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The Champagne Kid is the newest product to be launched by the Betfan group with selections coming courtesy of a tipster named Ian. The initial results have shown strong potential.

What does The Champagne Kid offer?

“Every Punter Has Champagne Dreams”, say Betfan. “But This Kid Is Living Them”. And of course by tapping into their latest tipster service, The Champagne Kid, you too can become a part of this group. It is standard fare for Betfan and whilst the group have updated their look and apparently streamlined the business model, I am secretly quite pleased that their marketing remains as loud and brash as ever.

Of course all of this has little to do with The Champagne Kid as a service, and I will get to this shortly, but I do feel that it is only right to set the scene on this as actually, there appears to be a very strong underpinning to the service.

So, what exactly are you signing yourself up for? It is a near daily horse racing tipster service which logistically, is what you would expect from anything within the Betfan group. Selections are issued directly via email as well as being uploaded to a special member’s area of the Betfan website.

The quality here is of a high standard, again, as you would expect, and there is enough information to know exactly what you are doing.

What is The Champagne Kid?

Ian as a tipster appears to favour longer odds and this is evidenced by a quick glance through the proofing. Opening up a day at random, the lowest odds are 3.0 and these go as high as 11.0 and 12.0. These are based off BOG however the advised odds are also decent and appear to generally be available.

champagne-kid-reviewThe odds may be long, but the bets themselves are very straight forward with the vast majority being win bets. There are however the occasional smaller accumulators in place including some of the more exotic examples.

Longer odds can be a nightmare to deal with without the right staking plan and fortunately, there is one that is in place for The Champagne Kid. Ian does not go too much into the rationale, but all bets are advised at between 1 point and 5 points per bet.

Unlike some products that I have looked at from the Betfan group, The Champagne Kid does genuinely seem to employ the full range of 1-5 points as well which is a welcome thing.

Finally there is the strike rate. As you would expect given the longer odds, The Champagne Kid does not have a tendency to win too often. What I was not prepared for however is an average strike rate of just 14.69 since the service started proofing to Betfan. This is a very low number and several of the months have had results that reflect this.

How does The Champagne Kid work?

If there is one thing that Betfan does like to talk about, it is how his selections are made. This is a direct and very welcome contrast to a lot of tipsters who refuse to provide any information whatsoever. Ian says that his specialist area is race profiling on flat racing.

This involves using a “mixture of  trends, systems, trainer methodology, sire / damsire stats for their progeny, statistical analyses of factors likely to lead to winner-finding”. He also talks about looking at a massive variety of different areas that he draws inspiration and data from.

This is all very important as it highlights to me that Ian takes his horse racing seriously, however more importantly, it underlines that he understands what needs to be done. This means that when The Champagne Kid is claimed to provide long term results, I am much more inclined to buy into this than simply being told that there is a “system” in place.

What is the initial investment?

There are three options for those who are keen to subscribe to The Champagne Kid, each with wildly differing concepts of value. Your monthly subscription (which is actually 28 days and means paying the cost 13 times per year) stands at £55. Betfan have priced the quarterly option at £125 representing slightly better value.

The option that I would take if  I were going to follow The Champagne Kid however is the 6 monthly subscription. This costs £135 for 6 months meaning that it is effectively more than half the price of the monthly subscription.

As is the case with all Betfan services, there is unfortunately no money back guarantee in place. The team say that they will review all refund requests which are put in, but these are not typically granted.

What is the rate of return?

There is a headlining income claim for The Champagne Kid which comes directly from Betfan and they say that the service has turned £5,000 into £20,000. I can’t help feel that this has more to do with marketing than anything that is necessarily achievable though. champagne-kid-profits

What can be said however is that since proofing for The Champagne Kid began with Betfan, The Champagne Kid has gone on to make a points profit of 377.06 points. This is a very strong figure over a 6 month period as far as I am concerned. Equally as strong is the ROI which sits at 18.2%.

Conclusion on The Champagne Kid?

Betfan products have a knack of a strong initial performance and the floundering before being quietly removed from the list of available services. As such, when something new comes along, I am always a little bit wary about it as a long term thing.

The Champagne Kid however, I feel slightly more confident about. There have already been some losing months, although these have been minimal and dealt with swiftly. This is a definite positive. The profits are strong, but they are not reliant on a staking plan which massively dilutes the results either. Finally, I have to say that Ian has instilled a lot of confidence in me.

There is actually an extensive interview with the tipster on the main sales page for The Champagne Kid and I strongly suggest reading it.

It is one of the more assured things I have seen from a tipster for some time, and a bit part of this is a whole section where he talks about losing a private competition with some friends. Any tipster who is aware that they can lose, and is willing to broadcast the fact that they will lose, is generally well suited to guiding a service in the longer term.

If there is one area where I do have questions about The Champagne Kid, it is the price. Betfan asking £55 per month seems very steep to me and honestly, there is almost no difference when you upgrade quarterly.

This puts any potential subscriber in the rather difficult position of paying out a large initial sum for the best value or more over a longer time period to see how things go. For my money, if you are going to follow The Champagne Kid you should commit to the risk and get the best value you can.

If it doesn’t work out, I would rather be a bit more out of pocket than watching my profits disappear on subs.

So would I recommend The Champagne Kid?

If you have the money to throw at it, then absolutely. The facts are as follows. Some days, you will have to spend a lot to match the required stakes. These may well lose, and in 2 months out of the 6, The Champagne Kid has.

There is clearly merit to following it long term though and it is on the back of that, that I am going to say that The Champagne Kid is worth your consideration. I want to end by saying that this should be seen as substantial commitment however.




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