The Betting Club Review Matt Benson

The Betting Club is a tipster service operated by Matt Benson and supposedly backed up by an entire team of tipsters. Selections provide coverage for a huge number of different sports.

Introduction to The Betting Club

One of the things that I often find myself talking to people about when they ask how they can seriously start to make money through betting is the importance of having a portfolio. Betting is by no means a guaranteed way to make money (with just one or two very rare exceptions) with almost all services enjoying ups and downs.

In terms of tipsters, this means that if you only follow one tipster, if it loses money, then so do you. A portfolio of tipsters can help mitigate this.

Enter The Betting Club, a tipster service that, for all intents and purposes, may as well be a complete portfolio that you pay for once. Matt Benson claims that he works with a large number of different tipsters across a massive variety of sporting disciplines.

the-betting-club-reviewThis makes The Betting Club a very interesting proposition as one of the biggest struggles with portfolios is cost. Given that this supposedly packages everything up into one thing, it may well be a phenomenal service for those looking to get to the next level of betting.  

What Does The Betting Club Offer?

The Betting Club is a daily tipster service unlike any other that I think I’ve ever looked at. This isn’t down to any particular logistical factor though. Here, in fact, I would say that Matt Benson does very little to deviate from the norm.

What I mean by this is that The Betting Club subscribers can expect to receive selections on a daily basis. These are sent out directly via email with Matt Benson adding that you will usually receive bets before 11pm. On days where there are no bets, you will receive notification of this.

Now moving on to the bets themselves, The Betting Club becomes a whole different kettle of fish. Because the service is effectively made up of a number of different tipsters, this impacts almost all elements of betting. There are a massive variety of sports that are tipped through The Betting Club with Matt Benson citing multiple horse racing and football tipsters as well as some more niche sports.

Naturally, this quantity of tipsters has an impact on the volume of bets in particular. On most days you can supposedly expect between 10 and 20 bets. Over the weekends, you may receive as many as 50, however Matt Benson says that you should choose which bets you want to back.

 All of the bets that are advised through The Betting Club are supposed to be staked to 1 point per bet. This is definitely a good thing as there is no getting around the fact that following Matt Benson’s advice will be an expensive undertaking.

I can accept to some degree the idea that you aren’t supposed to back every bet, however it goes without saying that if you want to experience full profit from The Betting Club, then you simply will have to back all bets.

Finally, I want to talk about the strike rate. Now there are two different ways that I can break this down as I see it. The first is to look at all the different services and how they have performed. Alternatively, Matt Benson says that around 1 in 3 bets wins. This is about in line with the actual average (some 29.something percent).

Realistically though, I am somewhat sceptical about these results and the range runs from 18.6% to 48.6%.

How Does The Betting Club Work?

As I have already touched upon, The Betting Club is supposedly made up of a very large number of tipsters. I believe that the clear idea that you are supposed to get is that each tipster has their own unique way of working. 

By bringing together some of these tipsters, I can further surmise that you are supposed to believe that there is something about the service. The problem with Matt Benson trying to sell The Betting Club in this fashion lies mostly in the fact that there just isn’t really anything that suggests that these are real people.

Building on this, even if one were inclined to give The Betting Club the benefit of the doubt and believe that there are in fact 10 tipsters providing bets, there is no information on what their selection process entails. In fact, there is very little information provided about anything to do with the betting side of The Betting Club. Matt Benson instead seems to be particularly content to make vague and keener to spin a narrative that

What is the Initial Investment?

Matt Benson has just one option if you want to sign up to The Betting Club. This is a monthly subscription which is charged at £19.95 plus VAT (making an effective cost of £24).

It is worth noting that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place for The Betting Club, a fact that the sales material does actually mention. Matt Benson is selling the service through Clickbank so you know that this is something that is fully backed up.  

What is the Rate of Return?

Across all of the different tipsters that The Betting Club is involved with, it is claimed that the average monthly income comes in at an eye popping £3,500 per month. In and of itself, that sounds like a pretty ridiculous claim.

When you factor in that this is based off £10 stakes, it becomes even more so in my opinion. What this effectively means is that Matt Benson is claiming that The Betting Club is capable of producing 350 points per month. On an annual basis, that means that The Betting Club would be producing 4,200 points of profit per year.

Conclusion on The Betting Club

I have looked at a large number of tipster services in my time. None of them have ever really claimed to produce a profit that is in excess of 4,000 points per year. That is one hell of a claim to make and to drag out a favourite quote from Astronomer Carl Sagan, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Unfortunately, there is absolutely no evidence provided at all and this is undeniably a problem. It also leads me to believe that The Betting Club probably isn’t an entirely genuine tipster service.

This is only one element of it all though. Even if you decide to put this most obvious of faults to one side, there are still (very unreasonable) questions that I have. For example, let’s just pretend that The Betting Club really does work exactly as Matt Benson claims and the service is actually based off a large number of different tipsters.

What happens if one of them drops out? Or in fact, all of them? I see little reason why any of the tipsters who have been as successful as The Betting Club claims they have would be working for a tiny share of £20 per month.

Of course, that point neatly highlights yet another reason that I don’t believe that this is a genuine tipster service.

In fact, I feel like the whole structure exists predominantly to allow for an individual to make more mistakes. With so many different “tipsters” providing their advice, if you get something wrong, there are plenty of other chances to get some right. As such, you can arguably justify that any losing periods are down to simply picking the wrong bets.

Now I have to point out here that I am absolutely not saying that this is definitely the case for The Betting Club. Matt Benson could well be entirely above board and everything that he says is genuine. Now, there is no evidence provided to the contrary, and that is ultimately what my decision is being based on.

The truth of the matter is that there is a lot about The Betting Club that I just don’t like.

There are a number of reasons for this with the main ones outlined. Now, I could be wrong, and I would love nothing more than to be proven wrong. It would certainly make The Betting Club one of the most exciting services on the market. Unfortunately, I have to operate based off what is in front of me and that is not a tipster service that is likely to be the next big thing.  


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Hi good evening i have test drive many TIPPING services in a short period of time an what I have experienced is that TIPSTERS starts off good for the first couple days/week or two an then they advertised a other product again an this product that you have bought into is going done really don’t understand how these TIPSTERS work.In closing I would still like to see a tipster that’s really committed in what he/she are doing an what he advertise is for real.

this vendor simply does not give you a refund, although you buy any of the tipping packages he sells through clickbank…

if you ask for a refund, he goes right into one, saying you havent given it enough time, even though at the time you are 9 points down after a week and a half, with 3 tips per day given out, except it appears on sundays…

so to merely question anybody who is not happy and should expect a decent customer service, then this isnt the service for you…

all the tipsters used are obviously made up people, and if you sign up to one, then the spam emails relating to his other fictitious tipsters start arriving…


Agree with you 100% vendor not refunding or replying to emails.

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