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The Bookie Smasher is a new sports betting tipster service which comes from the well known Betting Gods platform. Selections come courtesy of Rafaelle who bets on a wide variety of sporting events.

Introduction to The Bookie Smasher

It’s a funny old thing this betting game. You can really feel like you know what works in terms of making money, only to have something new blow that idea wide open. And if you are open minded, you can look at these opportunities as a teachable moment and really improve on what you can achieve as a bettor.

All of this is particularly applicable with todays subject The Bookie Smasher, because honestly, the whole service does a lot of things that I don’t usually like in a tipster. And yet… I am quite comfortable saying here and now that following a quick glance over the numbers, I am quite impressed.

Don’t get me wrong. Whilst there are definitely some very impressive elements to The Bookie Smasher, there are also a number of additional things that you will need to consider. This won’t be for everybody. None the less, with Betting Gods’s pedigree, it represents an interesting option that isn’t like a lot of things currently on the market. So let’s dive in and see if this will be for you or not.  

What Does The Bookie Smasher Offer?

Honestly, I genuinely believe that there is a hell of a lot to The Bookie Smasher. I’ve said that before now, but what Rafaelle is doing here is very impressive. It isn’t necessarily that he is doing anything new or particularly different. There are services that have existed like this before, however what I don’t think I’ve ever really seen is the same level of execution.

I want to start by talking about the management element of The Bookie Smasher. I am a long standing fan of what Betting Gods have done, and how they manage their services. They are professional and they have this down to an art form. And not surprisingly, the exact same thing applies here.

Rafaelle provides his selections on a near daily basis. This isn’t anything new, however when I usually make this statement, it means that there is the very occasional off day. In the case of The Bookie Smasher however, this is arguably a much more poignant statement. For context, November alone featured a full 7 days where bets were not advised to subscribers.

When selections are available, they are made available in a number of different ways. As you would expect, Betting Gods issue to subscribers directly via email. They are also made available in an The Bookie Smasher member’s area. Finally, you can opt to receive the selections directly through the Betting Gods app (which is available on both iOS and Android).

 Selections are typically made available between 10am and 12pm. Now, this is arguably the first potential flaw here. For a lot of people, they are working between these hours and as such, they may not be positioned to place bets. Fortunately, the odds that Rafaelle advises through The Bookie Smasher will be available through 2 bookmakers, so as long as you act reasonably quickly, you should still be OK.

In terms of the bets, there are a lot of different sports covered. This ranges from popular options like football and tennis, to hockey and even volleyball. And not at all surprisingly, this comes with a huge range of different betting markets. As such, The Bookie Smasher is definitely one of the more varied tipsters I have ever looked at.

Whilst on the topic of the bets themselves, one thing that should be considered is the fact that you are mostly dealing with lower odds. A look through Betting Gods’s proofing for The Bookie Smasher shows that a substantial majority of selections ultimately come in at less than evens. And even then available odds are higher than this, they are still relatively low.

As you would expect, these kinds of odds do at least win more often than a service that is based around backing longer shots. And with a strike rate of 61.14% since May, I think that this is well reflected. Especially when you consider that this number is all based of Betting Gods’s own proofing for The Bookie Smasher. There are no ridiculous claims here.

Now, another thing that makes that strike rate quite impressive to me as well is the fact that The Bookie Smasher is a pretty high volume service. Since proofing began, there have been an average of 151 bets per month. Even if The Bookie Smasher were daily, that would mean some 5 selections per day. But when you consider the fact that it isn’t, that can mean you are placing a lot of bets on a given day.

Naturally, that does require a manageable staking plan. And this is an area that Betting Gods and Rafaelle deliver on. All bets are advised to be backed to level stakes of just 1 point per bet. This means that even on the busier days where you may see as many as 13 bets, you aren’t ever stretching yourself too much (even if that is still a lot to stake).

Offering some buffer is the fact that The Bookie Smasher does recommend utilising a 100 point betting bank. Which, when combined with that particularly high strike rate, does at least mean that there isn’t ever too much in the way of risk to your betting bank in the longer term.

How Does The Bookie Smasher Work?

Now, one of the things that is always slightly frustrating when it comes to products from Betting Gods is that there isn’t really any information provided about what the selection process entails. For my money, this is a little bit of a problem. Especially with something like The Bookie Smasher that involves betting on so many different sports.

Here’s the thing.. But I struggle to understand how somebody who is betting on as many sports as Rafaelle If somebody exclusively focuses on something like horse racing in a certain class, or a specific football league, it is easier to see how they can get an edge over the bookies is such a consistent “Bookie Smasher”.

Sure, there is definitely mitigation in so much as Betting Gods provide very comprehensive proofing for the service. And given that this goes all the way back to May of this year, I think that it is quite reasonable to say that it paints a pretty good picture of what you can expect, especially given the consistency of the results.

With that said, the fact of the matter is that I am a firm believer that if you are going to pay for a service, then you should at least know what you  are getting yourself into. In the case of The Bookie Smasher, I don’t really believe that you can get that insight. As such, I personally count this a little bit against the service, however it isn’t a deal breaker for me.  

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up for The Bookie Smasher, then Betting Gods have two options that are available. The first of these is a monthly subscription. This is priced at £29 per month (plus VAT). Alternatively, you can sign up for the full year. This has a much higher initial outlay with a one time cost of £279 (again, plus VAT), however it works out at just £23.25 per month.

It is worth noting that whichever option you decide to go for, your first week will cost you just £1. Furthermore, there is a full 30 day moneyback guarantee in place for The Bookie Smasher as well. This is backed up by Clickbank who Betting Gods use to process the payment.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since Betting Gods started proofing for The Bookie Smasher way back in mid May, the service has gone on to a profit of 132.62 points. Now at first, you may be inclined to think that perhaps these results are perhaps a touch lacking. Especially in a world where you have other tipster services claiming to have made 900 points plus in just a few months. In fact, truth be told, I will say here and now that I’ve seen more profitable services.

However, there are a few points that I feel you should consider if you are looking at these results. First of all, I want to talk about consistency. There has been just one month whereby The Bookie Smasher hasn’t made enough money to cover your subscription fees (to £10 stakes). This was September where there was a modest loss of 2.66 points.  

This means that you have 7 months out of 8 making a decent enough profit. This is something that is reflected in bank growth of 134.67%, as well as an average ROI of 11.27%. Again, I will concede that this number isn’t the highest on the market, but when you consider the volume of bets, I think it is a pretty decent result really.

Conclusion for The Bookie Smasher

There is pretty much only one reason that The Bookie Smasher has stood tout to me if I’m entirely honest. However, it is an element of betting that I feel is so often overlooked, at least, in my opinion, despite being arguably the most important thing. And this most redeeming of features when it comes to The Bookie Smasher is simply consistency.

Now, don’t et me wrong, there are a few things here that aren’t necessarily great, and I will get to these. But it would be naïve to look at a service hat has had just one minor losing month since May and not want to celebrate this. And I don’t just talk about consistency in the sense of those winning months. The strike rate of some 61% is also consistent over this time.

All of this is really exciting to me, suggesting a service that has some genuine potential to it. And to a degree, I think that this is the case. However, it would also be naïve of me to overlook some of the potential flaws here on the ground that there is profit to be made.

First things first, I want to talk about the high volume of bets involved with The Bookie Smasher. As I’m writing this conclusion up, yesterday saw 14 bets. An event that isn’t uncommon. This does of course mean that your betting bank can sometimes feel a little stretched. Especially if you have a high volume day where things just don’t go to plan. But all of this is ultimately theoretical.

Another element that you really need to keep in mind is those low odds. When you are winning often (as Rafaelle is at the moment), then they don’t really matter. You get to simply slowly build up your profits over time. However, you can potentially take 2 bets coming in to recover a losing one. Again, something that will stretch your betting bank quite a lot.

So, what do I ultimately think of The Bookie Smasher? My big thing here is the quantity of bets. That high volume is something that I don’t think will resonate with a lot of people. With that said, the Betting Gods team show some incredibly strong and consistent results over the course of the year.

This creates a situation whereby if you are able to place 15 bets late in the morning, then the profits are well worth pursuing. However, any recommendation of consideration for The Bookie Smasher is very much dependent on having this time. Otherwise, I think you will only really struggle to keep on top of everything.


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