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The Football King is a relatively new sports betting tipster service from the Betting Gods tipster stable. It claims to be able to produce consistent long term profits with no losing months in 9, and as the name suggests, it is based around football.

Introduction to The Football King 

“Power Up Your Income Betting On Football”, reads Betting Gods’s headline for The Football King. It is a little esoteric, I will admit, however I can also see what they were going for as a marketing exercise.

The fact of the matter is this. When it comes to certain types of tipster services, namely football and horse racing, there is something of an oversaturation of the market. But turning to football, Betting Gods have just two. The first is Footie Flutters which has performed reasonably enough, however I maintain that it is not a service that will suit everybody.

The Football King looks to be a more typical affair with the service mostly choosing to back straight forward bets with a seemingly straight forward staking plan. This is something that Betting Gods have been missing in my opinion. The question however, is whether or not The Football King is really equipped to provide this. 

What Does The Football King Offer?           

Despite a rather lofty sales pitch, The Football King is a pretty straight forward example of a football tipster service. The fact of the matter is that Betting Gods don’t seem to have a lot of variation in terms of how the run their tipster services (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). This means that you can expect selections from the tipster behind The Football King on a near daily basis.

These are sent directly to subscribers via email, whilst also being made available on a members area of the Betting Gods website.

In terms of the bets, it appears that whoever is behind The Football King has a predilection for variety, something which becomes apparent very quickly. The service involves placing bets on football from a variety of different leagues.

Without looking hard, the proofing from Betting Gods shows bets on La Liga, The Bundesliga, Serie A, The Premier League and France Ligue 1. As well as this variety in terms of leagues, The Football King also involves betting on a number of different betting markets. These include, but are not limited to, over/under goal markets, picking winners, and both teams to score.

Fortunately, Betting Gods’s proofing also shows that there is pretty restrained volume of bets involved.

There is a staking plan in place for The Football King which is based around staking anywhere from 1 to 5 points on a given bet. Fortunately, The Football King is somewhat restrained in its approach with this higher stake rarely appearing. This is definitely a blessing. The fact of the matter, and as I will explore in greater detail below, the service has not performed particularly well.

Betting Gods’s proofing demonstrates this and honestly, the thought of how much The Football King could have lost doesn’t bear thinking about.

Typically speaking, Betting Gods are very forthcoming with information about their services, including a strike rate. In the case of The Football King, there isn’t however anything provided in this regard at all. What is very clear however is that you should not come into this expecting to win often. Whilst I don’t have the specific numbers, I should point out that The Football King has lost money quite consistently over time.

How Does The Football King Work?

There is very little that really provides insight into how selections are identified for The Football King. There is talk about how the tipster behind the service is very much into football, and that they have been betting on the sport for some 17 years. Betting Gods even say in the sales material that the tipster studies “extremely hard”, but I would definitely have liked to have seen more here. Especially when you consider the results.

Truth be told though, there isn’t really a lot about The Football King that I would consider to be stand out per se.

The bets that are advised all seem to be pretty common sense bets (that just happen to not necessarily win). For example, over 2.5 goals in friendly between Brazil and Uruguay or Arsenal to beat Wolves. The biggest problem though simply stems from the fact that without information on how bets are identified, these losses just seem like bad betting advice.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two different options if you want to subscribe to The Football King. The first of these is a 28 day subscription. This is priced at £25 every 28 days which is relatively inexpensive by most standards. Alternatively, Betting Gods offer a 90 day subscription which is priced at £60 every 90 days which does represent significantly better value for money.

It is worth noting that there is no real money back guarantee in place for The Football King, however this is rather typical for Betting Gods. They do say that they will review refund requests, however these are not typically given.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since its launch 12 months ago, The Football King has produced an overall profit of 102.55 points. This all sounds well and good, and to credit Betting Gods, the service has produced an overall profit. It is worth noting however that since August, The Football King has generally demonstrated a downward trend in terms of profit.

At the time of writing, a potentially risky 5 point double has brought up profits by 50.25 points recently. This seems to be something of an anomalous result however.

Conclusion on The Football King 

As is frustratingly frequent with services from Betting Gods, there is a strong pattern of a solid start, followed by some slightly less impressive results. Now there are a few points that I want to address here. First of all, The Football King has made a profit. That in and of itself is something that should be celebrated, and as is the case with all products from Betting Gods, the way things are operated is pretty solid.

What I am really struggling to get over is the series of decline in profit that has taken place. Before the “big win” landed, December was tracking to lose in excess of 30 points. In response to this, there have been a few bets placed at 5 point stakes which suggests an element of desperation. This brings me to the 50 point win.

I referred to it as anomalous earlier, and that isn’t just in terms of the impact on the profit and loss. There have been very few double bets (which this example was) which just feels like a tipster trying to turn a month around.

Now I want to get speculative off the back of this. How long would Betting Gods have allowed 5 point stakes to be placed on bets in order to see a win through? What if the win that was taken didn’t happen to be such a big one? Where would this leave you with The Football King? If these seem like unreasonable questions, the harsh reality is that they are questions you may well end up asking yourself next month as well.

One of the larger factors to be considered are the costs involved. £25 per month isn’t a massive amount for a tipster service. In fact, I would consider it to be just below average (my average is £30). But the thing is, you are paying £25 per month for a service that even in its best light has made a profit of just 102 points.

For my money, that subscription fee could be earning you much more money elsewhere. This leads to the final nail in the coffin of The Football King for me which is that Betting Gods just aren’t offering value for money here.

I am of the opinion that if a service isn’t performing, you can’t reasonably expect a premium for it. Especially when you are dealing with a competitive market which football betting is.  With all of this in mind, I will end rather bluntly by stating that The Football King just isn’t good enough for my liking.


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