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The Football Guru is a new sports betting tipster service operated by the Betting Gods stable of tipsters that looks at football betting. Unfortunately, there are no details of the tipster behind the service.

What does the product offer?

It has been a while since I have looked at anything from the Betting Gods team and so I was rather pleasantly surprised when I received an affiliate email notifying me of a new service. Having headed straight over to the website, I was pleased to see that the focus remains very much on the service. In fact, there are no unquantifiable or patently ridiculous claims made about The Football Guru whatsoever, something that I always count as a strong positive.

In terms of what you are getting access to, as the name suggests, The Football Guru is a football based sports betting tipster service. There are a number of different things that make The Football Guru stand out when compared to other tipsters however, and I will get to these at the right time. In the main however, you are treading familiar ground. Whilst this could be seen as a bad thing, given the reputation that the Betting Gods guys have, I am going to chalk it up as a positive.

When it comes to the logistics, The Football Guru is a near daily tipster service which provides selections via email throughout the week. These are usually sent out in the mornings and whilst The Football Guru claims an average 175-225 bets per month (around 6-7 bets per day on average), there can be much busier days than others.

As a service, The Football Guru looks at a huge variety of different leagues and cups from across the world. Whilst the majority of bets are across the various English leagues, there are also selections coming from things like the Italian Serie B and the Portuguese Primeira Liga. This variety however isn’t restricted simply to the games that you will be betting on.

It has been pretty clearly established by now that whoever the tipster behind The Football Guru is, they will place any type of bet in order generate the best possible value. A simple glance over at the proofing currently shows things like straight win bets, Asian Handicap bets and even things like the number of corners. The Football Guru also uses small accumulators in order to get the best possible value from selections and in some occasions, has even bet both ways on the same game. Whilst this could easily be perceived as the tipster behind The Football Guru being unsure of his selections, there is enough of a pattern that this doesn’t concern me.

One of the things that really makes The Football Guru stand out is that the service isn’t solely focussed on providing selections in the morning and leaving it at that. In fact, you can expect a multitude of in play bets as well

This only really leaves the numbers to look at and as is always the case with a product from the Betting Gods, these are very clearly highlighted. The staking plan involves staking anywhere from half a point all the way up to 5 points on a single bet. The strike rate for The Football Guru stands at a very respectable 46.35% which when combined with a longest losing run of 9 bets shows a lot of promise.

How does the product work?

When it comes to information on how selections are made for The Football Guru, there is unfortunately very little detail provided on the sales material. Whilst this is undeniably not ideal, the fact that The Football Guru comes from the Betting Gods group does go some of the way to making up for this. This is mostly down to the fact that they have a strong reputation of being factual in their sales and providing proofing and results that are on the nose.

Having looked at the results, I would be inclined to say that there may well be a decent underlying system to The Football Guru. The selections that are made are far from the usual “obvious” choices and the variety of bets suggests an advanced knowledge of football as a sport. Another thing that adds credence to the tipster behind The Football Guru having a decent level of knowledge is the fact that they are so willing to provide in play tips. This is something that takes a dynamic approach to betting in order to prove profitable.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, there are a number of different ways of subscribing to The Football Guru. The first of these is to subscribe on a monthly basis at a cost of £29.95 per month. The second option is to sign up for The Football Guru on a quarterly basis at a cost of £69.95 per period. At the time of writing, both of these options are also available for one month at a massively discounted £1. The final option is a lifetime subscription which is available for a one time payment of £249.95.

It is also worth pointing that all of the purchase options for The Football Guru come with a full 60 day money back guarantee. Because the sales are processed via Clickbank, these are entirely guaranteed as well.

What is the rate of return?

Since it went live at the start of January, The Football Guru as gone on to produce an overall profit £3,555 to £10 stakes. This represents a very significant points profit of 355.5 points of profit in a very short space of time. To create some context for this however, it is worth pointing out that the ROI is “just” 14.53% however.


It is very rare that I have an issue with products from the Betting Gods group and The Football Guru has shown nothing that suggests this will be any different. The results to date have been pretty strong and whilst the profits aren’t necessarily as great as they may first appear, there does seem to be a decent underpinning to The Football Guru. That having been said, I can see that you will have to invest a pretty significant amount of money to generate the profits that are there.

Despite the praise that I have lavished upon The Football Guru so far, I do feel that it would be prudent to address the ROI and the fact that this isn’t a service that will suit everybody. The fact is that if you look at the results to date, there is a significant amount of investment required. Whilst I don’t really doubt that your starting bank (just 50 points) should be enough to get you started, there may well be days where you are betting upwards of £280. This is a considerable amount no matter how much you earn through betting.

So what do I think of The Football Guru then? Honestly, I think that it takes a very committed bettor in order to make this service work. You will have to keep a decent sized amount of your winnings in your betting bank to make sure that things are kept ticking over. As well as the financial aspect, The Football Guru will also require a lot of investment in terms of time. Whilst not all bets are in play, there are a sizable chunk that are. This means that on busy days, you have to be willing to place your bets at any point.

If you are able to keep up with the pace of The Football Guru, then it may well be worth a look. This isn’t something that will suit everyone though. Really though, given the offer that is currently available, I can see no harm in trialling the service. £1 for a month of selections from The Football Guru should be enough to allow you to bet along at low stakes or on paper and see how you go on from there.



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