The Boom Business Review Bet Kudos

The Boom Business is a new product from the Bet Kudos arm of Betfan that claims to be able to offer its subscribers an affordable horse racing tipster service.

What does the product offer?

It has been a while since Betfan have put out anything that I would say is really new and interesting, but The Boom Business is definitely it. It is a brand tipster service that provides straight forward instructions that have a real profit potential.

The Boom Business takes tipping back to basics with just 2 bets per day, both of which are either win or each way bets, and both of which are advised to be backed to 1 point level stakes.

Selections are sent out via email before 11am, every day of the week which means 14 bets per day. Unfortunately, there is no proofing for The Boom Business which means no strike rate or ability to calculate this.

How does the product work?

Bet Kudos have allegedly taken the reigns with The Boom Business and have created the entire service based around their own betting system.

Referred to as DDS or Dynamic Duo System, Bet Kudos say that it is able to identify 2 potentially winning horses each day.

Whilst the talk surrounding the Dynamic Duo System makes it sound impressive with claims of “no human emotion involved” and that some pro punters will be “betting and paying big money for the same tips”, there is nothing that actually explains how the selections are made. Fortunately, this does make The Boom Business entirely automated which has a huge benefit which I will look at below.

What is the initial investment?

By far and away the most impressive aspect of The Boom Business is the price with Bet Kudos selling access to the service for just £10 per month which is a remarkably low price, doubly so when you consider that this is a Betfan product.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t come with any money back guarantee as such however this is typical for a tipster service.

What is the rate of return?

As mentioned there isn’t any proofing for The Boom Business which is a disappointment as consistent proofing is one of the highlights of Betfan products.

There are also no claims in terms of income either. Personally I would keep my expectations relatively low in this regard.


By far and away the worst thing about The Boom Business is the lack of information surrounding the system.

For example, the fact that Bet Kudos provide no details for the selection process isn’t looked at is pretty atypical of Betfan products however there is usually plenty of proofing. With the lack of proofing available this leaves the risk vs reward balance in the hands of the costs. In the case of The Boom Business, at £10 per month I think that it is worth a punt.

Whilst there is a perhaps larger degree of risk, it is worth keeping in mind that Betfan have spent over 6 years cultivating their reputation and I can’t see them putting out anything that would damage this.



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From: Simon Roberts