The All Weather God Review

The All Weather God is a horse racing tipster service operated by the Betting Gods stable of tipsters. It claims to provide consistently profitable horse racing selections.

What does the product offer?

As I have come to expect from any product from the Betting Gods team, The All Weather God is a tipster service of the highest calibre. The whole thing is based exclusively around horse racing, more specifically, all weather racing. This approach means that selections should be available all year round. The All Weather God is operated Monday through Sunday with selections typically sent out around 10am.

The actual bets that The All Weather God recommends will be a combination of win and each way bets with an average of 80-90 per month (meaning 2-3 per day). In terms of the staking plan, The All Weather God uses a rather straight forward 1-3 points per bet with advice being sent out with the selections.

Generally speaking though, most of the advised stakes are 2 points per bet.

In terms of the strike rate for The All Weather God, this currently stands at an average of 31.29% which is respectable enough, especially when you start to look at the odds that The All Weather God recommends backing.

How does the product work?

Unfortunately, there isn’t too much information provided in terms of what the selection process for The All Weather God is. Whilst it is perhaps a little clichéd, a look at the results strongly suggests that there is a value based approach to The All Weather God.

I would also anticipate a strong statistical and form based analysis as this is something that usually goes into all weather services. This is however speculative on my behalf.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, The All Weather God is currently being sold on a 30 day trial period at a cost of just £1. Once this has elapsed the costs go up to £29.95 per month, £69.95 per quarter or you can pay £249.95 to receive selections from The All Weather God for life.

All of these options come with a full 60 day money back guarantee as they are sold through Clickbank.

What is the rate of return?

Since going live in December last year, The All Weather God has produced an overall points profit of just under 120 points, which represents an ROI of 17.37%. This means an average of almost 20 points per month which is a respectable figure. It is also worth pointing out that since it did go live, The All Weather God has not had a single losing month (although not all have been hugely profitable.


I am a massive fan of Betting Gods products and The All Weather God doesn’t do anything to curb that enthusiasm.

In fact, it is very much in line with what I would expect. There are a few things with The All Weather God that some users may take exception to (for example some of the profitable months have literally been a few points), however with a long term view The All Weather God is performing just fine.

At the time of writing there does seem to be a surge in form which means with the trial period and your money back guarantee, there is little reason why you shouldn’t give The All Weather God your consideration.


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