The Goal Strategy Review Darren Hayward

The Goal Strategy is a new to market sports betting tipster service which is operated by one Darren Hayward. He claims that his strategy can make some very respectable profits.

Introduction to The Goal Strategy

Having been involved with the betting industry for as long as I have, my ideas of what is and isn’t simple, easy to follow, etc. have all changed massively. Then every now and then, I come across something that is seemingly that straight forward and easy, that it somewhat redefines my ideas of this.

And that brings me to the subject of todays review, The Goal Strategy. Because according to Darren Hayward, you will have to place just 2 bets per week, and you can supposedly get started with one of the most minimal betting banks I think that I have ever seen. But I’ll come to this shortly.

Factor in that the service is by no means expensive as well, and you have a tipster service that appears as though it may be a fine thing for those who are new to sports betting. From what I have seen so far, I have some doubts about this. But, I will keep an open mind when looking at The Goal Strategy, because if it can deliver, it should be spectacular.

What Does The Goal Strategy Offer?

I have already said that The Goal Strategy is seemingly an easy to follow tipster service. I have even said that it is straight forward, but to really understand why I’m talking like this, you have to see what exactly you get and how Darren Hayward operates the service.

So, first things first, let’s talk about the fact that you only receive 2 bets per week through The Goal Strategy. That makes for about as simple as you can get really. Just 2 bets requires very little in the way of work, and the way that Darren Hayward manages the service means that as well as this, it is also something that is open to a lot of different people.

As you would expect, when there are bets available, they are sent out to The Goal Strategy subscribers, directly via email. However, one of the things that is a strong positive about Darren Hayward’s service is that you get bags of time to place those bets. For example, if there are games on a Friday evening, you can expect to receive bets on the Thursday evening at the latest.

This allows you plenty of time to get the bets placed, whilst also allowing you to find the best possible value. And that is a point that I want to talk a little bit about here. There is a suggestion that the odds involved with The Goal Strategy are typically quite high but honestly, from what I’ve seen, there is probably a bit of flexibility to this statement.

Realistically, the small number of bets means that you will want to obtain the est possible odds that you can get. I put the emphasis on you because I’m not sure that the odds Darren Hayward talks about are realistically obtainable, despite the markets involved.

You see, we’re told that all of the bets that are recommended have odds of at least 2.01, with the theory being that you only need one win to come in given week in order to make a small profit. All of that sounds pretty good right? Well, this brings me back to the odds that you can get, as opposed to what you should be able to get.

Sometimes it is feasible to get those 2.0 odds (and much higher in the event of both bets coming in). But it doesn’t seem to the be the case on a particularly consistent basis and that is a bit of a problem in my opinion.

In terms of the staking plan, it is all quite straight forward. It is advised that you back the 2 bets to 1 point each. This staking just 2 points per week all sounds very low risk, however this isn’t the whole picture.

You see, one of the things that Darren Hayward is very proud to proclaim is the fact that the required betting bank for The Goal Strategy is just 10 points. This means that each week you are staking 20% of that which is not necessarily an unmanageable amount, but it does also come with somewhat significant risk in my opinion.

The fact of the matter is that whilst the strike rate is claimed to be pretty decent (and I will come to this next), if you are only wining 1 bet, whilst you don’t necessarily lose money, your profit is just 0.1 points as a minimum. That means recovering a losing weekend of 2 points can be a very arduous process.

 And so, we come to the strike rate for The Goal Strategy. Now, Darren Hayward makes the claim that this stands at 56.25%. But, we are told, 75% of bets “at the lower end” have come in. Now, all of this sounds good, however there is no proofing provided for the service. At least, not openly.

Darren Hayward says that he will only provide access to this when you sign up because otherwise, his betting method could be reverse engineered. Somewhat more concerning to me however is the statement that when you sign up, you receive an email with all of the seasons bets so far.

Now, I don’t want to say that Darren Hayward is going to use this to manipulate any results, but it is highly concerning to me that these aren’t being updated live and in a public forum. The fact of the matter is that this kind of thing is potentially open to being used to simply send out results to people as they show up that demonstrate winning results.

How Does The Goal Strategy Work?

In terms of how everything works, we are somewhat fortunate that Darren Hayward does provide some insight into what betting on The Goal Strategy entails. And honestly, if you don’t look too hard at it, I will hold my hands up and say that it seems like a simple (albeit potentially profitable) strategy.

Essentially, we are told, he monitors the goals that the Premier League and Championship teams are involved in. These count both for and against. This then gives an idea of what kind of results you can reasonably expect for any upcoming games. Information which can be leveraged to identify where there is value.

Now, this isn’t the only element to The Goal Strategy. We are also told that there is a bit more to the service, however, Darren Hayward keeps this element under wraps. Which honestly, is fair enough. I’ve long maintained that I don’t expect any tipster to give away their system for free, and there is certainly enough information to make an informed decision about what you are getting into.

Unfortunately, I do find that the lack of proofing is somewhat problematic. The fact of the matter is that Darren Hayward gives more than enough information to fundamentally reverse engineer the process. So, I don’t see why he couldn’t produce proofing. Unless of course, it isn’t to his benefit to have this in a central position where those results can be scrutinised by everyone.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to The Goal Strategy, it is actually very cheap. Darren Hayward is asking a one time payment of just £25 (plus VAT) in order to receive selections for the remainder of the season. Once this time has elapsed, we are told that the service will go up to the full price for a season of £49 (presumably there will also be VAT on top of this as well).  

It is worth noting that this is being sold through Clickbank which means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place. To credit Darren Hayward, this is something that is well advertised in the  

What is the Rate of Return?

The headline for The Goal Strategy makes a simple claim. “Make £318 Per Week By Placing Just 2 Bets”. Immediately after this, we are told that 8 games into the season, Darren Hayward has made £2,544 profit. This includes £1,059 that was supposedly made in just one weekend.

Now, all of these numbers sound very impressive, however there are a few factors that need to be considered in my opinion. First of all, these numbers are to £100 stakes. That means that the £318 per week, whilst pretty believable in context, does mean just 3.18 points per week.

None the less, that would still represent an ROI of some 50 odd percent. A number which to be attained with the kind of consistency Darren Hayward claims, would really make The Goal Strategy a stand out service. I do however have some issues with this.

Conclusion for The Goal Strategy

I will be blunt. The Goal Strategy sounds too good to be true. And that is because it is. Now, that should be that, but I want to talk a little bit about why it is so problematic to me. Because there are some quite obvious reasons that will immediately jump out at people, and there are some problems that perhaps are much more problematic.

First things first, I want to address the profits. Darren Hayward does a good job of really building these up with his talk of making £318 per week and over a grand in a weekend. These numbers are exactly the kind of numbers that people are looking for. Because they’re believable, but definitely substantial enough that it would make a huge difference to almost anybody.

However, those results are also very disappointing when you look at the actual points profits. Don’t get me wrong, a tipster service making 13ish points per month consistently is doing reasonably well. But that is also somewhat contingent on them actually producing that profit, something that Darren Hayward doesn’t really demonstrate when it comes to The Goal Strategy.

The fact of the matter is that there is minimal evidence that this is a service that can actually work for you. Sure, Darren Hayward provides a few select bets that have supposedly come in, but that just isn’t good enough in my opinion. Not least of which is because best case scenario, the bets are genuine but have been cherry picked from who knows how many losers.

With all of this in mind, I just don’t believe that The Goal Strategy is a service that I can realistically buy into. Even at the seemingly low price. Now, I will admit that some people may be thinking that it’s worth a punt for £25. But there are some things that exist in the background that really convince me that this isn’t worthwhile.

You see, I believe that I have technically already looked at The Goal Strategy. The end result was very much the same conclusion that I reached last time. Except, it seems like the service was being offered by different vendor. The person who is selling the service this time round appears to have not launched anything for some time.

I have seen this kind of thing before, but I don’t believe I have seen it so transparent as it is here. Of course, I say transparent, but truthfully, I’m not certain that it is. The only reason that I’ve been able to stumble upon this is because the time I have spent in this line of work and developing an understanding of things that take place in the background.

So, whilst I didn’t really buy into The Goal Strategy the last time I looked at it for pretty much the same reasons that I have already given. I certainly cannot bring myself to recommend it under these circumstances. The Goal Strategy deserves a very wide berth in my opinion.


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