair however this is rather typical of most football tipster services. Selections are issued via email and contain Nick Bennet’s selections as well as a brief description of what a selection has been made.

Betting wise, The 10K Guarantee uses a number of different bet types, seemingly in order to ensure that there remains some value in the bets. Whilst the majority of these bets are actually rather straightforward and involve over/under markets, doubles, etc. There is also a strong suggestion that The 10K Guarantee uses a large number of Asian Handicap bets.

Numbers wise, it is perhaps not surprising to discover that The 10K Guarantee comes with no real details. There is no real staking plan in place (outside of looking at some previous case studies). It is perhaps least surprising that there is no strike rate available either. This isn’t even something that can be calculated as Nick Bennet doesn’t provide any kind of proofing for The 10K Guarantee.

It is interesting to note that The 10K Guarantee also comes with a bonus product, which is essentially a betting system. Nick Bennet says in the sales material that by using The 10K Guarantee you can simply follow a “simple stat-based formula” to find your own first goal scorer bets. These supposedly have show average winning odds of 5.5 so far this season, however there is once again no proofing supplied to back this claim up.

How does the product work?

Nick Bennet claims that The 10K Guarantee is fundamentally based around a piece of software that is referred to in the sales material as the world’s first “Auto-Manual Selection Process”. This certainly sounds impressive and would be more so if there were actually some information on how it works. Instead there are simply a number of vague references to Asian Handicap bets and how “nobody saw them coming” and that people get their betting strategies wrong.

Personally, I get the distinctive feeling that in taking this approach, Nick Bennet is trying to add some technical terminology that is ultimately designed to obfuscate and suggest legitimacy. I should point out that there isn’t really anything to suggest that there is anything to this however.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, The 10K Guarantee is being offered for a “limited time”  at £37 with Nick Bennet claiming that the price will go up to £237 in the future. This seemingly will give you access to selections for the full year although I haven’t been able to find anything that explicitly states this. It is worth noting that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place (courtesy of the fact that The 10K Guarantee is sold through Clickbank) although this also isn’t something that is really discussed.

What is the rate of return?

The income potential for The 10K Guarantee is rather straight forward with Nick Bennet saying that in just 3 months you can go from £200 to £10,000. This is “substantiated” by a number of questionable screenshots of betting accounts and a video showing a days bets that won. Interestingly, these “examples” are much more varied than the eye grabbing headline claims with


It is difficult to know where to begin with The 10K Guarantee as frankly, there is little here that is believable. I will start by addressing the obvious things which are a distinctive lack of evidence and the fact that the few bits that are provided seem to be very questionable. There are a number of reasons that I think that this may be the case, but the most obvious thing to me lies in the fact that the “balance” on none of the screenshots match the ones actually used on the betting websites.

The next issue (and it remains a big one) is that there is no proofing provided. Given that there are supposedly nine case studies included with The 10K Guarantee, I would expect this to be something that the tipster involved could easily provide. Combine this with some very loose descriptions of what you can expect and how selections are made, and none of it really looks promising.

By far and away the biggest issue however lies in the video that shows a day’s winning tips. When you follow this through to the video profile of the tipster, it becomes apparent to me that Nick Bennet is not just a pen name, but that The 10K Guarantee is far from their first service. All of these videos are uploaded under an account “Rahal Ghanzi) and there are several that pertain to tipster services and betting products going as far back as 3 years. These all offer some very questionable claims and given that the services are no longer online, one can only assume that they folded.

This definitely doesn’t bode well for The 10K Guarantee which already features a number of what I would consider to be red flags for a tipster service. Keeping all of this in mind, not even the relatively inexpensive purchase price makes The 10K Guarantee an attractive proposition in my eyes. Put simply, I can’t recommend avoiding The 10K Guarantee enough.



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