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The Formula is a new horse racing tipster service from the Betfan group. It is the work of tipsters Nathan Lane and Dylan Pritchard and has produced some results that are frankly, amazing.


I have experience with Betfan and as such, I can genuinely say that when I saw their initial results for The Formula, I thought to myself. Here it is again. Back to the old, 5 points on every bet approach. Ridiculous profits being made off the back of ridiculous risk.

Even the headline I old school Betfan “Two Racing Industry Professionals Join Forces And Boy Do They Pack A Punch! Bookies Beware… This Is Powerful Stuff!!!”. I am quite happy to say that I was left eating my words when I started to look at what Nathan Lane and Dylan Pritchard have put together.

I can honestly say that this is one of the most exciting tipster services I have looked at for a long time in terms of results. I don’t like to throw around words like “the real deal”, but The Formula may well be as close as I have seen to this for some time.

What Does The Formula Offer?

There is a lot of structure to The Formula which I don’t think is an entirely bad thing (although it does raise some questions I want to address later). What you are getting as a subscriber are Nathan Lane and Dylan Pritchard’s selections on a daily basis.

These are sent out directly to subscribers via email as well as being uploaded to a member’s area on the Betfan website. The Formula is pretty detailed with its bets, as you would expect from arguably the largest tipster stable in the UK. This is also important because of the approach.

When you receive your bets through The Formula, you will receive just two selections from Nathan Lane and Dylan Pritchard. There may just be two selections, but there are three bets which are ultimately advised every day. These are always going to include a double, and will be either simple win bets or each way.

The double is then backed in accordance with the individual bets (meaning an each way double or a win double). The odds that The Formula advises are rather varied which ultimately allows for some massive wins (one day saw a return of 92.25 points off 3 bets).

Way back in the introduction I talked about the staking plan for The Formula and how I was pleasantly surprised to see that it isn’t staking 5 points on every bet. None the less, there is a rigidity to the stakes that needs to be considered.

Each day, Nathan Lane and Dylan Pritchard say that your double bet should be backed to just 1 point stakes.

The two single/each way bets should then be staked at 3 points. Whilst this does mean staking 7 points per day on The Formula (a number some people may find to be a touch high), I do think that the fact that this number doesn’t change allows for some very reasonable betting bank management.

With everything that I have discussed so far, you could quite easily be forgiven for thinking that Nathan Lane and Dylan Pritchard would struggle with the strike rate for The Formula. This isn’t the case however.

Since proofing with Betfan began, the service has generated a strike rate of 41.82%. This is a phenomenal number for any tipster service, however the fact that The Formula has been able to achieve this result with the odds involved etc. speaks volumes in my opinion.

How Does The Formula Work?

There is no information provided whatsoever about what the selection process for The Formula. This is something that has to be highlighted as there are some people who might find this to be off putting. It is worth keeping in mind that if you are one of these people, you are going to remain disappointed too.

Betfan don’t just go out of their way to say that Nathan Lane and Dylan Pritchard are not giving away their method, but say the following:

“Before you ask NO the system used is not for sale. We don’t even know what the actual system is. All we know is that it’s on fire and producing some awesome winners.”

It goes without saying that I generally like to see some information on what the selection process entails, however in the case of The Formula I think that this can be forgiven for a few reasons. Firstly, you have the results.

I will get to these in detail but they are incredibly strong. Secondly, there is the fact that The Formula doesn’t tend to differ from one day to the next. If Nathan Lane and Dylan Pritchard were just throwing out 6 or 7 long shots, this would be a much bigger deal to me. As it stands, the structure suggests that there is something above board going on in the background.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options if you want to subscribe to The Formula and I have to be honest and say that neither of these is cheap. The first option that Betfan offer is a “monthly” subscription. This is priced at £57 however it is important to keep in mind that Betfan’s “months” are 28 days. This means that you will pay 13 times over the course of the year. Alternatively, you can pay £124 to receive sections for 90 days.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since Nathan Lane and Dylan Pritchard started proofing The Formula through Betfan at the start of March, they have seen their selections generate a profit of 1454.21 points to BOG. There is no getting around the fact that this is one hell of a result.

This means that The Formula has seen an ROI of 116.42%. An equally impressive number that over 8 months is almost unprecedented as a success. It is woth keeping in mind that there have been no large periods of loss in this time either showing a very consistent profit.


To say that The Formula is the best horse racing tipster service that I have ever seen might be a bit of a stretch. It is however definitely in amongst the best of the best. The fact of the matter is that I don’t often find services which can genuinely deliver on huge claims.

Sure, anybody can say that they have made £10,000 in a month, but if you have to bet £1,000 per point to make that kind of money, then it just isn’t a particularly efficient venture. Here is the fact of the matter. Had you followed The Formula to modest £10 stakes, you would have made money comparable to some full time jobs.

Are there criticisms that can be made of The Formula? Of course there is. You can find flaw with anything if you want to try hard enough. The fact of the matter is this though. Nathan Lane and Dylan Pritchard are offering arguably one of the roundest and most profitable services I have seen for a long time.

The results are consistent and whilst it is undoubtedly quite expensive, the profits produced mean that The Formula still retains value for money.

If there is one thing that does sit at the back of my mind when it comes to The Formula, it is what I privately think of as the Betfan curse. A number of their services seem to perform exceptionally well in proofing, but when they go live, they struggle. The length of time that Nathan Lane and Dylan Pritchard have proofed The Formula means that this is unlikely to happen.

If I am realistic about things though, this does have to remain a possibility. Furthermore, if The Formula does start losing, the consistent staking of 7 points per day may start to add up.

As it is though, I can’t see much in the way of reasons not to recommend The Formula. It is by far and away one of the better looking tipster services that I have seen for a very long time.

This is something that I have said before now, but had I known the magnitude of success that Nathan Lane and Dylan Pritchard’s tips would enjoy, I would have been much choosier with my words. The Formula genuinely transcends results that I would consider to be typical for a tipster service.

With this in mind, if you can afford The Formula, I think that you would probably be doing yourself a disservice in not signing up do your research first though.



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Hi, Great review. Followed this service for a while and made great profit and would also recommend to anyone as an addition to any portfolio. They have suddenly parted ways with Betfan unfortunately, I presume to possible go their own way as the service was a great success. I wondered if you were aware of this and if so where they have ‘gone’ to.

Well his is a complete mystery because if they were so successfull you would think they would make more noise on social media etc about parting company. I can’t find a mention of Nathan or Dylan anywhere. Gutted as I joined in October and was about a grand up. Mystery

Agreed, that closure came out of nowhere, although they weren’t performing to their best the last 3-4 weeks. For some reason the strike rate appeared to drop and they were no longer generating profits. Knowing Betfan though, The Formula’s delivery were not anywhere near a level that would usually lead to shutting the service down – there are services there which has delivered poor results for a very long period and yet still is promoted, so there must have been going something on behind the curtains. Very strange.

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