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The Bet Detective Review – Betfan

The Bet Detective is a relatively new sports betting tipster service which is being offered by the Betfan group. It provides daily selections for a massive variety of sports from across the UK.

Introduction to The Bet Detective

I want to open today by talking about the concept of a betting portfolio, because that is exactly where I think something like The Bet Detective would be at its strongest. We might all have our preferences in terms of where we like to bet, but the fact of the matter is that eventually, you have to diversify if you want to make the most out of betting.

There are only so many different bets you can place on horse racing in a given day, before it simply starts to become impractical and unprofitable. So, you turn to sports that perhaps you don’t know about. But that can also become expensive. Especially if you’re paying for a football tipster, and a golf tipster, and a rugby tipster, and a cricket tipster, and so on.

Betfan’s offering of The Bet Detective looks at a variety of different sports and betting markets, and as such, it potentially opens the door for you to cast a wide net for just one price point per month. The question here though, is whether or not Betfan’s offering can actually be profitable in the long term, of if it’s been pushed to market off a relatively unproven run. Let’s see.

What Does The Bet Detective Offer?

In many respects, I think that you actually get quite a lot for your money with The Bet Detective. I will be up front and say here and now that there are a huge amount of problems with this service that I will be covering, but I will also be pointing out the positives where I can. And this is definitely one of them.

It is a daily tipster service, and, as you would expect from anything within the Betfan group, the logistics and management of the service are pretty much impeccable. Selections are issued on a daily basis and are sent out to subscribers before 10am each morning. This gives you plenty of time to get bets placed etc.

These selections are sent out directly via email, as well as being made available online in a member’s area of the Betfan website. There are also notifications sent out via their app which is available on both iOS and Android.

The quality of the emails is about what you would expect. This includes enough information to get bets placed, as well as a good idea of what kind of odds you should be looking for. Whether you will find you can easily match them will vary from user to user, but there aren’t any silly odds that you are going to find yourself a million miles from.

So, I have mentioned the fact that The Bet Detective looks at a variety of sports, and within those sports, there are a massive number of betting markets that are covered. As such, talking about the bets involved becomes an inherently lengthy process so please, bear with me here.

In terms of the sports covered, The Bet Detective looks at the main betting disciplines of horse racing, as well as football. There are also selections advised for both rugby league and union, golf, and tennis. There are also more niche betting markets covered in the shape of things like T20 cricket and darts.

Naturally, there are more betting markets involved in all of this than I could possibly dream of covering, but I will say that there is a massive amount of variety here. From longer term ante bets to simply backing a horse to win, to accumulators.

Betfan’s proofing shows that there is definitely something in The Bet Detective for everybody. With that said, I do think that looking at all of the bets there are some markets that perhaps novice bettors may not be familiar with. I don’t think that you will necessarily struggle as they are bets that most bookies will cover, but I do feel that this is something that should be pointed out.

Moving to the odds, as you would expect, there is a massive range here as well. The different betting markets, the different sports involved. The Bet Detective should be a varied affair, however the reality is that by and large, you are dealing with quite low odds.

This isn’t something that Betfan discuss anywhere, but it does have a huge impact on the end results, as I will explore.

One thing that is quite interesting to me is the volume of bets. Given the massive variety of tips that are advised, I was also expecting lots of different bets. Instead, most days with The Bet Detective will have just three or four selections advised. On days where there are more than this, it is often down to betting on multiple selections on ante bets.

Despite a lot of problems, there is one thing that I do like about The Bet Detective, and that is the fact that the service has a very simple staking plan. I have looked at a lot of Betfan products, and often times, there services results are based on hugely varied or very high staking plans. As such, the results you see are not necessarily reflective of what you can expect.

Now, technically speaking, Betfan do say that selections were advised with no staking advice, however their proofing is to level stakes and I believe that is probably the best way to bet if you are following The Bet Detective. There is of course the allusion that you could stake more, but honestly, there is a lot of risk involved with this service, as I will get to shortly. 

 Finally, I want to talk about the strike rate for The Bet Detective. Now, this is something that Betfan seem to have avoided discussing. I can certainly say that despite my best attempts, I have been unable to identify any specific numbers. Very intriguingly, it looks like the strike rate for the service would be relatively high, however those lower odds impact the end results.

How Does The Bet Detective Work?

When it comes to how The Bet Detective works, Betfan are rather disappointingly vague. There are little mentions of things that suggest that there is a wider purpose, but those who are looking for a decent idea of what you are getting yourself into are going to be left frustrated.

This is of particular note here as I feel like it isn’t unreasonable to know how a tipster is finding bets for so many sports.

What is said is that the “experienced sleuth” has access to “behind the scenes news and info” and that the bookies simply “can’t beat the investigative skills of a sly old sports betting detective”.

All of this may sound great if you’re of the “old school”. There is something of a romanticism about the way that The Bet Detective is portrayed. This doesn’t surprise me though as it is something that Betfan are masters of. They are great at creating a great sense of justice. Specifically, that idea of knowing something that bookies don’t, and using that to make your profit.

Unfortunately, though, what it realistically means for you as a punter is that with the exception of the (admittedly comprehensive) proofing, you are coming into The Bet Detective with little idea of what you are getting yourself into.

This is a huge problem for me as I believe that all punters should be able to make an informed decision, and you just can’t with what Betfan provide here.  

What is the Initial Investment?

As is so often the way with products from within the Betfan group, there are a large number of options if you want to sign up to The Bet Detective, ranging from a weekly one and extending all the way to a 6 monthly subscription.

The weekly option comes with the lowest outlay and will cost you £10 every 7 days. Alternatively, there is a monthly option which is priced at £30. Now, one thing that you should keep in mind about this monthly subscription is that Betfan actually bill you every 28 days which means paying this 13 times in a year.

Next there is a quarterly option which is priced at £84.50, and finally, representing the best value, despite the significantly initial costs, there is a 6 monthly option which is priced at £143.

It should be noted that all of these options have VAT on top of them (so you can add an additional 20% on if you are in the UK). You should also keep in mind that Betfan don’t really offer any form of money back guarantee on their services. They say that they will review all refund requests, however, these are not typically granted.

What is the Rate of Return?

The results are something that I really want to talk about with The Bet Detective, because, and I will be incredibly frank here. They are simply not good enough. Since January this year, the service has made a profit of just 31.63 points (at the time of writing). This is of course a hugely disappointing number.

The worst of it is that The Bet Detective was 100 points up in the first 3 months which to 1 point stakes is quite the result. Unfortunately, since then, 3 significant losing months have done a lot of damage that bottom line. And whilst there has been one other profitable month since March, this was just 3.38 points, a trifling amount given the scope of the losses.  

Conclusion for The Bet Detective

I came into The Bet Detective really quite excited by the prospect. The idea of having multiple sports under one tipster is a decent one and it is something that I have seen exercised very well elsewhere (and for significantly less money I can tell you). Unfortunately, a good idea in principle, if it fails to be profitable, is ultimately not something that is worth getting excited about.

Earlier, I highlighted that I was curious about how a tipster is able to find selections for so many different sports and the fact that Betfan don’t tell you any information on this. That is a very valid concern and it is only compounded by those less than stellar results.

Here’s the thing. I can see how a tipster can get a genuine edge over the bookies if they are, for example, specialising in a single sporting discipline. You can have more time to look at certain races, or have your own numbers that offer different insight.

Doing that over more than one sport though, that should require an omniscient knowledge, and that just doesn’t happen. And, as has been displayed here, that will ultimately end up affecting your bottom line. Even if there has been success in the past, which brings me nicely to my next point.

The truth of the matter is that whenever it comes to anything relating to Betfan. I am always keen to highlight their practice of issuing products off the back of a particularly good few months. Inherently, there isn’t anything wrong with this, but the reasons I recommend holding off are so incredibly apparent with The Bet Detective.

A good run of results can very quickly turn sour, and when it does, you can end up sinking a lot of money into a service in the hope that those initial results will reappear. Unfortunately, they don’t always.

So, given that The Bet Detective is expensive, not particularly profitable, has shown an incredible downturn in results, and is entirely unable to explain why you should have any faith in the long term results for the service… Well, I would hope that it is pretty apparent that I really wouldn’t recommend The Bet Detective at all.  


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