The Altucher Report / Cryptocurrencies 101 Review

The Altucher Report is a product which is being offered by James Altucher through Agora Lifestyles. It is a report that he claims will allow you to make a small fortune through investment in cryptocurrency.

Introduction to The Altucher Report / Cryptocurrencies 101

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are something that I can’t ever seem to shake off. I have made my feelings on them quite clear (essentially, there is small time profit to be made from market movements, but this is risky.

Ultimately, cryptocurrency is the very definition of a bubble that is waiting to burst). I have seen it from a number of angles and one company which appears to be dead set on consistently pushing the cryptocurrency agenda is Agora Lifestyles.

Do I begrudge them this? Absolutely not. I openly acknowledge that there is money to be made if you trade in the right way. What I do disagree with is blatant peddling of cryptocurrency as something that it isn’t, in order to sell products. Enter James Altucher and The Altucher Report. A supposed expert on financial markets and cryptocurrency who seems far to proud to have blown through $15 million.

So, with all of this in mind, is James Altucher’s The Altucher Report really going to guide you to crypto currency wealth?

What Does The Altucher Report Offer?

Based off the sales material, it almost seems like it is a fairer question to ask what doesn’t The Altucher Report offer? James Altucher is a master of spiel and when this is combined with the marketing know how of Agora Lifestyles, it definitely makes for a convinced read to the uninitiated.

Personally, I found the whole sales pitch to be far too lengthy, dodging on the key points and generally misleading people on the future of cryptocurrency, but I will get to that shortly.

The_Altucher_Report_Cryptocurrencies_101Strip away all of the patter and what you are actually paying for with The Altucher Report is access to James Altucher’s monthly report, although this is sold off the back of his latest release. This is “Cryptocurrencies 101: How to Make a Fortune from Digital Currencies” as well as his “6-video series Masterclass”.

There is a very good reason why so much of the marketing is concerned with cryptocurrency and that seems to ultimately be the above serves as padding for the main service.

The Altucher Report itself is a pretty straight forward affair. In fact, it isn’t really that different from the numerous other products that Agora Lifestyles have put out through their financial division.

With talk of not being able to rely on the government or other people, James Altucher paints a picture of a society where the only way that you can turn your life around is through his financial advice which he offers through The Altucher Report. You can also expect copious numbers of upsells and calls to action on his other services and products.

As well as “Cryptocurrencies 101” and The Altucher Report, there are also a massive number of bonus products included. These are all various reports compiled by James Altucher which explore different aspects of making money in the current economy.

Only one of them really fits in with the theme of The Altucher Report and Cryptocurrencies 101 which is titled “The Crypto Glitch that Could Turbo-Charge Your Profits”.

How Does The Altucher Report Work?

In terms of this particular combined package, there are two different elements to discuss. The first of these is Cryptocurrencies 101. Put bluntly, James Altucher thinks that cryptocurrencies are still going to be the next big thing (he backs this up with historic booms arbitrarily highlighting 3 points that represent when you should have invested).

One of the main reasons for this is his unwavering belief that Amazon will at some point start accepting Bitcoin as payment, therefore adding legitimacy to the currency.

The second aspect of The Altucher Report is of course the report itself. This is much more varied than simply looking at cryptocurrency (however it does have some involvement). Instead, you can expect indications on what stocks to buy.

James Altucher also advises on what businesses to start based off existing trends. One of the more intriguing claims is that James Altucher says for negative trends, he “might suggest how you can position your family to survive”.

What is the Initial Investment?

The current offering of The Altucher Report through Agora Lifestyles is priced at £37. James Altucher is offering this as a substantial discount on the usual value of £97. It is worth noting that this gets you access to the report for a full year. All of the “bonuses” that are included with The Altucher Report (including Cryptocurrencies 101) supposedly have an additional value of some £440 however I take this with a pinch of salt.

In terms of a money back guarantee, Agora Lifestyles and James Altucher are very generous with The Altucher Report. You have a full year to trial the report and if at any point you aren’t happy with the content then you can claim a full refund.

What is the Rate of Return?

The rate of return for The Altucher Report is one of many things that James Altucher rather sketchily skirts around. There is a lot of talk about how massive the potential returns on cryptocurrencies is but little in the way of tangible numbers.

Here are some of the gains mentioned on the site:

The_Altucher_Report___Cryptocurrencies_101_gainsArguably the biggest and most prominent number that is actually mentioned is a claim by James Altucher that Bitcoin could reach $100,000 in the next 12 months. He also says in the sales material for The Altucher Report that cryptocurrency across the board may see their value increase by over 1,500%.

Conclusion to The Altucher Report / Cryptocurrencies 101

It seems to me that Agora Lifestyles have a few people on their books who are well known, although not necessarily well respected, in the financial field.

Having carried out research into the matter, it seems to be a case with James Altucher that he is on a fringe of financial experts and I believe that this is reflected in the claims for The Altucher Report and Cryptocurrencies 101.

For example, his prediction about Amazon has been made twice before now. Once was for October last year, and again for February this year. Whilst I can believe that Amazon may one day take Bitcoin, it seems unlikely to be in the immediate future, in no small part down to the  volatility of the currency.

This fringe point of view also seems to apply when you look at the talk of protecting your family, helping them survive etc. In other words, there is a strong emphasis which I feel is clearly designed to appeal to survivalists (a thriving niche in both the UK and US).

This suggests to me that the focus here is on having a predetermined target and making money off the back of them rather than offering any genuine investment advice.

All of this is massively concerning to me for a number of different reasons. The main one however is that the key advice here is around cryptocurrency, an approach which has been demonstrated on numerous occasions to not really work with the exception of a small handful of people. Otherwise, you are generally scraping the bottom of the barrel as it were.

One of the only things that really works in the favour of The Altucher Report is the cost involved. James Altucher is asking a very reasonable price and on the back of that, if you are of a certain mindset then this will be a bargain for you.

For my money however, I am a little more cynical of the approach favoured here. There are plenty of products out there which offer genuine and well balanced financial advice.

You might have to pay a little more for them, but ultimately, if something isn’t going to help you make money, then you aren’t paying for anything that is of benefit.


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