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The Golf Guru Review

The Golf Guru is a golf based tipster service provided by the Stark Investors betting stable. As well as selections the service also provides in depth analysis.

What does the product offer?

The Golf Guru offers subscribers selections for each tournament in the major golfing calendar. Because of the nature of golf, selections aren’t necessarily daily although when bets are released there can be as many as 12 bets in a day. These selections cover a massive variety of different types of bet. As well as providing selections, Stark Investors also give The Golf Guru subscribers in depth analysis from the tipster(s) behind the service. This allows you to understand why you are placing bets and to ultimately make your own decision.

How does the product work?

Statistical and form analysis see to be the driving force behind The Golf Guru. Whilst this is speculative, given the detail that The Golf Guru goes into when explaining selections it seems like a fair assumption.

What is the initial investment?

There are 3 subscription lengths available for The Golf Guru which runs monthly, quarterly and annually. These will cost £49, £99 and £199 respectively. As is the norm with most tipster services there is no mention of any money back guarantee which I would expect to mean that there is nothing in place.

What is the rate of return?

Since January The Golf Guru claims an overall profit of £57,324 using £100 stakes. This equates to a points profit of 573.24. There has been one losing month which was June where a 31.78 point loss was incurred.


As far as golfing tipster services go The Golf Guru doesn’t seem to be a terrible option. The service has produced a relatively consistent profit and with acceptable enough figures. The concern lies in the pricing for me though. £49 per month is definitely steep when compared to most tipster services and whilst the annual subscription provides much better value for money, this involves a large initial outlay for a service that is frankly, only “not bad”, especially when there is no refund option for this.

If you have the money for the annual package and you are keen to add a golf betting service to your portfolio you could do worse but I am not sold on this personally.



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