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The Dossier is a relatively new product being offered by Josh Allen of Bet Chat and Market Prospectors. It brings together a huge number of different betting strategies from various people that they work with.

Introduction to The Dossier

I don’t really try to hide the fact that I like a betting system, especially when compared to a tipster service. Something that has a number of reasons behind it. Firstly, there is the fact that you can simply bet when it suits you rather than when it suits a tipster. A good betting system will be evergreen, and in theory, should work forever. But most importantly, it is simply the accountability. If I am following a betting system and it isn’t working, I can take steps to correct this. Unfortunately, in my experience, tipsters don’t do this. Which can cost. A lot.

With that in mind, it probably shouldn’t come as much a surprise that when The Dossier landed in my inbox, I was actually pretty excited. Because Josh Allen aren’t just offering one betting system here. Or in fact, 3 or 4. There is an incredible quantity of different systems provided, and each of them are supposedly tried and true methods. And do you know what, I am inclined to say that I believe that. At least, to some degree. Because the fact of the matter is that there are some pretty well known names attached to Bet Chat and Market Prospectors.

All of that sounds good, right? But let me tell you where The Dossier becomes next level in my eyes. It is a simple headline in which Josh Allen makes reference to “Mel Gee’s Untraceable… ‘Better-Than- Matched-Betting’ …Strategy”. That is one hell of a claim to make. Matched betting has been the darling of bettors for some time, and with good reason really. So, when you get Josh Allen coming out and saying that just one of their systems is better than it… Well, I’d be mad not to pay attention. So, let’s jump straight into it.

What Does The Dossier Offer?

How do you actually describe the offering of The Dossier? That is a bit of a difficult question to me, because there isn’t necessarily a straightforward answer to this. The fact of the matter is that it is made up of a lot of different moving parts, with the entire sum of it all arguably being greater than its parts.

With that said, I think that there is one place where you can start that is pretty simple. The Dossier is a betting manual.  Specifically, it is 73 pages of “very best proven, profitable betting systems”, as the sales material makes reference to it. Now, you might think that isn’t really a whole lot of betting system. And I could be inclined to agree, especially when you see the price.

But the blunt fact of the matter is that this isn’t necessarily the worst thing. The truth is that if you look at most betting system manuals, they are all incredibly overblown. There are reams of pages that don’t really add anything. They do however do a good job of making it seem like you’re getting more for your money. As such, I am actually quite pleased to see that this isn’t the biggest thing in the world.

Contained within this manual are 16 different strategies that Josh Allen says are part of Bet Chat and Market Prospectors’s “Most Profitable Betting Strategies”. Supposedly, these are cherry picked from “15 years’ worth of communications and records from working with hundreds of professional tipsters”. Honestly, I can believe that. And the real strength of The Dossier is that all of these strategies are very different.

I don’t want to dwell too much on the details here, but I do want to offer some insight into what kind of things you are getting involved with. For example, Mel Gee (a tipster Bet Chat have worked with many times before) provides four different betting strategies alone. Each of which looks at different sports and markets.

For some context on this, those four different betting systems are “Catch My Drift?” a betting strategy that is supposedly “Better-Than-Matched-Betting” and allows you to bet risk free. “Everyone’s A Winner” is a greyhound betting system that looks at patterns affecting dog traps. “No More Bore Draws” is a football betting system that involves betting on draws. “Teeing Up A Profit” is a golf betting  system that can help you to pick out big priced bets, just by checking a chart.

It is all impressive stuff. And let’s not forget, that is only a quarter of the betting systems that are actually available. There are many more covering a range of sports from NFL to even more horse racing, and even some other football strategies. Realistically, you are getting a lot of different betting systems for your money.

All of these are well written and give you the instructions that you need to carry out the betting strategy (the bare minimum really). However, that isn’t all that there is. The Dossier also comes with full video walkthroughs of the strategy. These are all voiced by “Bet Chat Bec” (as Bet Chat and Market Prospectors refer to her as) and are also well put together.

On top of all this, Josh Allen is doing something with The Dossier that I don’t think that I’ve ever really seen done before in a betting system (at least, not this well). There is the inclusion of “Lingo Bingo” boxes. These are scattered throughout the manual and they provide you with basic betting information that you might not understand. Something that helps this to be perfect for beginners.

How Does The Dossier Work?

Talking about how something like The Dossier works is a very difficult thing. The fact of the matter is that there is no real way of simply and concisely talking about how this “works”. Not just because there are 16 different systems on show here, but simply because it wouldn’t really be fair for me to publish anything that is behind a paywall.

What I will say is this. I can see at least some merit to all of the systems that are included with The Dossier. Some of them, if I’m really honest, more than others. And of course, they all require different levels of work, dedication, betting bank, and many more factors. The fact is that the nature of The Dossier means that it isn’t a “one size fits all thing”.

Realistically, when I look at something like this, it is I clear to me that Bet Chat and Market Prospectors are trying to teach people. This isn’t, in my opinion, a direct money making product. What I mean by this is that, if you are following a tipster, everyone has (there or thereabouts) the same experience. You get bets, you place bets, you profit (or don’t). With The Dossier, the experience can vary from one user to another depending on what you are willing to put into it.

And this brings me to probably the fairest way I can describe how The Dossier “works”. It is best viewed as a tool. If used correctly, you can get a lot out of it, and it will help you to improve your betting. If however you are expecting it to do everything for you, you will be very disappointed. Things like this only work if you are willing to put in the time and effort, and to be fair to Josh Allen, I think he is quite upfront about this.  

What is the Initial Investment?

One of the single biggest considerations for The Dossier is the cost. Because it isn’t cheap. And to be fair to Bet Chat and Market Prospectors, they do sort of acknowledge this fact. How much is not cheap? Well, for full access to everything, the price is £247 (inclusive of VAT). Which is a hell of a lo. However, to some degree, it isn’t as much as it might seem. You see, what this works out at is a cost of £15.43 per system.

Something that is worth keeping in mind that there is no money back guarantee on this. Bet Chat and Market Prospectors say “ Because the ‘The Dossier 2020’ is a digital product and cannot be returned, we do not offer a money back guarantee period (this does not affect your statutory rights). Please make sure you understand this before clicking the Complete Order button, as this button completes your order”. As such, you should be very certain about The Dossier before you buy.

What is the Rate of Return?

The headlining figure for The Dossier says that the manual “Can Pocket You Profits Like £18, £100, And Even £761 Risk-Free”. And the sales material does not let up on that £761 profit (something that will become pertinent shortly). Elsewhere, we are told that other strategies can make you “as much as £380 from a £10 stake” and that “you can make £1,000 from a single £10 stake… every 21 days!”.

In theory, all of these results are possible, but the truth of the matter is that as with any betting system, you get out what you are willing to put in. Depending on your stakes, which strategies you are using, and how often you are using them, you will find that you milage may vary. What I will say though is that I do believe that if you take your time with this, eventually you will make your money back.

Conclusion for The Dossier

There are two considerations in my mind for The Dossier. The first of these has quite a clear answer. This is the question of whether or not the product is any good. And honestly, the answer probably shouldn’t come as a surprise. Because… Well, it is. What Bet Chat and Market Prospectors have put together is a very compelling thing.

What really stands out to me is how well suited this would be for somebody who is new to serious betting, and perhaps wants to try out a number of things. Let’s not forget, you are getting horse racing systems, football systems, golf, greyhounds, even something for American Football. It is a very comprehensive thing.  

Building on this, the quality as an information product is there as well. As well as everything being well presented etc. there is also the inclusion of those videos. This is always welcome as it allows for you to see things playing out so they’re not just “on paper”. And I am a massive fan of the little Lingo Bingo things. You aren’t getting anything here that you can’t find online, but it’s nice having quick and easy references.

So, with all of that said, let’s talk about the other big question that surrounds The Dossier. And that is whether or not it is worth the money. Because you are paying out the best part of £250 for everything. A huge amount of money, especially when you compare it to other betting systems that are on the market.

Now, one of the things that Bet Chat and Market Prospectors and Josh Allen are very keen to push this idea that you can make up to £761 off a single bet. This allows them to really put out this narrative that whilst you are paying a lot, you could very easily make more than the cost of this back in no time. I am not so convinced by this, as nice an idea as it seems.

With that said, I do think that if you are willing to apply The Dossier and really follow through on it, you will eventually get to that point where you’ve earned back the costs. But that really does mean applying it. Because if you don’t, it is a hell of a lot of money to spend and just… Well, just not use it.

So, would I recommend The Dossier? This is a difficult thing to answer. There is no ignoring the fact that you are getting a quality product. Fundamentally, the answer to this question is yes. But does it necessarily warrant the cost? It just comes back to how much use you will get out of it really.

At £15 pound per system, there is undoubtedly value to be had here. But that is of course based on you using them all. Something that will really vary from person to person. Like I mentioned earlier, there is also the question of whether or not there are better products on the market. I really do think that there is. And they cost less money. Which is definitely a consideration.  

So, as much as it’s a bit of a cop out, whether or not The Dossier will be for you is very much a personal thing. Personally, I would probably look at other options. Simply because I like a more focused product. Furthermore, I struggle to justify £250 for a product. But if you are comfortable spending this and don’t mind that you cannot get a refund, you could definitely do a lot worse than The Dossier.


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