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The Daily Yankee is a new to market horse racing tipster service that is being offered through the Betfan stable of tipsters. Despite very much being in its infancy, it has produced some very substantial profits.

Introduction to The Daily Yankee

There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme in life. Not one that actually works anyway. What you might see from time to time though are tipster services in which a lot of profit has been made very quickly. This is because (as do we all) tipsters have good days and they have bad days. It’s just that with a tipster service, it is usually measured in months. A few good months, a few bad months. And what a difference that can make. I often talk about long term results, but if a tipster has lost money a few months on the trot, that simply isn’t great.

I know, talk about opening with a bit of a downer, right? But it’s important to keep in mind for today’s review subject. Because (and I am to break one of my own rules a bit here) The Daily Yankee has made almost 893 points of profit at the time of writing. In just a few months as well. There are some very big and incredibly exciting numbers here and Betfan are fully aware of this fact. So… um… I guess we’re pretty much done then? Right? Those results speak for themselves. But there is also other things to consider.

The fact of the matter is that whilst The Daily Yankee is performing immensely, you’re also seeing this at its best. These incredibly impressive results have been over a period of proofing and it is quite important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Something that Betfan are absolutely terrible at doing. Of course, I don’t begrudge that. It makes perfect sense, because they’re trying to sell the service to you. What I like to do is be a little more realistic about what this means for a service in the long term though.

What Does The Daily Yankee Offer?

The core offering of The Daily Yankee is a very simple one on the surface of it all. Easy to follow bets that carry the potential to bring you huge amounts of profit, all without putting your betting bank at too much risk. Ultimately, I think that they’ve succeeded in this in the here and now. But the truth of the matter is that this is a service with a fair amount of nuance going on under the proverbial hood.

First things first, let’s talk about the management of the service. Being really upfront about it, this is a Betfan service. To my knowledge, they are one of the largest and oldest tipster stables online, and that shows. The Daily Yankee is a very polished affair and whilst they don’t do anything revolutionary, they don’t really put a foot wrong either.

Selections are typically made available on the morning of racing, but they are also made available in a variety of different ways. As you might expect for any modern tipster service, Betfan do issue tips via email. They also have a member’s area online where you can log in and view the bets. Finally, you can simply use the Betfan app. This allows you to receive a notification directly to your mobile when tips are out.

Now, let’s talks about the bets themselves. As the name suggests, The Daily Yankee is based around betting on Yankee bets. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this bet type, it is a type of accumulators that brings together several smaller accas. These are six doubles, four trebles, and a four fold acca.

Working out the odds on a service that leans into these kinds of bets is a difficult thing. Rarely do things come together in an overly consistent way. What I can say though is that on occasions where The Daily Yankee has backed all winners, it isn’t inconceivable to see returns of several hundreds of points from your initial stakes.

For those of you who are familiar with Yankee bets and its ilk, this mightn’t seem like a particularly impressive number. But a big part of The Daily Yankee is that there is a focus on backing horses that actually have a chance to win. Most days you’re backing horses at less than 5.0 with Betfan’s proofing showing that on occasion there are some longer shots thrown into the mix as well. A welcome approach to this kind of betting.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the stakes involved. You see, whilst you are ultimately just placing one bet per day with The Daily Yankee (that being a Yankee), let’s not forget that it is actually made up of several smaller accas. This means that you are actually staking 11 points per bet. That is definitely a lot and if you’re not used to this sort of thing it seems intimidating, but it is very much standard fare.

Of course, as you’d expect from Betfan, there is adequate consideration for this. They recommend a decently sized betting bank that should be able to absorb any drawdown. This is actually a very important thing, because when you’re potentially losing 11 points per bet with The Daily Yankee (a very real possibility), a single bad week will put you down 77 points.

Something of a bright spot in all of this though is the strike rate. Now, Betfan don’t specifically provide a number for this however I have taken the liberty of calculating it myself from their proofing. At the time of writing, The Daily Yankee has had bets that have produced some profit a pretty impressive 36% of the time. What you should keep in mind though is that this can range from 0.01 points to in excess of 350 points.

How Does The Daily Yankee Work?

One of the things that I find to be quite consistently frustrating when it comes to Betfan is that they don’t always provide the most insight into what their selection process actually entails. Not surprisingly, The Daily Yankee isn’t really any different in this regard. The tipster behind the service does however say something, which is better than nothing.

What we are told is that they are “systematic with [their] racing tips and also very selective when it comes to finding the winners” stating that “It takes a lot of effort and hard work checking and rechecking the form and watching the racing over and over again”. So far, that is all pretty generic stuff but what stands out to me is a statement that they take conditions seriously and note that certain horses run well at particular courses.

Of course, that isn’t a detailed explanation, but it is more than some. The fact is that I don’t expect to see a detailed step by step breakdown of what a tipster is doing. What we see here is enough to understand what The Daily Yankee is about, and make a decision as to whether or not this is a valid approach that you can get on board with. The only big question that I really have is why Yankees? This isn’t really discussed, although, the results do a lot of the talking.

That brings me to one of the key things that falls in favour of The Daily Yankee. That is the incredibly comprehensive and detailed proofing that Betfan provide. It is rather frustratingly not in the easiest to navigate format, but it does detail every bet and gives you a good idea of what you can expect. What I would caution here however is that you are ultimately working with quite a small data sample size of just a few months.  

What is the Initial Investment?

One of the things that is most appealing about The Daily Yankee in my mind is the pricing. Betfan really aren’t asking a huge amount for access to this service. For example, the “monthly” subscription is priced at just £25 (plus VAT). That is a very reasonable cost for a tipster service. What you should note however is that “monthly” here actually means every 28 days. As such, you will pay this 13 times in a year.

Because of this, the value increases more than it may seem with the quarterly subscription costing you £71 (plus VAT) for 90 days. The best value comes with the longest subscription to The Daily Yankee. And, of course, the highest outlay. This is a 6 month subscription which is priced at £121 (again, plus VAT). This isn’t necessarily a drastic saving over the monthly cost, but it is something.

What is worth keeping in mind is that if you want to go for these longer subscriptions, there is no real money back guarantee or refund period inf place. Betfan say that they do review refund requests, however, these are rarely granted.

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come to the element of The Daily Yankee that is undeniably the most exciting. That is the profit potential. At the time of writing, Betfan show that this is on a profit of just shy of 858 points. Make no mistake about it, that would be a phenomenal result no matter what. But this has been achieved in less than 3 months. That creates a hypothetical profit of almost 3,500 points. It should be noted though that the nature of this means that there are no guarantees.

Conclusion for The Daily Yankee

So far, The Daily Yankee has absolutely smashed it out of the park. The performance from has been amazing and there is simply no way of dressing that up. What is remarkable to me here isn’t just the fact that so much profit has been produced (I’ve seen similar services drastically outperform these already impressive results), but that it has been produced with a quite startling consistency.

A 36% win rate would be an impressive amount for any tipster service that wasn’t either laying bets or backing favourites. To hit this with Yankees is really something that shows potential to be very special. Sure, not all of those wins are those massive “jackpot” winners, but that isn’t something that ultimately matters in my mind. Maintaining a betting bank is one of the most difficult things to do with this sort of approach.

And that brings me to one of the biggest downsides about The Daily Yankee. Firstly, you will note that I said this “shows potential”. In a strange way, that is most of what I think is on display here. Betfan, I am sure, would happily argue that this is a service that is clearly absolutely smashing it. But is it though?  

The thing is, whilst this is one of the best performing services I’ve seen for a long time, it has only been that over a very short space of time. I would personally draw the comparison that profiting through betting is a marathon. It takes stamina and time for everything to level off and then you get an idea of pace.

Looking at The Daily Yankee is like looking at Usain Bolt running 100m in 9.58 seconds and saying that if you break 26.2 miles into 100m segments, there are 422 of them. Ergo, Usain Bolt could run a marathon in just over an hour. Like… The maths adds up, but reality if often far removed from theoretical expectation. Doubling down on this is the fact that Betfan of course release products off the back of their best runs. It doesn’t make sense to launch a tipster service if it’s losing money.  

But does this mean that I wouldn’t recommend The Daily Yankee? Absolutely not. Look, however we like to dress it up, betting always involves taking a gamble. There are rarely guarantees. So, let’s look at this for what it is. Here you have a service that has proven immensely profitable. Sure, it can just as easily swing the other way if you hit a bad string of results. You can’t discount that. The thing is, there is value for money to be had here.

I’ll be honest, if The Daily Yankee were more expensive, this would probably be a different conclusion. As it stands though, Betfan aren’t asking a huge amount of money here. Simple £1 per point stakes would still net you a hypothetically nice profit without risking too much, and there is the thrill that comes with a huge outsider landing. There is a hell of a lot to like. As it stands though, £25 every 28 days to be a part of this isn’t bad.

So yes, this is definitely worth some consideration. It isn’t going to be something for everybody, but if you’re in the market for something like this, you can do much worse and for much more money. I don’t really think you can say fairer than that.


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