The 567 Method Review

The 567 Method is a new horse racing tipster service from Ben Dawson that the creator claims is able to follow a basic formula (for which it is named) that guarantees profit each week.

What does the product offer?

The 567 Method is actually so called because according to Ben Dawson, his service always follows the same rules. 5 bets per day, 6 days per week (with Sundays of) to make £700 or more of profit per week. This sounds pretty straight forward however as I will explore, there is a lot behind the scenes with The 567 Method that make me doubt this.

In many respects, The 567 Method is a very straight forward affair with no real deviation into unknown territory. Bets are sent out “when ready” with the vast majority being straight win bets, supposedly with odds up to 12/1.

In terms of the numbers, Ben Dawson says that he personally bets to £100 stakes and that you should follow this same level staking plan for The 567 Method. Interestingly, he refers to The 567 Method having a strike rate of 62% which sounds impressive until you realise that he is talking about the number of times that he has made his £700 per week goal rather than percentage of bets won.

How does the product work?

Not surprisingly, Ben Dawson does nothing to explain what his selection process for The 567 Method entails. There is a vague allusion to having contacts at a race course but this is it really.

Instead, it would appear that we are to simply accept that selections for The 567 Method will be good on the grounds that Ben Dawson supposedly has experience as a professional bettor.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, The 567 Method is being offered at a cost of £29.95 which is supposedly for an 8 week trial. The costs once this time has elapsed supposedly goes up to £30 per week, £90 per month or £699 per year.

Because The 567 Method is sold through Clickbank, this does mean that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place should you find that you aren’t happy with the product.

What is the rate of return?

As I have already mentioned before now, the core premise of The 567 Method is that you can expect to make £700 per week. It is worth pointing out however that this is based on using £100 stakes.


The marketing for The 567 Method is rudimentary at best and I wasn’t really surprised to discover that there was very little evidence to back up the claims that are made. The few bits of evidence that are presented are very questionable screenshots, none of which instils confidence in Ben Dawson.

Once I started to look more into The 567 Method, I discovered that the service is associated with Awesome Betting, a company that I have written about before now. They are something of a factor for questionable tipster services, seemingly pumping out something new every few months. I am yet to see anything of theirs perform even close to the claimed results.

With that in mind, I would give The 567 Method a pretty wide berth.


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Check out the address – leads back to Anton Green ! he ran a similar system back in February – but claims success with £10 bets. Looks like he has simply upped the stakes for his latest (defamation removed by admin).

Also he is pushing something called each way Craig. Web site for this only up for 3 weeks!!!
You could not make it up ! Or could you ?

Makes his money by massively ramping up on clickbank with the usual Mafia involved. And then hopes only a few will bother to cancel.

Looked at couple of other “reviews” on all occasion when the back button was pressed I was taken to a page pushing Winlords – enough said.

Going to get my money back on each of the 567 products.

Incidentally in response to Graham above Each Way Craig is not bad. I certainly showed a reasonable profit in September (not finalised my figurtes yet) but didn’t follow his staking plan – used BOG for the win element not Betfair SP

MakeMoneyForum Admin


From what we have read and seen ourselves, the whole 567 website is set up simply to extract emails from visitors, with a view to sending them affiliate links contained in emails.

We would advise against joining this service.



Joined this service in mid September 2016. Have had 3 weeks of ‘tips’ regarding horses to back. Ben claims or “promises” to make subscribers 7 points a week profit. Idea is to back 5 horses a day, 6 days a week until profit is achieved and then stop at profit reached and start again following week. Week starts on a Monday. This is the 1st and last horse racing service I will ever join. Prefer soccer tips to be honest.
Statistically speaking, summary is this.
64 bets with 16 winners at a strike rate of 25%. Average win odds of $3.86.
To make a profit at these odds you need a strike rate of 25.9%. Edge is minus 3.6%. I’ve used software to run it’s predictions and it has an “Archie” score of 0. “Archie” score refers to whether or not there is a likelihood of chance with regards to the selections provided.
A “Archie” score of 0.3 has a 58% chance of selections provided having a likelihood of chance. The higher the score, the less likely the selections are a “fluke”.
0 suggests the selections provided are indeed “flukey” at best.
Longest win streak was 2. Longest Losing streak was 9.
Selections did provide a 64% strike rate for places.
Average odds of $1.64. A “Edge” of 5.7% so far for place bets. “Archie Score” still the same.
On level betting (2.5%) with a start bank of $100, I am on $93.98.
Place bets would have you on $108.45.
Was hoping to make enough profit to cover the plus $50 fee of joining…no hope of that!
No replies when asking questions/complaints, etc.
Comes across as very confident with his system and ability to make money.
My question would be (in hindsight), if the selections are so good, why stop as soon as we profit at 7 units? Suggests we keep betting on horses who are good at placing and with a bit of “Lady Luck”, we will hit enough winners to make our 7 profit target.
Any “system” worth its salt would not have a stop at win approach in my opinion.
It smells a bit when we have to stop at 7 units early, mid or late in any given week.
Have asked for money back through click bank and I would NOT recommend anyone to give this a go.
Down Under

5 tips, 6 days, £700 profit complete crap I’ve been with them 6 weeks they have had 1 winning week !!! They are something like £1500 down since start of 8 week trial and customer service is rubbish AVOID!!!!!!

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