The Football Analyst Review

The Football Analyst is a footballing tipster service provided by Steve Davidson. It provides selections for a variety of different bets.

What does the product offer?

The Football Analyst is a tipster service that specialises not just in selections, but the best bets to place in order to maximise profits. The service is offered through Winningmore and Steve Davidson. The Football Analyst doesn’t provide selections daily claiming that they would rather put the emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Unfortunately Steve Davidson provides no details of strike rates etc. The Football Analyst utilises a huge number of bet types from choosing a goal scorer to over unders and both teams to score.

How does the product work?

Steve Davidson says “a considerable amount of thought and research” goes into selections but outside of this vague statement details are unfortunately not overly forthcoming. The Football Analyst seems to be reliant on the afore mentioned multiple bet types in order to keep it in profit.

What is the initial investment?

There is a free trial of The Football Analyst whereby users can get tips for the duration of the World Cup. Once this has elapsed The Football Analyst cost £49 per month, £99 per quarter or £199 annually. It is apparent which subscription length Steve Davidson is pushing. It is worth noting that Steve Davidson offers no refunds or guarantees with any of his products.

What is the rate of return?

The Football Analyst claims returns of over £23,000 this year alone. This is however based off £100 stakes which will likely be out of reach of most punters so I would realistically look at winding this figure down


My biggest concerns with The Football Analyst lie in the fact that you are clearly pushed to buy an annual subscription with no refund policy. That leaves me feeling a little unsettled frankly. Then there is the large issue of the staking recommended by Steve Davidson and The Football Analyst. This combined with some of the loss streaks (a maximum of 10, but frequently 3-4) makes this a very risky proposition.

Personally I’d give The Football Analyst a miss, it isn’t for me namely due to the risks involved.



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From: Simon Roberts