The Betting Bros

The Betting Bros is a sports betting tipster service which is being operated by the eponymous “Betting Bros”. The pair claim to be able to provide substantial profits betting on a somewhat unique football betting market.  

Introduction to The Betting Bros

If I were looking to make money from betting on football, I don’t think that my first instinct would be to turn to our American cousins. I mean, they can’t even get the name of the sport right for Pete’s sake. But, what about if one of said Americans was claiming that they can make a profit of 100-300 points in 30 days?

With this in mind, I am quite keen to take a look at The Betting Bros. A tipster service that is claiming exactly those kinds of results. But, with that said, I will also say that this is a very complex beast. In fact, I would probably go as far as to say that when you factor in everything the service entails, it is a tipster service that works you hard, as much as works for you.

None the less, it is a very interesting affair and there is definitely some decent potential here. If you can get close to those claimed results, then you’re laughing. And if you have to work hard for it, is that really a problem? But, and this is a pretty big but, I am not really certain that The Betting Bros will get most people close to said results.

What Does The Betting Bros Offer?

There is no getting around the fact that The Betting Bros is a pretty unique beast. As such, a lot of this review will be taken up talking about how things work and what is different. If you are looking for a simple summary, you are probably best skipping to the end now (something that I don’t say often).

So, what do you get exactly? The short answer to this is effectively two different services, each based on their own systems. Although, they do also link up in a lot of respects. This is going to get messy…

First of all, there is the “pre match” version of The Betting Bros. Although, this name is actually a little bit misleading as you are effectively betting in play with all elements of both services. But I’ll come back to all of that.

Trying to keep on topic here, the pre match The Betting Bros service provides subscribers with selections the day before a game. These are sent out via the Telegram messenger app (which is available for free) and come as a list of games that have met the strict criteria that is employed. You would then use this list to identify which games you are in a position to bet on.

Now, there are a lot of these. Covering numerous different leagues (both well known and incredibly obscure) across the world, you can expect to receive as many as 100 bets on some of the busier days. It bears repeating that you aren’t looking to bet on all 100 of these games, rather use it a as a guide for which games you are free to bet on.

As well as these pre match bets, The Betting Bros also utilises specific in play bets as well. These are also sent out via the Telegram messenger app, however they are to be acted on immediately. This realistically means that to get the most out of this element, you should be ready to bet whenever. Something that won’t suit everybody, it goes without saying.

Now, both the in play bets and the pre match bets are fundamentally very similar. They both involve betting on the number of corners in a game. The main differences surround when the bets will be placed.

I won’t be going into full detail on what the betting entails. Frankly, it is a lengthy and somewhat complex affair, however I will try and give you a bit of a summary so you can at least understand what kind of effort goes into it.

With both elements of The Betting Bros, you have to wait for the odds for your chosen game to first of all reach at least 1.8. In terms of the pre match betting, you are checking the number of corners in said game at 80 minutes and then waiting for the price on the Asian line for another corner to hit that 1.8 minute mark. If a corner occurs, your bet is a winner and you don’t act further.

If there isn’t a corner after this, you wait for the split line to reach 1.8 for one or more corner. You then bet on this as well. This means that if there is a corner after the split line bet before full time, you win the split line and get your Asian line bet refunded. If there are two more corners, both bets win. If there isn’t a corner, then you are loser.

The in play advice is similar however this is typically placed in the first half of the game and is based off the immediate advice from The Betting Bros. Honestly, all of this sounds incredibly complicated but when you have everything in front of you, it is simpler than it sounds.

Now we come to the stakes. Each bet is advised to be backed by 2.5% of your betting bank. What this means realistically is that you may be staking as much as 5% on a given bet. Now, given the high volume, this doesn’t sound viable (anyone care to explain how you bet 500% of your betting bank?), but generally, you will only be betting on a small number of these.

How Does The Betting Bros Work?

When it comes to how The Betting Bros works, we are told a decent amount and rather refreshingly, it qualifies as enough (at least in my opinion) to make a relatively informed decision. Not least of which is because, when combined with the betting approach, it becomes apparent that there is a reasonable methodology.

The first thing that the eponymous Betting Bros tell us is that they believe that most tipsters are all “looking in the same direction”. By which they mean, they are all looking at the same types of stats. That makes a certain amount of sense when you look at the markets that most football tipsters bet on.

We are then told that The Betting Bros is based on a number of stats that are “not the typical “stats” that you would find on common pre match statistical websites”. Supposedly, the pair have analysed over 100,000 previous matches and noted that there are different categories that are more important than others, especially when applied to their “unique corners criteria”.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to The Betting Bros, there is an initial trial period of sorts in which you can receive 5 tips for free. Once this has elapsed, then the costs actually become quite substantive. Both the Pre-Match and the In Game elements of the service are priced at £60 each. This means that if you were to go all in, you would be paying an eye watering £120 per month.

It is worth keeping in mind that there is no mention of any money back guarantee for The Betting Bros. Given this lack of mention, and the fact that the service is being sold directly through Paypal (who offer no real refund policy on information products such as this), I would take this to mean that there is no such option in place.  

What is the Rate of Return?

Now, at the start of this, I was talking about making profits of between 100 and 300 points in 30 days. This is the number that is wheeled out often for The Betting Bros and, I suppose that technically, this is a very achievable number if you take everything that the service includes, and you are betting on all of the bets.

Of course, this isn’t something that is going to be viable at all. Perhaps, if you were a particularly tech savvy person, you could set up some kind of bot to trade automatically. But given all the variables, this would be a complex endeavour.

The fact of the matter is that if you are following The Betting Bros, then you are only going to be able to bet on at most 50%, if we’re being realistic. But even that means theoretically sitting there for 12 hours of the day, monitoring multiple matches and odds. For most people, you will have to quite substantially revise your profit potential downward.

Conclusion for The Betting Bros

I’ve actually spent some time thinking about how to end this article. Because let’s be frank here, The Betting Bros is pretty impressive looking. Especially because, if I’m completely honest here, I don’t doubt that there is potential to make some 300 points per month. Which is a bloody huge amount of money.

But you won’t actually be getting close to that though, will you? And that is where we come to what is really the bulk of weighing up The Betting Bros. Because the fact of the matter is that identifying whether or not something like this will work for you is a pretty personal choice.

Here are the key things that you need to consider though. First things first, there is the time investment. Whilst The Betting Bros is technically a tipster service, it is an incredibly hands on example. You have to be paying attention to the number of corners, whilst also monitoring a betting exchange for odds, on a large number of games at a time.

That is a pretty big ask and it will only really suit those who have a lot of free time, and for a lot of people reading this, that won’t be them. The fact of the matter is that in my experience, there are two types of things that people are looking for from a betting service.

The first camp are looking for a second income. They want to make a little bit extra every month without working too hard. For these kinds of people, a tipster service can be a decent option, only requiring a few minutes each day.

Alternatively, people are looking for a way of making money that they can use whenever they have free time. This kind of bettor will usually do much better utilising a proven betting system than relying on a tipster to send out bets (this approach is also my personal preference with some very good options on the market).

The Betting Bros is neither of these things. As such, it is rather difficult for me to really see who would benefit more from this than either of the aforementioned options. On top of that, I would also say that ultimately, this is very expensive.

I know of betting systems that will cost you less than this does for a month. They will provide you with solid returns as well. Sure, it might not be 300 points per month, but you aren’t realistically going to get this from The Betting Bros either. So, it isn’t even like there is value for money to be had here.

The bottom line for me is this. What the Betting Bros have created here is a very impressive exercise in highlighting the substantial income potential of betting. What I don’t think that they have done is created a viable betting system that can actually deliver on the potential for a lot of users.

I don’t see The Betting Bros as being a bad product. In fact, I will admit that I am quite impressed. But that doesn’t mean that I’d recommend it. For some people, this will be everything that they have ever dreamed of.  And honestly, all the best to those people. I hope that they make a lot of money with the service.

For most of my readers though, I think that The Betting Bros is ultimately a niche product that doesn’t fit in with what they realistically want. That is why despite the large number of positives, I can’t really bring myself to recommend the service.  


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