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The Banker by Alex Cole Review

The Banker is a horse racing tipster service offered by Alex Cole through Zerohype. The service puts a focus on win bets using betting exchanges.

What does the product offer?

The Banker is a horse racing tipster service offered by Zerohype, a sports betting website. Alex Cole sends out around 15-25 sets of selections each month, typically before 9.30am thus allowing subscribers plenty of time to get bets placed. Selections are not sent out daily with Alex Cole preferring a more structured betting style based around quality. Bets for The Banker use a percentage based staking system of between 1% and 5% to allow a wider coverage of odds whilst still ensuring a reasonable profit and without exposing too much of the betting bank to unfavourable odds.

How does the product work?

Alex Cole says that he has been involved in horse racing since an early age of following the sport with his father. Since then he claims to have developed a disciplined betting style that appears to be built around form and analysis, something that is most likely applied to selections for The Banker.

What is the initial investment?

The Banker is available on a monthly, quarterly and yearly subscription which will cost £20, £100 and £180 respectively. There is no money back guarantee in place but this is industry standard. You can however apply for a 15 day free trial to The Banker with the only stipulation being that you register to show that you’re “a real person”.

What is the rate of return?

Historically The Banker has doubled the initial starting bank each year, albeit with some ups and downs. Results for The Banker for 2014 are very different depending on where you look. Zerohype report a 60 point profit for the year whereas Racing Values Proofing shows just 1.73 points over a 6 month period. This is actually down to the fact that Racing Values proof on level stakes rather than those recommended by Alex Cole.


The Banker has put in a strong showing over the last few years and whilst 2014 looks like it may be shaping up to miss doubling the bank, it has still shown substantial growth. I will however say that The Banker is a tipster service for those who have a focus on long term investment. If you are looking for something to earn you some quick and easy pocket money each month, I would definitely look elsewhere.



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From: Simon Roberts