The Dark Horses Review

The Dark Horses is a new release by Michael Wilding of Race Advisor. It claims to provide users with a list of some of the top horses to watch over the 2018/2019 horse racing season.

Introduction to Dark Horses

Sometimes, I find that amongst everything that I look at, I lose track of who is doing what, what is being pushed by who, and who is and isn’t relevant anymore. It is an unfortunate truth that whilst some people involved in the wider betting community are here for the long haul and are doing well, some are flashes in the pan.

One example that has been around for some considerable time now is Michael Wilding’s Race Advisor. They have produced a number of services over the years, many of which have been received pretty favourably.

The offer is currently closed, and was made closed since writing the review, but chances are it will open again son:

dark-horses-reviewRecently, there has been a new launch by them in the form of The Dark Horses, and this has stood out for a few different reasons, but there are two that stand out. One, The Dark Horses is very different to most things on the market at the moment. Second, if it can deliver, this is a must have for the upcoming season.

What Does The Dark Horses Offer?

There is actually quite a lot on offer when you sign up for The Dark Horses, however I do feel the need to qualify now that this is based predominantly on the fact that there are a number of additional products included by Michael Wilding. By and large, The Dark Horses itself is a pretty straight forward thing.

What you are fundamentally paying for in The Dark Horses though is a pretty small book. Of course, as is so often said, size isn’t everything.

The fact of the matter is that Race Advisor’s latest release may not be substantial but there is no getting around the quality that is contained within. I can say with a god amount of confidence that the vast majority of content in a similar vein to The Dark Horses will pad their content with crap in order to make up the page number.

Instead, Michael Wilding and the Race Advisor team have clearly focused on making the content as concise and informative as possible. This goes a long way to making The Dark Horses stand out from the crowd.

So, what is contained within The Dark Horses? Essentially, the book looks at 19 horses for the upcoming season. I will hold my hands up here and say that I can easily see how some people would be disappointed with this.

But for me, I am quite pleased. The focus here is clearly on obtaining quality information rather than Michael Wilding simply publishing for the sake of it.  Each look at a horse covers a variety of topics. For example, you will be told which conditions are optimal for the horse as well as whether to back a horse on subsequent runs. There really is a lot of information to be had.

Honestly, it can be easy with this kind of thing to over complicate things however I think that Michael Wilding and the Race Advisor team have done a good job of reigning in The Dark Horses. I am not certain that “an absolute doddle” can be described in terms of using it to place bets, but I do think that Race Advisor are being fair in saying that the guide is concise and clear.

On top of this, it is worth noting that Race Advisor also provide additional bonuses in the form of  an Ante Post Portfolio as well as some selections. These don’t necessarily tie in with The Dark Horses as such, but it is important to mention them as they do provide some additional value.

How Does The Dark Horses Work?

There is clearly a lot of research gone into The Dark Horses. The information is top quality and whilst it may be available elsewhere, the sheer convenience of having everything in one place is a massive bonus.

Quite how Michael Wilding and Race Advisor have carried out said research isn’t something that is discussed in detail and frankly, why should it be? The results are there for you to see in The Dark Horses.

Now, there is one thing that I want to discuss and be very blunt about here. The Dark Horses is very much a tool. Those expecting to buy it and be given a list of bets to place will be very much disappointed.

The whole reason I went out of my way a little earlier to call out Race Advisor on saying it is a doddle to place your bets is because you do have to have some degree of understanding in my opinion. What you are being given in The Dark Horses is information that you can use to improve your betting position. There are no certainties here and ultimately, the onus to identify selections will be on you.

What is the Initial Investment?

Michael Wilding is asking a one off payment in order to receive The Dark Horses. This amounts to £9.97 plus VAT which I think is a pretty reasonable amount. Factor in the bonuses that are include with by Race Advisor and the whole thing adds up to a pretty attractive package. It is worth noting that there is no money back guarantee in place for The Dark Horses, although given the costs etc. I don’t see that as a huge problem.

What is the Rate of Return?

Honestly, there is no real telling by how much you can expect to increase your earnings with The Dark Horses. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it shouldn’t necessarily be viewed as a direct money making tool.

Instead, this is an opportunity to potentially earn a bit on the side, whilst improving your understanding of horse racing betting. Because The Dark Horses is pretty well detailed. I believe that reading through can show you what kind of things to look out for yourself. Ultimately, this may prove to be priceless.

Conclusion on Dark Horses by Race Advisor

I can appreciate that some people will struggle to get on board with The Dark Horses because it is not a typical betting product. I have seen similar things before of mixed quality and by and large, they get overlooked by the majority of bettors. I feel that this is a bit short sighted if I am honest.

Anybody can go to a tipster and pay them to find bets. For a lot of people, this will more than suffice, however I am also of the opinion that if you are interested in horse racing enough to pay for a tipster, you should also be learning about betting yourself.

The fact of the matter is that whilst I can see why Michael Wilding has had to market The Dark Horses as he has. People by and large are looking for quick and easy, and for those people, I can say now that you should turn away because this will not be for you. There are however plenty of products out there that will cater for this kind of bettor.

For those who are still with me, I can say that The Dark Horses is worth some serious consideration. It is not going to make you particularly wealthy I don’t think. I would even go as far as to say that without the correct understanding, you may end up losing money in the short term.

But The Dark Horses does offer something unique in so much as I genuinely believe Michael Wilding can improve your understanding of betting. In that regard, I think that The Dark Horses is a pretty rousing success.


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