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The Elite Betting Club Review

The Elite Betting Club is a horse racing tipster service operated by Benjamin Pearson. Selections come courtesy of a number of different systems.

What does the product offer?

The Elite Betting Club provides users with a number of selections for horse races across the UK and Ireland. Selections are sent out daily via email which also provides bet logs and results. Selections are (as mentioned) based on a number of different systems and this is reflected in the bets themselves which are a combination of outsiders for big winners as well as more reasonable betting options. Unfortunately Benjamin Pearson doesn’t provide any results which make ascertaining things like a strike rate impossible.

How does the product work?

The Elite Betting Club are highly suggestive that there is a substantial team working behind the scenes with a number of different betting systems. Personally I am not so convinced about the numbers, although I do believe that Benjamin Pearson does use multiple systems to generate his selections.

What is the initial investment?

The Elite Betting Club is only available on a free trial basis at the time of writing this with no information on what potential pricing may be.

What is the rate of return?

Unfortunately there are no results published for The Elite Betting Club and Benjamin Pearson doesn’t make any mention of how much The Elite Betting Club has made.


There is not a lot said about The Elite Betting Club which is rather peculiar for any tipster service. That having been said the current free trial means that by playing on paper you can really put The Elite Betting Club through its paces with no liability. There isn’t really a whole lot left to say about The Elite Betting Club because of the stage of implementation that it is currently at however I would strongly recommend trying to get on board sooner rather than later if you are interested.



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Comments (3)

Followed the free advices and had some sensational winners .So a couple of weeks ago signed up at 18.95 for 2 months.The bets are still great value bets with plenty of winners,but its a nightmare following these as he sends them out at weird times.Sometimes its 8 in the morning and others its five minutes before racing!Ive missed several days and several winners.He is running a Cheltenham service,but im not signing up despite the winners.He doesn’t seem to care if you get the bets once you’ve paid

hopeless, don’t go there.

Hi, I’m the owner of The Elite Betting Club. This was a long time ago. Any chance of a new review, one I’m aware of once racing starts back up again. Let me know thanks! Just want a chance to silence my critic. Just making a few changes to the website as it happens preparing for a return of racing hopefully. All the best.

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