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The Football RTM System is a new football betting self selection system that has been created by Tim Rawson and offered through Streetwise Publications. It supposedly allows you to generate quite substantial profits on a daily basis.

What does the product offer?

Whenever something Streetwise Publications comes through the ranks, it is always rather difficult to know where to start and this is in no small part down to their marketing methods. Taking a simple look at the headlines for The Football RTM System highlights this perfectly:

“Maths & Statistics ‘Nerd’ Makes Embarrassing Confession…
I Make A Regular And Reliable £750-£1,250 A Week Betting On Football…And It’s Mainly Down To Luck”.

This is a far cry from what I would expect from most marketers and so with some trepidation about the service, I want to have a look at The Football RTM System.

So what exactly are you getting when you sign up for The Football RTM System? The truth is not a lot in many respects. Streetwise Publications and Tim Rawson have condensed the whole system down into a twenty page manuscript. To credit them, this is a concise tome that is best described as efficient in its delivery. Everything seems to be well laid out and easy enough to follow along. The sales material or The Football RTM System does however perhaps paint this as being a touch too easy. It is also worth pointing out that The Football RTM System is dependent on your having an account with a betting exchange. As is generally the case, Betfair is recommended.

Over the course of The Football RTM System, Tim Rawson says that you will be shown how to spot when a team or player is displaying the “X Factor”. This is supposedly crucial in establishing the “luck” that surrounds a team. There is also information on how to place your bets to yield the maximum profit with minimal risk as well as sections on how to trade bets over and over to make “multiple profits”. You are also shown how to manage everything from various devices so that you can “make money from this anytime, and anywhere”.

Tim Rawson and Streetwise Publications claim that in using The Football RTM System you will only require minutes per day in order to identify your selections. This I am not entirely sold on. I have often found with services that they claim to offer a very short turnaround and this is correct to some degree. How much time is spent on your research and applying the system can take significantly longer so those who are looking for something that they can quickly and easily throw together before work may want to keep this in mind.

Those who are familiar with Streetwise Publications products will recognise that there is no real factual information or statistics mentioned at this point. Unfortunately, this is par for the course so those hoping for things like a strike rate from Tim Rawson or more information on staking through The Football RTM System are going to be disappointed.

How does the product work?

The marketing material for The Football RTM System talks extensively about how Tim Rawson has worked as a mathematician and statistician for a considerable amount of time. He supposedly works as an insurance loss adjustor and so we are painted the image of somebody who is comfortable and familiar around finding patterns in numbers. He also talks about his love of betting and how this has been a part of his life.

Also core to The Football RTM System is the concept of luck. This is where I must again circle back to the marketing that is put out by Streetwise Publications. We are told that luck is something that can be accounted for. A tangible influence on sporting events that according to Tim Rawson can be “cashed in on”. There is a bit more talk of this but without going into too much detail, The Football RTM System uses simply another way of looking at how betting markets act and value that can be obtained from this. It is in fact a far cry from luck.

What is the initial investment?

The Football RTM System is currently being offered at a supposedly massively discounted rate of “just” £177. This is supposedly less than half of the price that Streetwise Publications will be selling it at next year (£397 and then up to £497). This is a one off payment which is handled directly via Streetwise Publications. It is also worth pointing out that The Football RTM System comes with a “Full 12 Month (Or More!)” moneyback guarantee. This states that if you haven’t made a “substantial profit” that you’re happy with then you can claim a full refund.

What is the rate of return?

The supposed income potential for The Football RTM System is very consistent across the marketing material. This is the same claim that was covered in the headline of making £750 to £1,250 per week. As I have already touched upon there is no real evidence supporting this. Given that Tim Rawson implies that he has been using The Football RTM System for himself for some time, and combined with the fact that he supposedly has a mathematical background, I find it reasonable to expect some results to have been recorded.


I accept that sometimes with a product you have to roll with the punches and accept what somebody says at face value. Other times I feel that it is more than reasonable to expect evidence. In the case of The Football RTM System, I am firmly in the latter camp. There are a number of reasons for this which I will explore, however I also include the association with Streetwise Publications. Whilst their products often work, they rarely produce quire the results which are claimed and I see nothing to suggest that The Football RTM System will break this mould.

In part because of the above, I would expect some evidence that The Football RTM System actually does what is claimed throughout the sales material. Unfortunately, we receive absolutely nothing that backs these claims up. This is a problem for me. I accept that Tim Rawson is providing a self selection product and as such everybody will have different results. What struggle to accept is that any professional bettor hasn’t kept at least some results that they can share, especially one who has a betting product due to be released for sale.

All of this brings me to whether or not The Football RTM System represents value for money. The short answer to this in my opinion is a resounding no. I won’t say that this is necessarily about the product as I genuinely believe that The Football RTM System will work to some degree. What I am much less convinced of is the price. £177 is a hell of a lot of money and I would expect a lot for this and I just don’t think that this is delivered here. With this in mind, I simply can’t see any reason to recommend The Football RTM System, especially when there are so many proven products available for less.


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thank you for the detailed review.
Great review and thanks again.

Thanks for your review. Over the years I have purchased many systems, none of which have worked. if I’ kept my money in the bank I would be a few thousand better off. I now drop them in the bin unopened. However in your review you do mention some systems that do work, is it possible to email me the names of some of these systems.

Thanks for the review. Over the years I have purchased many systems none of which have worked. I’d be a couple of thousand richer if I’d left my money in the bank. I now pop them in the bin unopened. However you mention you have found systems that do work. Is it possible to email me some of the names of these systems.

A very balanced appraisal and I have to agree with your conclusions.

Mr Rawson’s letter would have been more convincing if he had set out his own weekly strike rate with the product.

Thank you

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