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The CryptoCash Strategy is a new to market product that comes from one John Banks. The service comes from Streetwise Publications who claim that you can turn a huge profit with a small starting bank through cryptocurrencies.

Introduction to The CryptoCash Strategy

I know that we generally talk about betting here. And that is the bread and butter of what we do. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t merit in exploring other options as well. The fact of the matter is that whilst betting is the approach that I have personally found to be the most productive, replicable, and scalable to making money… well, it isn’t the only option out there. Because I keep an open mind, sometimes, I get emails about something that claims to produce some results that are truly life-changing. It would be mad to skip them, right?

All of this brings me to The CryptoCash Strategy. Now, my thoughts on cryptocurrencies are mixed. Do they have some merit as a concept. Yes, I think that they do. A decentralised currency that has little regulation is something riddled with positives and negatives (which I think we see every day). Where I am less convinced on crypto is as an investment opportunity. Sure, some people have become millionaires off the back of it. But more have lost a fortune. John Banks and Streetwise Publications claim that together, they can make you the former rather than the latter.

Of course, this is standard claims for cryptocurrency products. Something I can say with confidence having seen more than enough of them in my time. What stands out about The CryptoCash Strategy though are the numbers involved. Because supposedly, you can start with very little money, and turn it into a substantial amount in 12 months. That is the part that is interesting to me. However, there are some questions in my mind about the approach that John Banks is taking, and the claims that Streetwise Publications make. Let’s look at that.

What Does The CryptoCash Strategy Offer?

What is on offer with The CryptoCash Strategy is an interesting question. Truth be told, it is many different things, all of which could easily be argued as being “correct”. Something that is in no small part down to the fact that between John Banks and Streetwise Publications, they do a very good job of overselling the product and service.

You see, in its purest form, the answer to the question of what you are getting with The CryptoCash Strategy is simple. John Banks provides you with a 22 page manual that shows you his approach to trading cryptocurrency. That… well, it really isn’t a lot when you put it down on paper and in black and white. However, let’s be honest here, none of that really matters if you are getting 22 pages of quality information.

The fact of the matter is there are a lot of products out there that are far too bloated. They push a simple concept over 120 pages, just so it feels like you’re getting some value for your money. Of course, the core premise can often be stripped down to less than half of this. As such, there does have to be some credit to John Banks and Streetwise Publications for this. Especially because The CryptoCash Strategy isn’t an inherently badly composed product.

Is it short? Yes. Of course it is. But the fact is that the information is concise and shows you everything that you need to know. In and of itself, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a criticism (although I do feel like a lot of people will have differing opinions on this. All of which I can completely respect). The truth is that it’s pretty well written and John Banks does a good job of conveying what you need to do if you are following The CryptoCash Strategy.

Now, as the name of The CryptoCash Strategy might suggest, this is a service that is based around trading cryptocurrency. What is interesting to me is that John Banks sells this as being a low risk approach to trading. I don’t necessarily want to say that it’s impossible to trade any crypto in a low risk way, but if I’m really honest, they are one of the more volatile investment options that you can use. As such, I think low risk is a bit of a stretch.

This isn’t entirely unfounded either. Looking at the results chart that John Banks and Streetwise Publications publish for the sales material, there are some very substantial drawdowns. In my mind, this is all a part of trading crypto. However, I will concede that it is somewhat disappointing to me that The CryptoCash Strategy is presented in a way that is counter to this very real norm.

With that said, I will also concede that The CryptoCash Strategy doesn’t seem to be quite as up and down as some of its contemporaries. Furthermore, the fact of the matter is that if you look at how most crypto has performed, John Banks does seem to be somewhat in line with this. Again, this is part of trading crypto, but I do wish that there’d been a bit more transparency here.

Putting that aside for a minute, the content of The CryptoCash Strategy has some merit. Like I said earlier, it is concise and shows everything that you need to know. I do however rather strongly believe that there is a fair amount of what John Banks says that seems a bit questionable to me. It isn’t necessarily that there is anything inherently wrong, but there seems to be a lot of wishful thinking and “best case scenario” stuff in my opinion.

All of this means that whilst there is undoubtedly some merit to the approach of The CryptoCash Strategy, I am not convinced that this is something that is entirely replicable for everybody. I am certainly not sold on the idea that John Banks is onto something that is even close to a guaranteed thing for anybody and everybody (something that the sales material really suggests will be the case).

How Does The CryptoCash Strategy Work?

One of the key appeals of The CryptoCash Strategy is a very simple one, and it is something that I have really avoided talking about so far. You see, every single time John Banks and Streetwise Publications talk about the profit potential of this, they also happen to talk about reinvesting any profit that you might make. And this is for a very good reason.

You see, in order for this to have any chance at all of actually working successfully, you have to start looking at compounding. And this is really quite aggressive. Whilst there isn’t anything inherently wrong with looking at your profit from an approach and leveraging them to further increase your profits… well, The CryptoCash Strategy basically looks like this. Double your money, reinvest it. That is effectively how it all works.

Ok, Ok, I’m being a little bit unfair to John Banks and Streetwise Publications there. I am being facetious and grossly oversimplifying things. But it is hard to ignore the fact that this is a big part of what you are doing with The CryptoCash Strategy. Where this is of particular concern though is also one of the biggest assets of the service. Namely that this is a “set and forget” trading system which… well, it does what it says on the tin. All that you have to do is tell a bot how to trade, and leave it to make you money.

All of this means that theoretically, you should have that consistent passive source of income that is really a dream. However, you do have to keep in mind that you are dealing with crypto here. The markets are incredibly inconsistent, and whilst The CryptoCash Strategy seems to be set up to weather these storms I am always wary about a service that simply trades on autopilot. Because if things take a turn for the worse, you can lose out quite substantially.

What is the Initial Investment?

As always seems to be the case when it comes to products that Streetwise Publications put out, they make some truly incredible claims about what The CryptoCash Strategy is worth. Specifically, we are told that John Banks’s manual should be worth £5,000. However, as the result of some rather convoluted steps, we are told that you can instead get access to it for the “heavily discounted price of £297”.

This is a one time payment for The CryptoCash Strategy itself. This is also backed up by a 90 day money back guarantee which Streetwise Publications refer to as “No questions asked” , and to be fair to them, they do tend to provide this (if you are persistent). All of this sounds reasonable enough, however, I do want to mention the additional “hidden cost” of a little less than £14 per month. This is for the software John Banks says you should use.

What is the Rate of Return?

The core premise of The CryptoCash Strategy is quite simple. You can simply keep doubling your bank every 6 weeks or so. This allows for the claim that you can start with £200 and in 336 days, turn that into £51,000 of profit. An incredibly substantial claim. The thing is, this is also a claim that I can understand works in theory. The reality however, I am less convinced by. Especially if you actually have any intention of drawing money out.

Conclusion for The CryptoCash Strategy

As far as most crypto trading products go, I can see where The CryptoCash Strategy has some edge over them. To be completely clear about this, it is by no means the worst product of this nature that I have seen. I might even really push the boat out and say that it is one of the better ones. And that is all down to the focus that John Banks puts on trading.

You see, one of the single most frustrating things in my mind when it comes to trading crypto is the notion that you are simply going to see your investments go up and up substantially. A myth that is more than perpetuated by the incessant marketing of cryptocurrencies through people like Elon Musk trying to drive the market value, to trading apps pushing them down your throat, and the media always seeming to have somebody on speed dial who is a crypto millionaire.

Here’s the thing that people don’t tell you about cryptocurrencies though. They are only really worth what people are willing to pay for them. Furthermore, they are quite open to exploitation. It isn’t a coincidence in my mind that there are these huge peaks and troughs in the value. And whilst you could make yourself a millionaire by buying at the right time, it is unlikely.

Which brings me to why The CryptoCash Strategy actually differs. The focus here is on a different kind of trading with smaller incremental profits. And of course, because you are compounding (very aggressively I once again hasten to add), those smaller increments become significantly more valuable, despite not increasing in size.

And the testimonial that John Banks and Streetwise Publications provide in the sales material for The CryptoCash Strategy delivers on this. We are told that there has been a steady profit of 0.88% per day with an initial investment up 24% in a little under a month. I am somewhat inclined to believe these numbers. And yet, in spite of all this, I’m not quite certain I can bring myself to recommend this.

Now, at this point, you might be questioning why. And reasonably so. But here’s the thing. Firstly, The CryptoCash Strategy is very bloody expensive. Sure, there is that theoretical promised land at the end where you’ve made so much money that you don’t really have to worry. What if you don’t get there though? And make no mistake, that is a very real possibility.

You see, one of my other concerns about The CryptoCash Strategy is that there is a lack of flexibility and control with this. You set up the bot the way that John Banks describes, you leave it to run, and that is it. If (or realistically, when) things take a turn, you cannot really react to this. You just have to let it play out. Something that is in no small part exasperated by the fact that you aren’t taught much by John Banks (at least in my mind).

What I mean by this is that when I’ve historically looked at betting systems (and other information products) that are very good, they provide enough context for you to understand reasoning behind what you are doing. They teach you about the subject so that you can appreciate the rationale behind things. But with The CryptoCash Strategy, that isn’t really an option. Which means if you did want to make tweaks, you’d really struggle to do this.

So, can The CryptoCash Strategy work? Yes. I really do think that it can. Will it work as advertised? In theory. But for my money, you are paying out a huge amount of money here for something that you don’t have much control over. This is problematic, especially because this is a service that is ultimately only profitable because you are constantly putting your money back into it. Which means if something goes wrong, it can be very wrong.

When this is compared to some of the other systems that I have looked at before now, it all just feels like it’s lacking a bit. It seems a little riskier. And that, combined with a hell of a lot of outlay, is enough for me to say that personally, I would consider alternatives over The CryptoCash Strategy.  


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