The Edge Racing Review by Jason James

The Edge is a horse racing tipster service operated by Jason James and offered through the Betfan group. The service provides a number of different bets each day.

What does the product offer?

The Edge is a service offering users daily selections for horse races across the UK. Creator Jason James sends these out via email with information also contained on what kind of bet is being played as well as the staking. This is necessary as The Edge offers both win and each way bets with staking advice that ranges from a single point all the way up to five points. The Edge is still a relatively new service but in the few months (since October) that it has been up and running a strike rate of 30.92%.

How does the product work?

Jason James has allegedly been a professional bettor for over 6 years with an overall 30 years of experience in horse racing. This considerable experience is claimed to let him “read a race and find an angle” which appears to be the basis of The Edge’s selection process.

What is the initial investment?

The Edge is one of the more expensive products in the Betfan stable and that is saying something. Whilst your first 28 days comes in at just £24.95, subsequent periods will cost a rather steep £65 with a quarterly option available for £130. There isn’t really a money back guarantee in place however Betfan do say that they will review requests.

What is the rate of return?

In just two months The Edge has produced a points profit of 310.34 point which is frankly a staggering achievement. That having been said it is still early days for the service and it will be interesting to see if this form can be continued.


The Edge certainly shows a lot of promise but there are a few concerns at the moment. First of all is the staking plan which whilst being responsible for a hefty amount of the profits can also be responsible for wiping out chunks of your bank, especially if you are compounding or if you withdraw on a monthly basis. The Edge has also shown to be rather inconsistent and this is particularly concerning when you consider the staking plan. Personally, I would wait to see how Jason James does over the next few months to get a broader picture before committing to what amounts to a very pricey service.



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Does anyone know what time these tips come through, I would like a service which comes through in the morning, my current services all come through in the afternoon after ‘reviewing the market,’ which is frustrating when I’m at work and cannot get the bets on unless I sneak away to the toilet.

The selections cone through before 9am each morning.

Jason James the edge can be found on Twitter or Facebook if u have any other questions

Jason James

He is a tipster of Tipsterformforum Bertiebigbollocks these tips and others are free of charge there. Some of the tips sent are other from successful tipsters. Why pay. Most tips are up by 9am

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