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The Goal Strategy is a new sports betting tipster service that is based around football betting. According to creator Darren Hayward, anybody should be able to get started following his betting advice as it requires minimal input and work.

Introduction to The Goal Strategy

I think that it is very fair to say that if there is one thing that almost every punter would like from their tipster service, it is simplicity. In this day and age, I feel like it is increasingly common to have complicated arrangements with a tipster service. Whether it is exotic bet types that involve spreading your stake across multiple multiples or high stake services that recommend a bet for every game in a weekend.

the-goal-strategy-reviewSo, when The Goal Strategy landed in my inbox with a headline claiming that you can make £337 per week by placing just 2 bets, well, you can guarantee that I was interested. It isn’t that I don’t believe in working hard for betting profit. Some of the most profitable services on the market require time and effort, but when Darren Hayward is making it sound that easy…

Well, it’s hard not to pay attention. So, is The Goal Strategy everything that this headline suggests it is? Let’s find out.

What Does The Goal Strategy Offer?

So, what do you actually get when you sign up to The Goal Strategy?

As should be clear from what has been discussed so far, this is a rather selective tipster service. This means that there aren’t bets every day. In fact, all of the bets that are advised fall around the weekend.

Darren Hayward sends out his selections via email the evening before fixtures (Thursday evening if the first game is on Friday, Friday evening if the first game is on Saturday). All that you have to do is place the bets. As always, Oddschecker is your friend here.

In terms of the bets themselves, it goes without saying that The Goal Strategy is a low volume service. In spite of this, there is still some risk carried as I want to explore when I talk about the staking.

The bets are abased around goal markets and according to Darren Hayward, have typically quite high odds for football betting. In fact, he says that the odds on one bet are never lower than 2.01. If both bets advised through The Goal Strategy come in, then you are supposedly “looking at over a 10pt profit”. This sounds good and would actually represent a 100% betting bank increase on these occasions.

With all of this said, it is now time to talk about the staking plan. The Goal Strategy is a level stakes affair with each bet advised to be backed to just 1 point. Darren Hayward appears to favour rather large monetary stakes however. For example, he says that he bets to £100 per point, furthermore, it is strongly implied that you should also bet a lot.  Quoting the sales material for The Goal Strategy directly “The bets are 2 per week.

This never changes so you only need £200 per week.”. The 10 point bank is supposedly more than enough to allow you to maximise your per bet amount, whilst still covering “a bad week or two”.

Darren Hayward says that part of the reason that The Goal Strategy is able to operate so successfully is because of the odds that I discussed before.

By the lowest ranked bet standing at minimum odds of 2.01 he says, you only need a strike rate of 50% in order to maintain your betting bank. As luck would have it, the strike rate just so happens to supposedly meet that criteria at 54.17%! I should highlight that I am actually somewhat sceptical about this number for reasons I will get to.

How Does The Goal Strategy Work?

So, as you can probably guess from the name of the product, The Goal Strategy is a service which is based predominantly around the number of goals which are scored. The whole process is “detailed” by Darren Hayward and at first glance it seems quite interesting. He has a sheet which calculates the average goals per game that a given team is involved in. When two teams play, you add the goals together and divide by two to get an average.

From here, the selection process behind The Goal Strategy is very secretive and Darren Hayward doesn’t want to give anything away.

So much so in fact, that there isn’t even proofing provided for the service until you sign up! Darren Hayward says “I keep full results of all the bets I have placed this season” adding that in order to “protect the service from people trying to steal the strategy”, he chooses not to publish them.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is only one option available if you want to sign up for The Goal Strategy and that is a one time cost of £37 (plus VAT). Darren Hayward says that this will provide you with tips for the rest of the season which gives you a decent 6 months or so. It is worth noting that The Goal Strategy is sold through Clickbank which means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place. To be fair to Darren Hayward, this is quite clearly mentioned in the sales material.

What is the Rate of Return?

The headlining number for The Goal Strategy in terms of the income potential is that the service can make users £337 per week. Furthermore, Darren Hayward says that so far for the football service has made them £4,044 of profit in 12 games.

This is what the website claims:

goal-strategy-profitsAll of these numbers sound pretty plausible if you don’t think about them too hard, however it is with critical thinking that these start to all apart. First things first, there simply isn’t any evidence that Darren Hayward can deliver on the claims that he makes.

Secondly, if you want to achieve these results then you would need to stake £100 per point. This means that actually, you are looking at a very modest 3.35 points per week.

Conclusion on The Goal Strategy

At a glance, The Goal Strategy seems to be all mouth and no trousers. With talk of £4,044 profit in 12 games and £337 per week, all from just 2 bets, well, you could easily be forgiven or thinking that you were on to a sure thing here. And then you realise that Darren Hayward has been betting to £100 stakes and all of a sudden, I feel like the picture changes which may well be some of the cleverest marketing that I have seen for some time. But I’ll come back to this shortly.

The fact of the matter is this, whilst £337 sounds a touch unbelievable, 3.37 point does not. In fact, some would even go as far as to say that the result is a bit disappointing. But this does add up to some 13 points per month.

This falls well short of some of the more expensive tipster services that I have looked at before now, but bringing me on to the second part of what I believe may be a genius piece of marketing. Darren Hayward doesn’t have to oversell The Goal Strategy because it is just £37. It is a budget offering, and just like you don’t expect Aldi beans to taste like Heinz, it seems unreasonable to make direct comparisons.

With all of this said, I can’t help but feel that this thought process is something that is very carefully cultivated through the sales material.

Everything kind of adds up. 54% strike rate? Looks feasible. Occasional big wins of 10 points in a week? Present and pretty much AOK. Even the proofing that you get when you sign up suggests that all of this is true. So why don’t I like The Goal Strategy?

For me, everything is just a little too convenient.

Everything that Darren Hayward offers happens to do just enough that you wouldn’t question it individually. But when you start to put it all together, it just all seems so convenient. With this instinct that something isn’t quite right, I decided to do some digging on The Goal Strategy. The vendor who is selling the service has apparently come out of retirement from their last projects.

Some time ago, there were 5 new tipster services released within a 12 month period, all for horse racing. Is it possible that the vendor has since cracked football betting? I suppose it is, however I don’t necessarily see it as probable. With this in mind, I am not inclined to buy into The Goal Strategy. I think that Darren Hayward does a grand job of selling the service, but the whole thing just feels slightly off to me.

For those of you who are more willing to take on a risk, then The Goal Strategy isn’t a lot of money and the 60 day money back guarantee remains in place. However, I wouldn’t like to think how long after 60 days it would be up for.


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Didn’t do your research before purchasing? In any case, you will have to contact the vendor directly, as this is a review website.


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