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The Alpha Code is a brand new product from Streetwise Publications that is seemingly something entirely new. John Harrison naturally makes the usual claims about how this represents a high earning, despite being low risk, service.

What does the product offer?

Whenever something from Streetwise Publications passes over my desk, it is always difficult to know where to sat. There is almost something vaudevillian aspect to their marketing if you are able to look past the fact that the marketing appears to be there mostly to draw in those who need money most and as such, have less of it to spend. I could discuss the ethics of Streetwise Publications’ marketing for may a page however this won’t get us any closer to analysing The Alpha Code.

Perhaps the best place to start with The Alpha Code is the headlines. These bold (and entirely unsubstantiated) clams practically promise the world. For example, John Harrison claims that by simply having a social media account (even with no followers or friends), you can turn it into “An Unstoppable and Relentless Cash Generating Machine”. All in 24 hours or less. To top this off, The Alpha Code is also described as “no risk, no effort. Just Guaranteed Daily Profits”.

All of this is well and good, however whenever you look at a Streetwise Publications product, grandiose claims are the norm. The half time show to the main event, if you will. With that in mind, I want to look at The Alpha Code properly, and in the full light of day. What you are getting into with The Alpha Code is a betting method that supposedly both allows you to make money from bookmakers, whilst at the exact same time, losing money to them too. You also need to have some form of social media presence with both Twitter and/or Facebook playing a part in ultimately making The Alpha Code profitable.

In terms of The Alpha Code as a product, Streetwise Publications ship you a physical copy of the method in book form. This is an important part of the marketing for The Alpha Code that is designed to make you feel as much like you are getting something for your money. This guide is well presented and it is undeniably very slickly made. This doesn’t always make for the best quality of content however and in the case of The Alpha Code, I feel that there is a strong element of this in play.

Because of the nature of The Alpha Code, it is rather difficult to dissect numbers as frankly, there is little information to actually go off. The sales page is a masterclass of copywriting from John Harrison and the Streetwise Publications team. There is no staking plan required as such, although we are told multiple times that you should aim to “bet” £100 on each bet. The sales material for The Alpha Code does however cheerfully suggest that you could stake £100,000 on an individual bet.

How does the product work?

I have never believed it to be fair to divulge the inner workings of any system and this applies equally to The Alpha Code. None the less, I will try to examine what is required, without giving too much of the game away.

The first thing to address is the simplicity of The Alpha Code. Whilst John Harrison and the Streetwise Publications team have done a fantastic job of making this particular method of making money online sound like a cinch, I do still have some doubts about how easy things will actually be. A key example of this lies in the “simple” method that you have to apply to finding bets.

When described, it really does seem like a massively straight forward affair, however this doesn’t necessarily translate from paper to real world betting. Many a practitioner of professional betting will tell you that something can work wonderfully on paper. Unfortunately, those same people will often lose out down the road because things aren’t always that simple.

Without revealing too much, I do think that the methods that The Alpha Code uses are fundamentally workable. I don’t however believe that this is anywhere near as simple as it is made out to be. Whilst John Harrison suggests that his latest t he has never seen anything quite like The Alpha Code, I would like to respectfully disagree. I have seen similar to The Alpha Code before (although admittedly not in quite the format Streetwise Publications have chosen).

There is actually something to all of this which I happen to find rather worrying as a reviewer and that is the approach that the copy takes towards you carrying out “unethical” acts. For all of the talk of legal loopholes and asking about how comfortable you are with taking money from losing bettors, this feels like a lot of fronting to me. The only money that you are “taking” from others is via betting on a betting exchange.

This is an entirely normal part of any betting on an exchange and it bothers me that Streetwise Publications feel the need to make Streetwise Publications feel like a secret rather than simply being a bit more open with what they have. Naturally, you can take what you will from this and I am very aware that it is many ways a cop out answer. Unfortunately, without discussing the method in any real detail, there isn’t a lot more that I can say.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, The Alpha Code is being sold for a comparatively small one time cost. This means paying £99 rather than the “real” value of The Alpha Code which is the much more “Streetwise Publications” £227. This is a one time cost and it is worth pointing out that the lower price is conditional as well as limited to just 100 people. In the sales material for The Alpha Code, John Harrison says that in return for paying the lower price, you have to provide an email testimonial talking about how much money you have made

In terms of the higher price, John Harrison has made no real suggestion that there will be any kind of payment plan when the higher cost for The Alpha Code comes into play either. Fortunately, there is a money back guarantee in place however.  This basically states that if you aren’t satisfied with the profits that you make with The Alpha Code, then you can claim a refund.

What is the rate of return?

The numbers that are discussed in the marketing for The Alpha Code range from reasonable to completely unbelievable. Whilst I can see the method potentially producing £30 for each £100 invested, I am not entirely sold on this. Especially when you start to look at the claims that are scaled up.


John Harrison says in the sales material for The Alpha Code that writing the sales letter was one of the hardest things he has ever had to do. I can to some degree relate to this statement s I have rather struggled in writing this review myself. It all boils down to the methodology involved. To talk about it in any detail really is to give the game away and as I have said, nobody really wants this.

As a service, I don’t think that The Alpha Code is bad at all. In fact, I would be inclined to say that the Streetwise Publications team have done a very good job of expanding upon some already well known and similar products. As is often the case with products from the z group however, this is also where the product becomes prevalent.

I could pick apart the sales approach all day for Streetwise Publications. There is certainly enough that John Harrison and the Streetwise Publications team have put in which only makes the service feel less legitimate, from the lack of evidence to the “secret” way in which Streetwise Publications is supposedly run. It all stinks of appealing to the lowest denominator, i.e., those who perhaps feel like there is a reason that they are losing, and that the right secret method will turn this around.

At £97 for access to the system that The Alpha Code uses, there is a rather distinctive lack of value for money on show in my opinion and there are a number of reasons for this. Generally speaking, even the results that have been published (which are by and far and away some of the most questionable aspects of the marketing) seem to be very misaligned with what I would expect and reek of artificial inflation.

All of this comes together to create a product that I don’t really like if I hold my hands up. Whilst I can see that there is some validity to The Alpha Code, I just feel like there are better products on the market that are offering a similar (although not quite the same as this) experience. More importantly, they are doing a similar thing for less money, often with better results.

The nail in the coffin for me is that there doesn’t seem to be any real results in terms of The Alpha Code. It is interesting, and I feel noteworthy, that this is currently being marketed as something of a beta. This is another thing that I find off putting. Asking £100 for something that has no real track record outside of what you experience is a bit cheeky and as such, I would recommend looking at some of the many similar products that are also on the market.


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I just have one issue with your review. You don’t seem to have actually tried it. I don’t understand hoe you can critique a product with actually using it therefore I find your review rather valueless. I too have reservations about Streetwise’ marketing ethics, perticularly their constant use of the angle that banks, bookies and anyone else who makes money from people are all scumm and we need to get our own back. This is not a good attitude to becoming wealthy. I once heard a quote which I pretty much live by, “If you despise the rich and successful how can you hope to become one of them?”

I also get tired of their constant claiming that they’ve found some amazing loophole in the banking or betting system where you can syphon money off without them knowing! All nonsense, and when I read any of their marketing material that has this approach I generally throw it in the bin. I only stuck with this one because of it’s connection with social media which I found intriguing and so decided to do a bit of due dillegence hence coming across your “review”. Most of what you say I have surmised for myself without having the product, so I found your review on the whole unhelpful. I still hacve to consider purchasing it myself and actually trying it. If it doesn’t work I’ll test their money back promise.

Hi, you say there are better, similar products out there fora cheaper price. Van I ask what you would recommend then?

I have dealt with this company in the past, and all i can say is buyer beware, i sent for a forex method from them, what they failed to mention was you had to try it out with your own money, and then send them evidence that it did not work, i did not see any evidence that the system was any better than my own, just a lot of hype with no real substance, did i want to put my hard earned on the line to test it, no chance of that ever happening with their system as it looked all hype to me
Anyway, when i asked for my money back they refused to refund me, at £297 i think it was a reasonable request as the system was not proven to better than what i was using, this is a few years ago and i have never bought anything from them without a guarantee of refund if i thought it was useless, so if you ever deal with them make sure you have that type of guarantee, cannonbury publishing allways give a refund no questions asked most of the time, there are just a few exceptions and that is usually because the author is giving you the whole business and some people just copy it and then ask for a refund, these people do none of us any favours, as we might miss out on something good because we will not send money without the guarantee, anyway that’s my experience of streetwise and their mostly no refund policy, my advice give them a body swerve Mr Harrison is a good copywriter but he is the type of guy that puts his own pocket before his customers concerns about his shady working practices

What system would you recommend?

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From: Simon Roberts