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The £20K Challenge is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is operated by one Lewis Stuart. His aim is to start people out with small starting bets and produce a significant profit over the course of a year.

Introduction to The £20K Challenge

One of the things that I love about this line of work is seeing how people bring together ideas. Especially for the purposes of marketing. And there is no more powerful tool for doing this than compounding. Did you know, for example, that if you went to a roulette wheel and bet on black or red (a 48.6%), and you started with £1. Just 20 spins would make you a millionaire. And think how many times you could attempt that and still produce a profit. You could literally try it hundreds of thousands of times. Sounds reasonable, right?

 Now, in the above example, the probability of that happening is 1,813,778 to 1. Doesn’t sound so great huh? But the compounding of winnings when you are betting can really make things sound exceptional. And that is something to keep in mind with today’s subject. Because The £20K Challenge is a service that is almost entirely based on the notion that if you compound your bets, you will make a lot of money in a somewhat short space of time. But what stands out to me here is that Lewis Stuart also talks about the profit to level stakes too, so there is transparency.

Of course, just like with the roulette example, it is very easy to make anything seem like anything. And whilst The £20K Challenge definitely has some impressive looking results, I do think that there are a good few questions that hang over it too. In my mind, there are very simple things that most genuine tipsters would look to cover that Lewis Stuart doesn’t. These become pretty big red flags in my eyes. So, let’s get into it and see what is what.  

What Does The £20K Challenge Offer?

Whilst I feel that it is fair to say that there are complications to The £20K Challenge (a term I use in the watchmakers fashion, that is to say, extra elements that provide a new feature), ultimately this is a very straight forward tipster service. And that is something that I like to see. It opens the door for following this not just with the compounding Lewis Stuart recommends, but level stakes as well.

Now, I want to start by talking about the management side of things and how Lewis Stuart runs the service. Because, frankly, this is probably in line with everything that you would expect. As is typical for the industry, selections are sent to The £20K Challenge subscribers directly via email. There is also rather minimal information included with said emails.

Under normal circumstances, I’d be critical of Lewis Stuart for this. After all, I am of opinion that there is a point where a lot of bets cease to have value, and so odds advice is actually quite important. But because of how everything is recorded with The £20K Challenge, it doesn’t necessarily end up being the end of the world. You see, all bets are recorded (if you can call the very limited evidence “records”) to Industry Start Price (or SP).

This is a huge positive because it means that everyone who is following The £20K Challenge should be able to get the results advertised as a bare minimum. But there is another positive to this as well. You see, the selections for events (you will note that I use the term events and not races, a point I will come to shortly) are sent out the evening before the off.

What this means is that there is a lot of potential to improve on the results that are given by using either a BOG bookmaker or an odds comparison website. For some context on this, one of the big wins we are show to SP is a 22/1 horse. There is a very good chance that getting on that bet early would have led to increased profit by virtue of getting yourself better value odds.

Furthermore, Lewis Stuart does say that you shouldn’t be backing all selections from The £20K Challenge through the same bookies. This means that if you are using different BOG bookies and seeking out the best odds, this will just happen naturally. Importantly though, you will be increasing your profit potential as you do it.

At this point I want to pick up on the fact I said events rather than horse races. You see, Lewis Stuart says that 80% of the betting you will be doing here is horse racing. However, he also says “we even bet on sports that are not horse racing to keep things interesting and monetize every opportunity we have to profit”. This is all well and good in theory, but it does raise a few questions for me.

Finally, I want to talk about the stakes. At the start of this review, I talked about the fact that this is a fundamentally simple tipster service with some complications. Nowhere is this more evidence than in the staking plan. You see, fundamentally The £20K Challenge uses a very simple level staking plan. Lewis Stuart says that you should stake 1 point on each bet.

However, we are also told to compound our winnings and increase the value of a point each month. Effectively, your starting betting bank should be 50 points we are told (the sales material makes a big thing about how you can start with £100, but I’ll come back to that later). At the end of the month, you take your betting bank and recalculate those 50 points, betting a bit more or a bit less depending on the outcome of the month.

As a final aside, it is rather unfortunate that Lewis Stuart does not make any claims about a strike rate for The £20K Challenge. Nor is there any real proofing that we can use to calculate such a figure. Instead, there is a vague implication in the sales material that this is a low risk service. Something I’m not convinced about.

How Does The £20K Challenge Work?

When you talk about how a system like The £20K Challenge works, you have to address the compounding. It’s a key element, and there is now way that you’re making more than £20,000 starting with £2 stakes without it. But let’s be honest, you don’t really need me to tell you that this is an element of how it all “works”. Lewis Stuart does more than enough in this regard.

What I do notice that concerns me though is that there isn’t actually any real talk about the selection process for The £20K Challenge. The issue that I have here is that it is a key element of how any tipster service works. It’s all well and good having a fancy staking plan or some grand overarching betting philosophy, but if you don’t have a solid strategy for picking winners in the first place, none of that really matters.

Adding to this is the fact that The £20K Challenge isn’t just betting on horses. Let’s not forget that 20% of bets will be on other opportunities. Opportunities that may be selected to “keep things interesting”. This is another one of those areas where I can’t help but feel like Lewis Stuart really needs to be explaining more about his approach to betting. Because when you start deviating from a strategy (that is of course unexplained) to make things interesting… Well, that concerns me.

The nail in the coffin here in my eyes is the fact that we aren’t even given any real proofing. It is clear that Lewis Stuart has done this before if you believe the sales material. He shows all of his profit for the last year, broken down month by month. What we aren’t given is a look at the bets. And as such, all of this boils down to taking his word that The £20K Challenge will succeed. Something that I don’t really recommend doing with any service.

What is the Initial Investment?

Supposedly, the “real” value of The £20K Challenge should be £199. However, Lewis Stuart is offering a limited time discounted rate. This provides you with full access to his selections for 6 months for a one time cost of £49 (a figure that actually includes the VAT, which is nice). This, we are told, is because you really can’t just try this for 30 days to get the full picture. To really benefit, you need to string 3-4 winning months together.  

Of note is the fact that The £20K Challenge does come with a full 30 day money back guarantee. Here Lewis Stuart says that if you aren’t happy with how things look you can get your payment back in full. And this is backed up by Clickbank, so you shouldn’t have any problems if you did want to claim it.  

What is the Rate of Return?

Obviously the end goal of The £20K Challenge is quite straight forward, by the end of the year you should have made more than £20,000. It’s right there in the name. Let’s not forget though, Lewis Stuart isn’t offering you a full year. He’s just doing a 6 month run. This means that if you followed the staking plan and started with £2 bets, you’d see a profit in excess of £1,000 in this time.

But I don’t necessarily want to use that as the only scale of measurement for profit with The £20K Challenge. Because what is really interesting to me is Lewis Stuart’s claim that over 12 months the service has produced a profit of 371 points. That is a very respectable return that just errs on the side of credibility. But here’s the thing, there isn’t really anything backing this up, and a such, you are still just taking somebody’s word that their service can deliver.   

Conclusion for The £20K Challenge

In all of the time I’ve been doing this, I’ve seen a good number of systems that are similar to The £20K Challenge. They make the same kinds of claims (turning a little into a lot), almost always overlooking the risk that exists. So what I really want to see here is Lewis Stuart actually demonstrating his worth here.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe that he does do this. Of course, it would be unreasonable to hold The £20K Challenge to a standard without defining it, and it all boils down to one thing really, a lack of evidence. Let’s start with the more obvious one in my mind, that lack of proofing. Now, I know that some bettors don’t always keep detailed records (that can be bloody depressing during a bad run), but if you want to be a tipster, that is pretty much necessary in my mind.

What we are treated to instead is Lewis Stuart simply stating that he made profits each month of between 21.5 and 52 points. Both extraordinary numbers. Especially being maintained over that kind of time scale. But don’t worry, to show it isn’t infallible, we have a miniscule 3 point loss.

I’ll be honest, that is suspect to me. Especially because if those numbers are available for The £20K Challenge, there should be comprehensive records of the horses backed. And in fact, it seemingly is. After all, we are given the winners for June. But all  this really shows is a select few “winners” used to highlight that there are some big odds winners on the table in my eyes.

Some of this might be forgivable if we knew how Lewis Stuart was finding bets, not just for horse racing, but other sports as well. Some kind of insight would go a hell of a long way. But of course, that simply isn’t an option. There isn’t a single iota of information on what The £20K Challenge is based on other than the compounding. And that is a very big concern when paired with that lack of proofing (or any real evidence, if I’m honest).

So, with almost all of The £20K Challenge, you’re taking the word of the one person who stands to profit from you signing up that this will deliver. The same person who goes out of his way to tell you that a 30 day trial won’t do much for you. That you should string together 3-4 “winning months”. All whilst mentioning right at the end that you have a 30 day refund period. But you should definitely sign up for longer than this. Just enough for Lewis Stuart to get his…

One of the only statements that I believe to be unequivocally true in the sales material for The £20K Challenge is when Lewis Stuart says “There’s so much shit on the internet these days!”. I am definitely inclined to agree with that, and unfortunately, I have to wade through a lot of it (not that I’d stop it. I love what I do!). But is this really something that ascends this categorisation?

For my money, I don’t believe that it necessarily is. Look, simply compounding your stakes isn’t a betting system. I’ve said that more times than I care to count at this point. But so many tipsters seem to think otherwise. It can work, but only when it is paired with everything else having some quality. And in my eyes, that quality is missing from The £20K Challenge. Basic information on your service should be available.

As you can probably guess, I wouldn’t really look to recommend The £20K Challenge. The unfortunate truth is that Lewis Stuart does nothing to convince me that this is worthwhile, and everything I have seen suggests that there are some flawed notions behind this. 


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Lewis Stuart took my money, performed badly & refused to refund me despite his claim that he would. I am out of pocket by my losses & Lewis Stuart’s refusal to refund me & feel it is my duty to help others avoid.

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