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The Favourites Phenomenon System Review

The Favourites Phenomenon System (or FP System) is a long standing horse racing betting system that according to the creator Matt Watson is able to consistently produce profits.

What does the product offer?

The Favourites Phenomenon System has been going for a very long time (especially by the standards of this type of product) with Matt Watson offering the service since 2006. A key reason that he has been able to run The Favourites Phenomenon System for so long is down to its core simplicity (something that I will look at below). He claims that The Favourites Phenomenon System doesn’t involve any long runs or guesswork, nor does it involve chasing losses. In fact, Matt Watson says that the risk involved in The Favourites Phenomenon System is so minimal that you can “know with 98% certainty that you are going to make money”.

The Favourites Phenomenon System comes as a downloadable guide that follows a simple step by step process, each of which is broken down in to clear and concise instructions. As well as the system itself there is an option to purchase a bot that will bet for you for an additional premium as well as “bonuses” in the form of a calculator as well as email support from Matt Watson.

How does the product work?

The Favourites Phenomenon System is fundamentally based around the premise of “stop at a winner”. This means that once you have a winning bet you cease activity for the day. If your first bet loses, you follow a progressive recovery plan until you have achieved your one point of profit. There is more to The Favourites Phenomenon System than this but I won’t go into it here for obvious reasons.

What is the initial investment?

Matt Watson is selling The Favourites Phenomenon System for a “discounted” rate of £97 down from £247. It is worth noting however that this discount has been in place for a good few years now. If you opted to purchase the betting bot this would cost you an additional £35 per month. It is worth noting that the main part of The Favourites Phenomenon System comes with a 60 day money back guarantee however there is nothing stating this applies to the bot too.

What is the rate of return?

Results for The Favourites Phenomenon System only cover 2006 through to 2011 on the results page however over a 6 year period the average annual profit was 119 point per year or just shy of 10 points per month.


As soon as you look at the sales page for The Favourites Phenomenon System it is clear that this is a system that hasn’t been updated for some time and yet it is still being promoted through some avenues. Since it launched there is a lot that has changed about betting and what approaches to take and this is when you are looking through The Favourites Phenomenon System.

Whilst this is still a solid enough looking system, the reality is that in this day and age there are better uses for £99.



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From: Simon Roberts