The Fixer Review

The Fixer is a brand new horse racing tipster service from the team at Winning Information Network that they claim will help users to generate an easy income.

What does the product offer?

The Fixer is a specialist horse racing tipster service in which selections allegedly come from a high profile bettor who is called upon to “correct the failures of some of the UK’s biggest bettors when things go wrong”. This sounds immensely impressive but it does raise the question about whether or not The Fixer can live up to these claims. As a service, The Fixer doesn’t really do anything to stand out on the surface.

Selections are daily with generally no more than 3 selections advised each day.

All bets for The Fixer are a combination of single, each way and occasional doubles and trebles too, mostly looking at horses with longer odds. Staking follows the usual plan for Winning Information Network of up to 5 points per bet however unlike some examples, The Fixer doesn’t simply stake 5 points on everything to increase the overall profits.

In terms of the strike rate, whilst The Fixer hasn’t been proofed for long, since mid-September the service has achieved an average strike rate of 40.83% which is a rather impressive figure.

How does the product work?

Unfortunately, there isn’t really any information provided by Winning Information Network on what the selection process for The Fixer entails. Whilst some basic information is there, Winning Information Network essentially say that even they aren’t privy to the system that The Fixer uses.

What they do say is that The Fixer is about establishing which horses have the key to winning and that he has secret winning pointers which are also used to make selections.

What is the initial investment?

There are two options if you sign up for The Fixer which are a Monthly Option (which is actually 28 days) and a quarterly option (which is actually 90 days). Winning Information Network are charging £45 and £90 respectively for these with no real money back guarantee in place (like all Betfan products they say that refund requests will be reviewed however they aren’t typically offered).

What is the rate of return?

Since it went live The Fixer has made an overall points profit of 224.59 points in a relatively short space of time. This figure becomes much more impressive when you see it as an ROI which is outstanding at 58.95%.


It remains early days for The Fixer however it is difficult to ignore that the results to date have been incredible. The ROI is without a doubt one of the highest that I have looked at before and that is the bottom line of any tipster service.

That having been said, I would also measure this with the fact that The Fixer is still very much in its infancy and as such there is no guarantee that the performance will continue in this way. Really it becomes a question of how willing you are to take a punt, but either way, this is definitely a service worth watching.


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From: Simon Roberts