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The Crazy Millionaire Review

The Crazy Millionaire is an online marketing program created by Jack Anderson. It offers users free websites that will allegedly earn you big profits.

What does the product offer?

There isn’t much in the way of information about what is on offer with The Crazy Millionaire, mostly hype and seemingly over inflated profitability. Essentially what seems to be on offer is 50 free websites that the creator of The Crazy Millionaire, Jack Anderson, appears to use himself, although this isn’t explicitly stated as very little actually is. There are also tutorial videos showing users how to market online.

How does the product work?

From what little I can gather you will be using the free websites you are given through The Crazy Millionaire to market products (based off the video tutorials). You then earn a commission through these products which is where your profits come into the picture. This is grossly oversimplified though, this is mainly as a result of there being almost not tangible information available on The Crazy Millionaire.

What is the initial investment?

Jack Anderson has made The Crazy Millionaire available for free although in order to use one of these free websites you need to register through his chosen hosting package. This is Cloud Pro Hosting and it will cost you $14.95 per month.

What is the rate of return?

According to the creator of The Crazy Millionaire, he has personally made $1,546,380 in 10 months. He also says that he makes $15,000 per month which doesn’t quite add up.


I’m not a fan of Jack Anderson both in terms of his products and his personality. I find him to be rude and abrasive which when combined with products I find dubious doesn’t make for a great sales pitch. The biggest issue with The Crazy Millionaire lies in the fact that it simply isn’t believable. I also don’t like the way the forced hosting is hidden until after you have given over your email address which feels like a ploy to build a list with the added bonus that there may be some commission in it for the creator. Personally I would look at other money making solutions as I am not convinced there is much merit in The Crazy Millionaire.



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From: Simon Roberts