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The Design Ninja Review

The Design Ninja is a download that offers 105 “proven” high converting graphics that have been designed by Erik Stafford.

What does the product offer?

As mentioned above, The Design Ninja comes with 105 graphics that you can download and implement into your own website. These range from text boxes to graphs and charts as well as icons and designs that highlight key pieces of information. All of The Design Ninja’s graphics have been designed by Erik Stafford who claims to be a graphic design wizard. Also packaged wit The Design Ninja are 3 bonuses, a training manual, 5 mini site templates and a guide to outsourcing.

How does the product work?

Erik Stafford claims that all of his graphics contained in The Design Ninja are designed to maximise conversion, something he refers to as proven, despite a lack of proof on his webpage. The Design Ninja’s graphics are designed to integrate with your web page and come in both jpeg and Photoshop format (.jpg and .psd).

What is the initial investment?

Erik Stafford sells The Design Ninja for $27 and this is sold through JVZoo. There is a 60 day money back guarantee but as The Design Ninja is a JVZoo product this is handled directly by the vendor.

What is the rate of return?

The Design Ninja distances itself from any earnings potential stating that “Stafford Marketing makes no claims as to how much money you may or may not make by purchasing and implementing these assets”.


If you want to get a real idea of the quality of the graphics I think you only have to look The Design Ninja website. For a graphic design and web site extraordinaire, Erik Stafford does a very good job of making his sales pitch as generic as possible. Given the fact that he is marketing a graphics package I would have expected to have seen substantially more. The Design Ninja represents a pretty average package with a pretty average price. Nothing really stands out and that isn’t good enough for my liking.

I would be inclined to look at other graphic design packages personally.



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From: Simon Roberts