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The Betting Machine Review

The Betting Machine is a piece of software by Benjamin Street that provides a complete tipster, staking and betting plan.

What does the product offer?

The Betting Machine is something of a unique experience. It is a piece of downloadable software that carries out a number of functions. It is the method of receiving tips (i.e. they are delivered directly to the software) as well as working out the stakes to be placed. It is worth noting that you can’t input your own betting strategies into The Betting Machine, you can only use selections that Benjamin Street sends you.

How does the product work?

The software for The Betting Machine is relatively straight forward which leaves the tipster aspect of the product as the bit to scrutinise. Benjamin Street says that The Betting Machine is based on a new “strategic approach” although it would be presumptuous to assume that this applies to the selection process. Ultimately this isn’t discussed which is problematic for me.

What is the initial investment?

Benjamin Street has made The Betting Machine available for a 5 day free trial then charges £19.99 per month after this. There is no mention of a money back guarantee so I wouldn’t be reliant on this being in place.

What is the rate of return?

Worryingly there aren’t any results available for The Betting Machine. Nor is there any claim of profitability in the sales material.


The Betting Machine is a definitely something of an odd prospect. I understand the set up but realistically it seems like the set up is designed to benefit Benjamin Smith rather than his subscribers which sets alarm bells ringing. There is also the fact that the tipster service is very much glanced over. This bothers me as really this is what you sign up for, the software is secondary. When combined with a very distinct lack of evidence The Betting Machine is a product that personally, I can’t bring myself to put my faith in.



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From: Simon Roberts