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The Contra Strategy Review – Streetwise Publications

The Contra Strategy (full title “The Contra Strategy – How To Make Serious Money Backing Red-Hot Tips To Lose”) is a new to market horse racing betting system which is currently being marketed by Streetwise Publications. It has supposedly been created by one Richard Evans with the manual being co-authored by Paul Bent. 

Introduction to the The Contra Strategy

As I have espoused here before, I am of the opinion that whilst a good tipster service can serve you particularly well, it is arguably better to have a reliable betting system in place that you can carry out on your own.

Now, there are a multitude of ways that you can approach this (personally, I am a fan of scalping on Betfair for which there is a decent and comprehensive guide that is recommended on this site: bfscalper) however Paul Bent and Richard Evans do seem to have hit on a rather novel idea.

The_Contra_Strategy_ReviewWhat Streetwise Publications are selling in The Contra Strategy is a product that I can quite comfortably say is definitely a bit different to the norm when it comes to betting systems.

Is this necessarily a bad thing? Let’s have a detailed look at what is on offer here and make a decision.

Just as a side note, whilst the full name is indeed “The Contra Strategy – How To Make Serious Money Backing Red-Hot Tips To Lose”, I will be referring to it almost exclusively as The Contra Strategy.

What Does The Contra Strategy Offer?

As I have already mentioned, The Contra Strategy is a training manual and as such, that is ultimately what you are going to get here. The fact that this is being marketed by Streetwise Publications and the involvement of Paul Bent also tells you a lot about what you can expect.

For those who are unfamiliar, between them they have put out a number of different products. These are usually very comprehensive tomes, almost to the point where they sometimes start to feel a little bloated. From what I have seen of The Contra Strategy, this is likely to be the case here as well.

With that having been said, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t well written. It is apparent that Richard Evans has a firm understanding of his system and The Contra Strategy does convey all of the appropriate information well. Whilst this might sound like the bare minimum you would expect from any authored manual, I can tell you from experience that it is a long way from typically being the case.

Because of this, I think that is reasonably to give some credit to The Contra Strategy.

All of the information that is contained within The Contra Strategy is well presented as well which isn’t a bad thing as there is a lot of it. As I have alluded to, potentially a bit too much. It starts with the assumption that you have absolutely no betting knowledge.

As such, the step by step approach that is taken by Richard Evans and Paul Bent starts covering the very basics such as placing bets and what odds mean. From here, it does start to get a little more detailed and start to get into the meat and veg of The Contra Strategy.

There is a fair amount covered in the manual and whilst I will say that Richard Evans and Paul Bent make following The Contra Strategy a simple enough process, there is, as is so often the case a little bit more involved.

The key points however is the strategy itself (which Streetwise Publications say in the sales material will provide you with “between 6 and 20 opportunities each day), a hedging strategy which can potentially allow you to win, even when the strategy fails, and finally, instructions for “locking in” a predetermined profit.

I am a little sceptical of some of the claims made for The Contra Strategy, however, I acknowledge that this is a part of the marketing game, something that Paul Bent and Streetwise Publications are particularly good at.

 As a final little note, it is important to keep in mind that The Contra Strategy is ultimately a trading product and as such, you will require an account with a betting exchange.

All of the references throughout the manual are to Betfair and that would be the smartest move due to increased liquidity and faster moving odds (both things that are important to The Contra Strategy), however there is arguably the potential to use this elsewhere. You also get full support from Richard Evans and Paul Bent in order to help you with The Contra Strategy.

How Does The Contra Strategy Work?

If you want to know how The Contra Strategy actually works, you don’t have to look much further than the full title of the service. The Contra Strategy – How To Make Serious Money Backing Red-Hot Tips To Lose. Fundamentally, all that you are doing is backing tipsters to lose.

With that having been said, as Paul Bent and Streetwise Publications say in the sales material, you can’t just start betting against any old tipsters, there are very certain things that you have to look for.

In terms of where the principle idea comes from, you have to look at Richard Evans in order to understand this. He used to be a bookmaker in South Wales and has ultimately now retired.

He says that as a retiree, he was looking to increase his income and found the best thing was to draw on his previous experience bookmaking. Having got out of the game with the advent of online betting, he says, he turned to Betfair to make his profit as he could apply the same principles as being a bookmaker.

Utilising his previous experience as a bookie, Richard Evans says that this has allowed insight into price movements etc. As such, there is when a well known tipster recommends a horse, and that as odds drop, there can be value in betting against said tipster. Now, The Contra Strategy does go all of this into much more detail in the main training manual but fundamentally, this is the idea behind the service. 

What is the Initial Investment?

All of the above sounds quite impressive and to a degree, it is. There is however one massive downside to The Contra Strategy and that is the cost. Streetwise Publications are asking for £247 as a single one time payment  for the service.

This is a very large initial outgoing (although we are told that is substantially less than the “£500-£5,000” that other services charge). It is also worth noting that there is no mention of any money back guarantee in place and as such, I wouldn’t come into The Contra Strategy expecting this if you aren’t happy with the product. 

What is the Rate of Return?

Supposedly, you will make back the cost of purchasing The Contra Strategy in the first week which means some £250 or approximately £1,000 per month. This is in line with the claim of making an extra £800 – £1,000 per month that is mentioned in the headlines. We are also told that Richard Evans has made “over £8,000 profit” in “less than a year”.

Whilst there is evidence backing this up when you purchase The Contra Strategy, I think that it is unlikely that these kinds of numbers are necessarily going to be achievable by everybody.

Conclusion on the The Contra Strategy by Streetwise Publishing

You can look at almost anything released by Streetwise Publications and there is always the same vague point to be made which is that ultimately, they are very very good at marketing products. Paul Bent is no slouch in this area too, and so, you end up in a position where you have to spend a lot of time working out what is marketing hype and what is the reality of a product. With that having been said, I also can appreciate the fact that neither entity aligns themselves with products that are inherently bad.

This brings me to roughly where I sit with The Contra Strategy. It isn’t a bad product. In fact, I would probably say that there is a fair amount of merit to it all things considered.

God knows, there are more than enough tipsters out there that I wish I’d been laying their advice. What I am slightly less sold on though are two main things. First of all, there is the profit that is involved. Whilst I don’t doubt that Richard Evans has generated the income that he claims, I am much less convinced that the results can be replicated by everybody.

The other thing that I not sold on is the costing. When it comes to any betting service, there is a hugely competitive market and as such, you have to be well priced. Saying that £247 for access to The Contra Strategy  represent value for money, just because you deem the “competitive” price at nearly £5,000, doesn’t make it so.

I have looked at a number of services and whilst there are definitely some that are more expensive than The Contra Strategy (most from Streetwise Publications as it happens), this is very much at the top end of the market.

Compare this to something like the scalping product that we recommend here and you can see that even before you’re out of the door, you’re making a substantial saving. More than this though, you aren’t paying less for an inferior product.

That concept of value is what the nail in the coffin is for The Contra Strategy in my opinion. To reiterative, I don’t believe that this is necessarily a bad product. I just don’t think that it comes close to warranting the costs involved.

With that in mind, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend The Contra Strategy unless you have very deep pockets and money to burn.


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I purchased this and there are 4 different strategies – NONE of them make profits.

When I questioned them about this they did not answer my questions, blaming each other for not answering, then giving me evasive and very ambiguous answers, then admitting that they did not actually use 2 of the strategies themselves as they were too risky, then admitting they actually use different variants of the strategies, would not give me excel documents of historic or current bets, refused to discuss a refund and generally being useless at any customer service.

A complete waste of money.

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From: Simon Roberts