The Fiverr Formula Review

The Fiverr Formula is a product marketed by Nick James on behalf of “Paul H” the original creator. It shows you how to successfully make money though micro jobs.

What does the product offer?

The Fiverr Formula comes on an MP3 stick that according to Nick James contains the exact same audio from Paul H (who is the actual creator of the product, Nick James simply holds distribution rights in the UK) that he heard back when he was first introduced to the product and idea. As well as this there are additional upsells that give you interviews with other The Fiverr Formula users who have enjoyed success and access to a members only website.

How does the product work?

The Fiverr Formula is broken up into 10 modules that cover a number of topics related to micro jobbing as well as information on getting started through Kickstarter. The course will ultimately show you the most profitable niches on Fiverr and how to use these to maximise your profitability whilst keeping the amount of work to a minimum.

What is the initial investment?

Nick James offers three different packages for The Fiverr Formula. These are priced at £29.99 for the basic product, £49.99 for additional interviews or £50 (plus £27 per month) for the premium edition which comes with access to the member’s only site (note that this is allegedly a limited time price and this package usually costs £89.99). All options have a £4.95 charge for P&P as well as a vendor backed 30 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

Nick James says that you can expect to make several thousands of pounds per month by implementing what The Fiverr Formula teaches. He also claims to have personally made £500 with these same methods.


There is some money to be made in Fiverr and other similar markets however what I feel that Nick James overlooks is the fact that these markets are already very saturated. Whilst he is selling The Fiverr Formula on the back of the UK being less aware of Fiverr than the US, the truth is that Fiverr is an international market. Even ignoring that, there are plenty of guides to making money through micro jobs, many of which are a lot cheaper. This product is just trying to tap into what is already out there, but for cheaper.



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