The Dutch Master Review

The Dutch Master is a new horse racing tipster service that is being offered through the Betfan stable of tipsters. Selections themselves come courtesy of a tipster referred to simply as Chris.

What does the product offer?

I have mentioned several times before now that Betfan as a company are moving away from their traditional “back a horse to win” tipster services, and as I have stated before, I welcome this move. In the case of The Dutch Master, it is a tipster service that on the surface of things appears to be nothing new. The fact is that the logistics of The Dutch Master are very much typical of any horse racing tipster service. Selections are sent out to users on a (near) daily basis and contain full instructions of what you must do in order to place your bets.

This is something that is rather important and definitely of note, especially given the fact that The Dutch Master uses a rather interesting and not too common approach.

Moving into some more detail on the service, The Dutch Master is rather difficult to judge in some regards and this is mostly down to the fact that the service uses Dutch betting. For those who perhaps aren’t familiar with this term, Dutching involves betting on multiple horses in a single race. By spreading your bet out correctly, it is (at least theoretically) possible to lock in profits, even before the off (I will go into more detail on this below).

This does however have an effect on the numbers, for example, in one (particularly high volume) day, The Dutch Master recommended 8 different bets. In order to “lock in” the profits however, you are ultimately betting on 29 different horses. Perhaps not too surprisingly, this also affects the staking plan. In many ways, Chris follows the traditional Betfan staking plan of 5 points per bet with The Dutch Master, however each 5 point bet is distributed over numerous horses.

In terms of a strike rate, The Dutch Master has averaged 59.33% which is a mixed result given the nature of the service. Some Dutching traditionalists would call this a bad result. Having looked at the average odds for a win however, I feel that this is a very strong result.

How does the product work?

At the heart of The Dutch Master is the concept of Dutching, a type of betting that I am familiar with and has proven profitable for a lot of people. Dutching is a topic that a lot of people shy away from as it can seem very complicated, however like most things related to betting, it can be as simple as you want it to be.

Imagine that there is a race in which there are two front runners, one with odds of 3.0 and one with odds of 5.0. As a bettor, you have £100 that you wish to bet on this particular race and decide to split this stake between the two horses. You calculate that by placing £62.50 on the first horse an £37.50 on the second horse, you are guaranteed to make £87.50 profit, so long as one of the two horses wins.

As you can probably see from this example, Dutching is something that is scalable and Chris seems to have kept this firmly in mind for The Dutch Master. The thing about Dutching is that whilst it is simple on paper, identifying races where there is the possibility to make money from it can be difficult and his is what The Dutch Master aims to remove.

In terms of how he finds races or even what the selection process is in terms of finding the horses from a given race, there is rather disappointingly no information given. There is talk about how prior to The Dutch Master Chris has spent a fair amount of time gambling and he even talks about finding a mentor online. There is also a vague reference to systems, however there isn’t really anything that I feel really offers any insight into how selections are made for The Dutch Master.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, Betfan and Chris are offering just 2 methods of buying The Dutch Master. The first of these is a one month “taster trial” which is none subscription based and comes in at a rather eyewatering cost of £59 plus VAT to receive selections for just 28 days. Alternatively, you can subscribe to The Dutch Master which is at a cost of £99 plus VAT which automatically renews every 90 days.

Because The Dutch Master is a Betfan product, this does mean that there isn’t really any money back guarantee in place as such. The Betfan group do say on all of their products that they will review any requests for a refund, however these are not typically given.

What is the rate of return?

The Dutch Master has been proofed with the Betfan group since September 2016 during which period it hasn’t encountered any losing months so far. It has also generated an overall profit of 175.29 points which isn’t too bad when you work it out at around 35 points per month. The ROI currently stands at 13.08% which again, isn’t too bad, however I have definitely seen some much stronger returns than this before.


I have written before now of my love of Dutching and I genuinely believe it to be one of the better methods of making money through betting. It doesn’t take a genius to see that narrowing the field whilst ensuring a profit is a fantastic way of running your betting as a business, and this is the first rung on the ladder to becoming a professional bettor. Chris is clearly well aware of all of this and the sales material for The Dutch Master doesn’t make any attempt to shirk away from this comparison.

The question that lingers at the back of my mind is whether or not The Dutch Master is a good Dutching service. Putting aside the fact that The Dutch Master is a tipster service for a moment, Dutching is something that in my opinion is best learned. It is one of the few skills that one can encounter with betting that allows you to generate a consistent income as opportunities appear everywhere and across numerous sports.

With this in mind, I am not certain why anybody would want to pay the (frankly) exorbitant fees that Betfan are asking for The Dutch Master. I will happily concede that the results aren’t too bad and there is definitely money to be had if you are betting to £10 stakes, but sometimes you have to look at what else you could get for your money instead.

I know of some brilliant guides to Dutching that cost a hell of a lot less than The Dutch Master and these will show you the skills that you need in order to find bets yourself rather than just waiting around for somebody to tell you what to bet on. This isn’t an approach that I generally advocate as most tipsters have spent a lot of time honing their craft and do a decent job of finding winning bets, but the beauty of Dutching as a method is that you don’t necessarily have to know a sport to spot opportunities.

For me, The Dutch Master is something of a waste of money. I can see how those who perhaps do not value their time so highly may find something of worth here, but if you want to take your betting seriously (and if you are willing to spend £59 per month for the pleasure, I feel that you are) then there are better options out there. In some ways, I really feel for Chris as it feels like his service suffers in the face of better competition rather than necessarily being bad. None the less, I couldn’t really bring myself to recommend The Dutch Master.



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