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The Bookies Enemy is a tipster service which is offered under the Betting Gods tipster stable. It is operated by a tipster referred to simply as Gary, and has so far provided some very strong profits.

What does the product offer?

The Bookies Enemy is probably one of the more exciting products that I have looked at from within the Betting Gods stable of tipsters and that is far from a bad thing. I would even go as far as to say that it is one of the more exciting horse racing services I have seen recently. Despite the many reasons that Gary and the Betting Gods team have for over promoting their services, there remains the usual tasteful approach to marketing with a focus on statistics and numbers.

There is good reason for this excitement with a glance over everything showing a tipster service which may well prove to be a fantastic long term betting investment. This is important to consider as far too many tipsters struggle when their luck turns and a service has a losing streak.

So what are you actually getting into with The Bookies Enemy? On the surface of things, this is a very typical tipster service. Gary sends out his selections on a daily basis however there aren’t a lot of them. This works in his favour in my opinion. Far too many services are concerned with throwing out large numbers of bets per day to boost profits and winning streaks. I should also point out the selections are also uploaded to a member’s area on the Betting Gods website as well as being made available to the Betting Gods app.

The bets themselves are a straightforward enough affair and are simply made up of win and each way bets. What is really stand out about The Bookies Enemy however is that Gary takes the time to explain the reason why he has made his selections. This is something that I always like to see from a tipster as it allows subscribers to make their own decisions about which bets to back. More importantly though it fosters understanding and can help you with developing your understanding of betting.

The staking plan that is in place for The Bookies Enemy is a low one with the majority of bets requiring just one point per bet although the odd one does stake two points. This is a very good thing as the odds that you are backing are on the long side. This means that there are quite a large number of losses as is evidenced by the strike rate. This is on the low side with The Bookies Enemy having achieved an average strike rate of 20.48%.

How does the product work?

Usually the Betting Gods team don’t have too much to say about how their services work but in the case of The Bookies Enemy there is plenty of information. As well as the fact that Gary quite literally tells you why he has selected a given horse, we are also given some much broader insight. The Bookies Enemy is ultimately built around hard work and research. Gary supposedly has an extensive knowledge of horse racing to draw upon and also users form studying in order to find his selections. This isn’t a lot of information, however I feel that it is enough to make an informed decision.

What is the initial investment?

The Betting Gods team offer 3 different subscription packages for The Bookies Enemy. These are a monthly option at a cost of £30 per month, a quarterly option at a cost of £60 and finally, an annual subscription at a cost of £180 per year. All of these options do however offer you your first 10 days for just £1. On top of this, there is a full 30 day money back guarantee, regardless of which subscription or The Bookies Enemy you choose.

What is the rate of return?

Since it went live in July 2017, The Bookies Enemy has generated a profit of £2,301.80. This is based of £10 per point stake which means that the profit is actually 230.18 points. It also represents an average monthly profit of £460.36 or 46 points. Whilst these figures are impressive, what really stands out is the ROI which is currently 72.61%, a massive number given the low strike rate.

Conclusion on The Bookies Enemy

What stands out about The Bookies Enemy is exactly what should stand out about a tipster service and that is the profits. Based off the results to date, you are looking at profits in excess of £5,500 to just £10 stakes. All of this is in spite of the strike rate of 20.47%. This is in part down to some massive wins of 10/1 through to 16/1. This isn’t just a one of either with wins o this magnitude happening quite frequently.

Naturally all of this does present a bit of a problem. There are some rather substantial losing streaks that occur. These aren’t difficult to see either. It is clear to me that The Bookies Enemy isn’t going to be for everybody. This kind of value based approach never is. Ultimately, you have to be prepared to look at The Bookies Enemy with a long term perspective. Without this, you are likely going to end up frustrated at the losses.

Ultimately, a profit is a profit and what really highlights that the profits are decent is the ROI. This only really leaves a question of whether or not The Bookies Enemy represents value for money. For me, this is a resounding yes, so long as you can tolerate the approach that Gary takes. If I am completely honest it has been some time since I have seen a service produce results as strong as The Bookies Enemy that doesn’t charge an extortionate monthly fee.

With all of this in mind, I think that The Bookies Enemy is well worth a look. The fact that you can trial the service for just £1 goes a long way as well as having a 30 day money back guarantee. You simply have to be prepared to wait for the wins to happen.



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