The Ducking Place Bet Review

The Ducking Place Bet is a horse racing tipster service which is being offered through the Tipstrr stable of tipsters. It claims to have produced some fantastic profits based off some very big numbers. 

Introduction to The Ducking Place Bet

There are a lot of reasons to be “taken in” by something. Whether it is an absorbing novel or film, the big game, or massive profit potential on a betting service. Sometimes though, it can be as simple as a name, which is essentially where The Ducking Place Bet comes in.

As anybody who reads this regularly knows, I am always on the search for profitable betting services, a journey that takes me all over the place.

These services can stand out because they have won a lot of money, have lost a lot of money, or sometimes are simply trending in terms of the emails etc. that I receive. The Ducking Place Bet however jumped out entirely because of the name, however this isn’t a bad thing.

A cursory glance through the results from Tipstrr show a tipster service that is producing some very strong monthly profits. So much so, that they are arguably amongst some of the highest I have seen. So, is The Ducking Place Bet your next big source of a secondary income? It’s a bit complicated, so let’s look at everything and thrash things out.

What Does The Ducking Place Bet Offer?

So, what do you actually get from The Ducking Place Bet? In many regards, Tipstrr are running a very typical example of a tipster service. What I mean by this, is that selections are sent out on a near daily basis, directly to subscribers.

As you would expect from a large tipster stable, Tipstrr deliver The Ducking Place Bet’s selections not just via email, but also a member’s area as well as a proprietary app (available on iOS and Android).

One thing that definitely needs to be kept in mind if you are considering The Ducking Place Bet is the fact that bets are sometimes posted throughout the day. This means that the timeframe to get bets placed may occasionally be tight, although The Ducking Place Bet definitely gives you enough information to get your bets placed.

Moving on from this, I want to talk about the type of bets that are advised. There are a combination of win and each way bets advised through The Ducking Place Bet. As the name suggests however, you will see more of the latter than the former.

These cover a wide range of odds with some very high numbers coming into play if you follow The Ducking Place Bet.  Finally, I want to look at the volume of bets. A quick look at Tipstrr’s results show that there isn’t a huge volume of bets advised on a  given day which isn’t a bad thing.

This relatively low volume does go some way towards helping with the staking plan for The Ducking Place Bet where by and large, you will be staking 1 point on win bets and 2 points on each way bets. Whilst this sounds reasonable, proofing from Tipstrr does show that losing streaks aren’t uncommon and as such, when The Ducking Place Bet has encountered losing runs, the amounts lost have amassed rather quickly.

The strike rate for The Ducking Place Bet is also something of a contributing factor to this. Averaging a strike rate of just over 26% over 12 months, this doesn’t at first seem to be too bad, especially not when you look at some of the odds that are involved with The Ducking Place Bet. The problem however is that these results are slightly skewed by some stronger results at the start of the year. Looking at the last 6 months, the strike rate is significantly lower at 17.5%.

How Does The Ducking Place Bet Work?

There are two core things to be examined when talking about how The Ducking Place Bet works in my opinion. The first of these is the wider arrangement of the service. Tipstrr themselves say that the average odds for The Ducking Place Bet stand at a rather jaw dropping 49.58.

Naturally, this kind of bet doesn’t come in every day, despite what the strike rate of 26% may suggest. What is apparent however is that The Ducking Place Bet is able to use these bigger wins to supplement the betting bank whilst the shorter odds keep things “ticking over”.

Now in terms of the tips themselves, there is unfortunately little in the way of what the selection process entails. There is a vague mention of value but that is about as deep as Tipstrr go. This is disappointing to me as whilst I wouldn’t expect any tipster to give away how their service works, I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect a consumer to have some understanding of a service before paying for it.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options available if you are inclined to sign up for The Ducking Place Bet. The first of these is a weekly subscription which is priced at £10 per week.

Alternatively, you can also sign up on a monthly basis which his priced significantly lower at just £20 per month. As if this isn’t enough, Tipstrr offer a 14 day trial to The Ducking Place Bet which is priced at just £2. Now, it is worth keeping in mind that there is no money back guarantee here, but I really don’t see that as a problem for The Ducking Place Bet all things considered..

What is the Rate of Return?

Since it launched in December of 2017, The Ducking Place Bet has gone on to generate an overall profit of £8515.98 points. Now being blunt, that doesn’t necessarily sound like a huge amount of money however that pretty much amounts to that amount per year. Furthermore, this is based off £25 stakes making for a points profit of 340.64 points for the year, a very respectable number really. Tipstrr say that the ROI is 10.7% which is also a decent enough figure.

Conclusion on the The Ducking Place Bet service

Honestly, I am quite impressed with The Ducking Place Bet. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that this is a jaw dropping service that is going to change the way you bet, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. One of the things that I often ponder is what is the right tipster service for people who are new to betting?

Usually I opt for something that is inexpensive and is perhaps better suited to the thrill of betting for profit rather than something with a more investment based approach. The Ducking Place Bet may well be the service that changes all that for me.

There are two things which immediately stand out about the service. The first of these is the pricing. To be fair to Tipstrr, this is one area where they are always strong. At £20 per month, I think that almost anybody who takes their betting half way to serious can spare this. The other thing is the consistency of results.

The last few months with The Ducking Place Bet have admittedly been a little up and down (although for the most part level), however prior to this there has been some very consistent bank growth.

On top of all this, there is the most important aspect which is of course how much money The Ducking Place Bet makes. The Ducking Place Bet performs at a higher than average level, and yet it is not priced in line with this. That makes it one of the better value tipster services that are currently on the market in my opinion. Is it perfect? Not at all. There is still a degree of risk involved, and if you aren’t willing to be patient and disciplined then I can see it being very easy to lose money here.

With all of this in mind, if you are at a point in your betting career where you are looking to get serious, then I think The Ducking Place Bet is one of the best tipster services out there at the moment. It requires discipline and a willingness to roll with the punches and manage your betting bank properly.

If you can do this though, there are rewards to be had and truthfully, if you are only looking for a little extra income, you don’t have to stake a lot to cover your subscription fees. Even if you are a more serious investor, an ROI of some 10% is a decent figure.

Not surprisingly, The Ducking Place Bet is worth a lot of consideration.

It is one of the more complete tipster services that I have looked at for a while at a cost that really isn’t that significant. This combined with strong results is a rare combination indeed.

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