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The Golf Profiteer is a very long standing sports betting tipster service which is offered through Tipster Street. There have been historically mixed results, however it has ultimately maintained a profitable position for 7 years.  

Introduction to The Golf Profiteer

Some sports are inherently just… simple than others to bet on. If you’re having a punt on the horses. Back a horse to win. Maybe you go each way. But by and large, that is mostly what bets you will be placing. Football on the other hand has so many betting markets it can very easily be overwhelming. And then you have some of the more “niche” sports out there.

But I don’t want to focus on the sports here, so much as the tipster services based around them. And for my money, golf tipster services are always one of the more interesting ones. For want of a better way of describing it, I just don’t think that they are really comparable to any other sport. And nowhere is this more evident than in today’s subject The Golf Profiteer.

What Tipster Street are offering here is a tipster service that has more losing months than winning. That has a strike rate that is pretty low, and in 7 years has seen losses of more than 250 points. And yet, it is still being offered. So, what exactly is it about The Golf Profiteer that has warranted it sticking around for so long? Let’s try and find out.  

What Does The Golf Profiteer Offer?

Whenever you sign up for a golf tipster service, if there is one thing that you can be sure of, it is that you won’t get a “typical” tipster experience. What I mean by this is that the services are not typically aimed at those who are simply looking for a few bets that are sent out on a daily basis. Nor should you expect to win particularly often. Plus a multitude of other small elements I’m sure I’ll remember over the course of this review.

And of course, all of this applies to The Golf Profiteer. For example, I talk about not expecting daily tips. A look at the sales page on Tipster Street shows a statement which reads “he Golf Profiteer sends out one email each week (Wednesday) ready for the upcoming weekend tournaments that start on Thursdays”.

This brings me nicely into the logistics of the service. So, you are getting just one email per week from the tipster behind The Golf Profiteer. And of course, as stated, they are sent out on Wednesdays when there are tournaments (which means that you also won’t get tips every week, another thing to keep in mind). These typically land in the morning which gives you a decent amount of time to get bets placed.

Now, when it comes to golf betting there are a lot of different markets that are available. Probably more than you would think actually. However The Golf Profiteer is concerned with just one market, and that is winning a cup. These bets are advised on each way basis which means backing a player to win or finish in the top few. This is a relatively common strategy for golf betting.

This is also an area of golf betting where there can be some massive odds involved. However, The Golf Profiteer is typically pretty modest. Tipster Street show average odds of 25.56, however the range can be anywhere from 5/1 going all the way up to 200/1. These bigger numbers are interesting to me as they are very much a key part of keeping the service afloat.

As a final note on the bets themselves, it is worth keeping in mind that this is ultimately a very lo volume service. Tipster Street say that on average, there are just 21 tips issued per month, which means around 5 on a given cup. Fortunately, this does make The Golf Profiteer pretty manageable. Especially in terms of the financial element.

This ties in rather nicely with the staking plan for The Golf Profiteer. An area that for me, is pretty make or break. So, you are advised to back selections to level stakes of 1 point each way. That means a total of 2 points per bet. That doesn’t sound too bad. Looking at the average volume of tips, this means an average liability of 42 points.

If you only had a 100 point betting bank, this might sound like a fair old amount, however, Tipster Street recommend a betting bank of 300 points if you were going to follow The Golf Profiteer. And that amount is definitely needed because, as I’ve already touched upon, these stakes can start to add up to quite substantial losses.

Something which is very much helped along by a strike rate that stands at just 12.57%. However, I do think that it is worthwhile noting that this is actually the win strike rate. This means that ultimately, this is only applicable to a player winning a cup. There are plenty more bets come in that have placed (although not enough to make a monumental difference unfortunately).

How Does The Golf Profiteer Work?

Whenever it comes to the Tipster Street stable of tipsters, there are certain things that you can expect. Some of them are very positive, however, one source of constant frustration for me is the fact that they do not provide any information in terms of the selection process for their tipsters.

As I have said many times before, I do not expect a detailed breakdown. I wouldn’t expect anybody who has worked to develop a betting strategy to give away every step of their process for free. However, I don’t think that it is unreasonable to expect enough information for you to make an informed decision about what you are getting yourself into.

The fact is that when you are dealing with things like The Golf Profiteer, you really do have to be willing to see through losing streaks until a winning bet comes in. This isn’t necessarily as problematic when you can understand where a tipster is coming from and know that there is a genuine long term goal. Otherwise, it can just feel like you are losing money to what (for all intents and purposes) could simply be guesswork.

Now, this is somewhat mitigated in the case of The Golf Profiteer by the fact that Tipster Street provide incredibly comprehensive proofing. More specifically, one going back some seven years. Some of the longest proofing I’ve seen. As such, you can look at that and get a decent idea of what to expect, but I would still have liked to have seen more.

What is the Initial Investment?

Tipster Street have two options that are available if you wish to subscribe to The Golf Profiteer. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £9.95 per month. Alternatively, there is even better value to be had in signing up on a quarterly basis. This is priced at just £19.95 per quarter.

Now there are two things to note from here. Firstly, both of these options come with an offer whereby your first month is available at a significantly discounted rate of just £2.49. Secondly, Tipster Street don’t appear to offer any sort of money back guarantee on The Golf Profiteer. Payment is handled directly via PayPal and there is no mention of a refund policy on the website.  

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come to an area whereby The Golf Profiteer is arguably at its weakest, and that is the profitability of the service. Keeping in mind that proofing goes all the way back to January 2013, Tipster Street’s own proofing shows that the service currently sits at an overall profit of 335.94 points. This represents a long term ROI of 8.51% which over 7 years isn’t as bad as it could be.

But this is only one part of the picture. As of July 2017, The Golf Profiteer stood at a profit of just 30 points following an 18 month losing period of some 260 points. Since bottoming out at that 30 point mark, we have actually seen 305 points of profit over a period of about 2.5 years. This demonstrates a much better looking run of form, whilst still demonstrating the ability over a pretty lengthy proofing period.  

Conclusion for The Golf Profiteer

When it comes to looking at the results for a tipster service, there are a few different approaches that you can take. Probably the most straight forward approach is to simply look at those long term results and call that a day, but doing so is actually quite naïve and can ultimately lead to you making… Shall we say, less productive decisions.

This is very well highlighted when you look at The Golf Profiteer in my opinion. Sure, this can very easily be 335 points in 7 years. But actually, the more recent trend suggests that there is actually a respectable and a steady climb into profit.

Don’t misconstrue me, this is far from a rock solid consistent thing. There have been ups and downs even within this period (at the end of last year, the results were sitting at an all time high of 374 points). But there is a very definite trend. Furthermore, I would say that when it comes to the kind of betting with which The Golf Profiteer concerns itself, this is something of an inevitability.

Which actually brings me rather nicely to my next point. Because I also don’t think that this is something that will be for everybody. The inherent nature of services like The Golf Profiteer (whereby you are generally backing longer odds) mean that you can be facing down a losing streak before you see the gains. And this requires a lot of discipline.

Honestly, it always seems really easy to say that in theory, you can stick this out whilst you wait for a winner, but when you start getting close to losing half of your betting bank… Well, it’s difficult to continue to throw money at something.

At this point, I think that it is pretty fair to say that The Golf Profiteer is a bit of a mixed bag. I’ve chosen to give it the benefit of doubt on those longer term results, but even factoring that in, there are still a lot of elements that aren’t necessarily ideal. However, there are two things that for me, are very much the “saving grace” of Tipster Street’s service.

First of all, there is the fact that golf betting is a little bit niche. Now, I know that this almost sounds counter intuitive, but stick with me. I have often talked about the concept of a betting portfolio. This means adding a variety of different betting approaches, be they systems, tipsters, etc. And to make this work, you want to have a diverse portfolio i.e. a variety of sports.

Golf isn’t most people’s go to when it comes to betting. In fact, I feel like most people wouldn’t have the first clue where to start. And that makes it a perfect sport for building on that wider portfolio. Which brings me to the second (and arguably most important) saving grace of The Golf Profiteer, which is the price.

At £19.95 per quarter, you can pretty comfortably operate this as part of a wider betting portfolio at modest stakes (because that 300 point betting bank is definitely substantial), and still do alright for yourself. Using £5 stakes and about 8 quarterly payments, you would be £1,325 up. Not a massive amount, but if you’re just using that to top up a portfolio. Well, it’s not too shabby.

And that is really where I can wrap this up. Would I recommend The Golf Profiteer as your go to tipster service? Honestly, no I wouldn’t. Sure, it makes money, but it doesn’t necessarily make a lot. As such, there are probably better places that you could invest your time and effort.

However, if you are looking for an inexpensive way of bulking up your betting portfolio and diversifying how you bet, then it is worth some pretty serious consideration.


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