The Betting Boom King Review

The Betting Boom King is a new to market sports betting tipster service which is operated by an anonymous tipster (presumably the eponymous “The Betting Boom King”). Whilst it appears to be almost exclusively football betting, we are told that these won’t be the only bet types you receive.  

Introduction to The Betting Boom King

There are a number of different reasons that a tipster service can come to my attention. It can be a well known tipster stable launching something new, it can be a request from somebody, however a lot of the time it comes down to emails that I receive marketing a product. In the case of todays subject, I received a huge number of emails from (what I refer to as) the usual affiliate names.

These are all services with questionable backgrounds I have signed up for historically that now pump out affiliate links for other services. The Betting Boom King is one such product and when it is combined with the kind of claims that are made, it is rather difficult to ignore. Now, there are questions that I have about the integrity of the service, so with that in mind, let’s get straight into The Betting Boom King.  

What Does The Betting Boom King Offer?

When it comes to The Betting Boom King, there are a lot of different elements that I have to say are actually quite unique, which is interesting. Somewhat more interesting (at least to me) however is the way that the service, and more specifically, the bets, are talked up. We are told by the tipster behind The Betting Boom King that he is providing “a style of punting you’ve probably never tried”, qualifying this by saying that he just used to place back bets. From what I have seen so far, what you are betting on here is various goal markets, so… arguably the second most popular type of football bet. Not quite the “Betting Game Changer” that is referred to in the sales material.

Now, moving onto how The Betting Boom King is actually operated, this is where things start to become somewhat standout compared to the rest of the market. Unlike a lot of tipster services that issued selections via email, this is a Twitter based service. You gain access to the relevant Twitter account once you have signed up. This may well be down to the fact that there isn’t a massive amount of structure to The Betting Boom King. The tipster who operates the service actually says that “there are bets happening at random times of the day and night especially during busy football periods”.

We are also told that this is a particularly high volume service which supposedly means that there will be bets available from The Betting Boom King “at any time of the day/night”. To put this statement into some context, you can reasonably expect to see in excess of 5 bets per day, sometimes getting as high as 10 or 15 bets in a given day.

 These are spread out across a variety of different leagues and divisions. This variety does mean that in my opinion, The Betting Boom King will take some getting to grips with, if only to gain an understanding of who is playing where etc. (for example, UMF Víkingur Ólafsvík of the Inkasso-deild karla. Which is the Icelandic Second Division to you and me).  

Finally, I want to touch on the staking plan for The Betting Boom King as this is something that is quite important to how everything works. The tipster behind the service sys that what most punters get wrong when it comes to betting is not withdrawing their winnings frequently enough. As such, we are informed that The Betting Boom King is based around setting “targets” at which point you are able to withdraw your profit.

All of this means starting with small betting banks (you will note the plural), which you are supposed to grow and withdraw. As you withdraw more money, you have more betting banks to play with. I am somewhat cynical of this element of The Betting Boom King for reasons that I will cover.  

How Does The Betting Boom King Work?

There are two elements of how The Betting Boom King works. The first one is the staking plan. Honestly, this all seems somewhat misguided in my opinion. Fundamentally, what all of this involves is compounding stakes. Seemingly somewhat aggressively.

What isn’t ever discussed is how many of these betting banks you will actually need to get started. If I’m totally open minded, I can see some merit in the approach, but it definitely needs to be tempered and I just don’t see anything to suggest that this is the case for The Betting Boom King.

The other element that should be much more prominent in my opinion is how the tipster behind The Betting Boom King actually finds selections. Unfortunately, there isn’t really any insight into what this process entails.

We are simply told that the creator has “been into sports betting now for the good part of 15 years”, and that “as time has gone by, [he has] done years of research”. There is also mention made of markets and value, but that seems to be mostly to segue into the somewhat unconventional staking plan.  

What is the Initial Investment?

If you choose to buy into The Betting Boom King, there are two different options available. The first of these is 3 months of access which is priced at £45. Alternatively, you can sign up to The Betting Boom King for a full year at a cost of £77.

We are told that somehow, this amounts to getting 6 months free. It is worth noting that this is being sold through Clickbank which means that if you aren’t happy with the service, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place. To be fair to The Betting Boom King, this is well publicised.

What is the Rate of Return?

Before I talk numbers, I would like to quote directly from the sales material for The Betting Boom King. In response to the FAQ “Do you guarantee profits from the system?”, the tipster replies with the following. “Again I’ll be completely honest with you. I make a HUGE amount of profit using my method”, before going on to guarantee that you will make a lot more money than you lose. In terms of actual numbers, we are given 3 examples of making £148.66 in 12 hours, £288.11 in 9 hours and £595.54 in 12 hours.

Conclusion on The Betting Boom King

I always at least try to be open minded when it comes to a service but honestly, there isn’t a whole lot about The Betting Boom King that I find to be particularly enamouring. In fact, the biggest impression that I found to be left on me here is that a lot of the claims that are made appear to be almost targeting those who perhaps aren’t particularly knowledgeable about betting. From the implication that The Betting Boom King is something revolutionary and new to the staking plan which honestly, is one of the more concerning elements for me.

I have already touched on it, but I seriously question just how many times you will have to pay out these “small” betting banks before you actually get round to withdrawing. £20 per time might not sound like much, but on a service that involves betting as much as 15 times per day, there is potential right there to see £300 go down the drain.

The thing that concerns me is that this kind of staking plan works for the tipster behind The Betting Boom King in so much as he can always claim being close. A reasonable analogy is a slot machine that keeps giving you 2 Jackpot reels. You’re always “nearly winning”, but are you really? Just like you can win a few bets, only to lose it before hitting your target.

Building on this, there is not surprisingly any historical data for The Betting Boom King. In fact, is no real proofing or even basic evidence provided at all outside of a few screenshots for the claimed income. This suggests to me that they are very much cherry picked and unlikely to be feats that are realistically attainable. And that is really the final note that I have with The Betting Boom King.

There are a lot of claims that are made about what you can expect, how the tipster behind the service works, how little risk there is compared to the reward, but I don’t see any of it as being attainable. As a piece of marketing it is well done, but given that the vendor who is behind The Betting Boom King has released and re-released a number of different tipster services over the years, there is a suggestion that there is little longevity in their advice.

With all of this in mind, I just can’t bring myself to recommend The Betting Boom King. I don’t see a single element of the service here working in any capacity long term (or even short term if I’m honest, but there is always an element of luck in that shorter term thinking). As such, whilst it may appear to be inexpensive, I think you will only end up paying to lose money.

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From: Simon Roberts