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The Gentleman’s List is a new product that is being offered through the Winning Information Network arm of the Betfan group. It is a premium horse racing tipster service that claims to have produced a rather significant profit.

What does the product offer?

Knowing where to start with The Gentleman’s List is rather difficult in some regards. This is a tipster service that Winning Information Network have clearly been working on for some time and as such, the sales material is prone to what I can’t help but feel is a little bit of marketing whimsy (anything that opens by referring to the Druid’s Lodge Confederacy instantly sounds like a Tom Clancy novel to me). All of that aside, there is potentially a decent service underpinning these references to long gone betting coups.

So, what are you actually getting with The Gentleman’s List? The aforementioned Druid’s Lodge Confederacy were a syndicate comprised of financiers, a vet, trainers and horseman. This newer offering most definitely isn’t that. In fact, it appears to be a relatively straight forward tipster service with a focus on finding value bets.

This means that despite the rather flowery marketing that Winning Information Network have in place, you are looking at a daily horse racing tipster service. Selections from The Gentleman’s List are sent out via email as well as having a members area on the Winning Information Network website. The bets themselves are all rather straight forward and are based around simple win bets on a variety of different UK courses.

Whilst I wouldn’t say that The Gentleman’s List is a particularly high volume service, I do feel that it is of note that this does appear to be creeping up. Whilst this could easily be attributed to summer being around the corner and the general increased horse racing activity that comes with this, there is some evidence to back this up. In the first two weeks of June this year, the The Gentleman’s List team have proofed 63 selections to Winning Information Network. By contrast, for 2016 this number was just 33 bets. A very significant jump.

This only opens up the numbers for consideration and there aren’t really any significant surprises in my opinion. The staking plan does eschew the usual Betfan staking plan of betting 5 points per bet. Instead, users are advised to stake between 1 point and 3 points which does allow for some mitigation when you do lose. To credit Winning Information Network, this does allow for a much more balanced approach and in my opinion, this has probably helped the overall profit and loss.

On the subject of “when you do lose”, this is something that will happen. In fact the strike rate for The Gentleman’s List is 18.19%  as an average over the last year and a bit. This isn’t necessarily entirely reflective of The Gentleman’s List on a whole and actually, some months perform much better than others. All things considered though, the nature of The Gentleman’s List means that you will definitely lose more often than you win.

How does the product work?

In terms of the actual selection process for The Gentleman’s List, there is very little information provided which is rather disappointing. As I have already touched upon before now, there is plenty of talk about the Druid’s Lodge Confederacy and how the team behind The Gentleman’s List are similarly positioned (except they actually aren’t). We are also told by Winning Information Network that the team behind The Gentleman’s List are a “consortium of Gentlemen within the sport who pool all of their information each day”.

For a number of reasons however, I don’t believe that this lack of detail in terms of the selection  process are the be all and end all however. It is important to keep in mind that whist the lack of information makes it difficult to gain real insight into The Gentleman’s List, there are plenty of long term results proofed and this is reasonable enough in my book.

What is the initial investment?

When it comes to downsides of The Gentleman’s List, there is one that stands out above the rest and that is the costs. Whilst Winning Information Network aren’t known for their products being the cheapest on the market, this definitely takes things to a new high. There are three subscription options available for The Gentleman’s List which are monthly, quarterly and six monthly. Winning Information Network are asking £97, £194 and £247 respectively for these different packages.

As is typical with any product from within the Betfan group, it is worth pointing out that there is no money back guarantee in place for The Gentleman’s List. The team do however continue to say that they will consider refund requests however thes0e. are not typically provided.

What is the rate of return?43

I have already talked about how the lack of information on the selection process isn’t the be all and end all with The Gentleman’s List. A big part of this is the profits which have been generated over the last 14 months or so. The points value currently stands at 909.43 points of profit over this period.

What is particularly spectacular about these profits however are the consistency with which they have achieved. Whilst there are definitely ups and downs to The Gentleman’s List, in the main there is a long term incline, all of which suggests that however the selections are being generated, they are working well.

The number that really seals The Gentleman’s List for me on the profit is the return on investment. This figure stands at an average of 29.84% which over a long length of time is a very impressive feat.


I feel that it would be prudent of me not to address what is in my opinion, the single biggest problem with The Gentleman’s List and that is the costs involved. Whilst I can see the point of the Winning Information Network team in saying that there is substantially better value to be had if you subscribe for longer terms, I can’t help but feel that this is a very big ask for a new launch.

With that having been said, it is quite apparent that there is a talented team of tipsters behind The Gentleman’s List and the results rather speak for themselves. One of the things that really gives me hope for The Gentleman’s List when laid next to a lot of other products from Winning Information Network it is clear how rigorously this has been tested. There is no selling the service on the back of a single winning streak or a sudden burst of large profits (which are unfortunately usually inflated).

This makes for a very conflicted position when looking at The Gentleman’s List. For my money, The Gentleman’s List is asking a little bit too much investment for what is on offer. This is mostly down to the fact however that I know there are better value options on the market and that really is the crux of the problem with The Gentleman’s List. If you have the money to throw at it, then based off the historic results, I can see where there appeal of The Gentleman’s List may lie.

The long and short of things is that whilst The Gentleman’s List is a good offering. I also think that it’s one of the more standout products from the Betfan group in recent years. Unfortunately, I think that it is slightly priced out of the market which is a shame. It is just rather difficult to recommend a single horse racing service when for the same monthly cost you could purchase a portfolio of decent tipsters across



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