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The Best Methods To Make Money For New Year – Start 2015 With a Bang!

2015New Year has arrived, and we would like to conclude the best ways to generate the quickest income based on our member feedback of products that just work.

Why not start the New Year, 2015 using methods and services that have produced fantastic incomes for our members over the last 12 months, and ensure that you are using information that our members have confirmed to work.


What better way to start the year – in profit!

Here we conclude the best methods, and highlight the income potential for you, as well as outline our plans for the 2015 – Read here what has worked for our members over 12 months…

We have had a fantastic 12 months on our website, and so have the majority of our members. As you all know, as a website we research the vast majority of income generating products on the market, and then we test very many of the products, and only offer to our members the ones we have tested to work – Not only that, but the following methods of income generation have proven by far to be the most popular over the last 12 months.

We receive very many emails, and testimonial letters for the products we offer, and based on this, we would like to place you onto the fastest way to make money for the New Year.

These are the products we recommend, if you are wanting to make fast cash, and a sustainable income – based on what our members have told us over the last 12 months.

The Profit Maximiser – Very Easy Money

The Profit Maximiser is most definitely one of the easiest ways we have seen to make over £1,000+ very quickly, sometimes in a matter of a week or less, and many of our members agree. Mike Cruickshank who runs it, also runs a Facebook group which is inundated with members stating fantastic profits.

One member made over £20,000 with Profit Maximiser:




Amazing, as we feel sure you will agree, £20,000 just for following a few instructions? This is easy money, and as we stated earlier, this is one of the fastest ways to make such money we have ever come across. Here is another example:


Example 2


That works out at £150 per hour!!, and as we have tested Profit Maximiser, we know this is not unusual. All you have to do is follow the instructions, and you make money just by accepting special offers. Frighteningly easy. And then another member stating how he made £1250 in a single day:


Example 3

And again, these figures are not unusual, but when people are making over £1,000 per day you have to sit up and take notice, and we definitely recommend to check Profit Maximiser out. If you are reading this before Xmas, then this could very easily pay for your Xmas presents, or if you are reading this in the New Year, then what better way to start the year with some easy money in your pocket.

For More Details on Profit Maximiser, click the following button:






The £50 Per Day Method – Popular With Members

The £50 per Day method we have been promoting for well over 12 months now, and in this time it has become the most popular income generator we have offered, and the reason being, that it works. Unlike Profit Maximiser, this method works on a more long term basis.

Here’s a few example on what members have achieved, and their opinions on the method:


Example 4

This member was particularly helpful to other members, as well as very open with the profits he was making and made £2457 in a very short time using the method as instructed in the easy to follow manual. Here is another example:


example 5


This member made £168 in a few days using the method, and was obviously over the moon. There have been many comments on this method, which can be found here.

And here is a video we filmed today (December 3rd), making £75.96 in just 2 minutes using the method:



Some great discussions were created also on the method, as members began to realise the true potential of what was being offered, and the income potential that was being created. This is yet another product we recommend you take a look at.

For More Details on The £50 Per Day Method, click the following button:






Moving Forward for 2015, we have some exciting products that we have been testing over the last few months, and we have also had some beta testers (members) who responded to an email we sent out recently. The beta testers have been putting a few new income generators through their paces, after we had initially tested them with fantastic results.

More on these new products in the early part of 2015, but for now, the two products mentioned on this page should be more than enough to get you started of putting some extra money into your bank accounts, and remember, that the products have been tested, and recommended by our very own members.

Lastly, we would like to thank all our members, and wish you all a fantastic a very prosperous New Year.


From All The Team at MakeMoneyForum



From: Simon Roberts